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Travelog for: Fritzi

in his envelope, Germany - 8th August 2008

By: olgamaus

I already found my first host. Newbie Träumerin will host me while she is sending care bare Lollipop to my Mum.


I hope I will arrive soon at Träumerin's home. We wrote a postcard to her.


My iterenary:
Träumerin - Germany
Blurchen - Austria
tea rose - England

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Uhingen, Germany - 11th August 2008

By: Träumerin

Peek-a-boo, hello there, i arrived in Uhingen!!!
There was a big hello for me from little Emily. She was so happy to see me.
She tells me, that there is also a boy, called Philipp, but i have to wait, since he comes from the kindergarten.
and two hamsters but they sleep at the day.
But I could say hello to one of the Turtles. She was a little bit wondering about me *g*
Now we will go for a walk, Jessi has to go to the Doctor, because one of the hamsters bites her terrible...
see you later...


Toyvoyager 004.jpg
Toyvoyager 007.jpg

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Uhingen, Germany - 13th August 2008

By: Träumerin

Hello everyone...

its really nice here!
Yesterday it rains all the day, but we had a lot of fun inside, because we make creative things.

This morning, I taste my first pretzel. It tastes very good.
Now we´ll drive to Göppingen, to Emilys Playgroup...

have a nice day!

august08 008.jpg
august08 007.jpg

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Uhingen, Germany - 20th August 2008

By: Träumerin

Hello Mummy!

its really nice here, one time we were at McDonalds *mjam*, another time there were the friends of Philipp and Emily, and we played a lot. Yesterday we went shopping and played "Minigolf" - a lot of fun!

But the Digicam of my family here is broken, and we can´t show any photos :-(
so please let me travel to another place now...
Perhaps I´ll come back to Uhingen another time...


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Petzenkirchen, Austria - 27th August 2008

By: Blurchen

After a short travel I arrived today in Petzenkirchen, which´s about 100 km west from Vienna. My new host Christina´s living there at her dads house during the summer.


I also brought some sweets, which I could give my new host. Christian was really happy about it and shared them with me and her boyfriend. =)


I´m looking forward to see more from Petzenkirchen and Austria! =)

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Laxenburg, Austria - 28th August 2008

By: Blurchen

Here you can see us in the "Schloßpark Laxenburg" - it´s the park arround the castle in the town Laxenburg. This park´s huge!!!! You can find there a lot of interesting things - a castle, a grotto, riding-area, watherfall... and a big sea with some rivers across the hole park. It was amaing! =)

Here we´re sitting on a bridge across one of those rivers. We´ve been on our way to the castle - in the middle of the park-area.


After quite a long walk we arrived the Island in the middle of the park. We had to take those boat to get there.


Here we´re near the castle.



We visited the castle, but we couldn´t make photos inside, so we can´t show you how it looked inside.
But we went on walking trough the great park and found the watherfall! =)


After a long and hot afternoon walking through the park we had a short break. We had to relaxe before we went all the way back to the entree of the park.



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Petzenkirchen, Austria - 1st September 2008

By: Blurchen

Today Christina had a free afternoon and  it was such a nice day that she made a walk with us trough her hometown Petzenkirchen. It´s just a small town and there´s not much to see. But at least they got an old castle and a nice church. =)


Christina also told us the legend about the name of the town and the church.
Once there was a knight and he met a bear in the forest. He prayed to god that he´ll build a chapel on this place, when he can fight the bear. He could and so he built  on that place a chapel. This chapel grow to the church of Petzenkirchen and also the town was named after this legend. “Petz”´s a name for a big bear and “Kirche” ´s the german word for church. So the town´s called “bear-church”, badly translated.


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Vienna, Austria - 3rd September 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we all have been at the reading from the german book author Ingrid Noll in the Thalia-Shop in Vienna. =)
I havn´t read any book from Ingrid Noll before, but my host Christina´s a fan from her and so she took us with her.
Ingrid Noll´s writing crime stories and just released her new book "Kuckuckskind". At the moment it´s only avaible as a hardcover-book, so Christina didn´t bought it, but she liked, what Ingrid Noll was reading from it.


After the reading we´ve been also waiting to get the books of Christina signed. There´ve been sooo many people that we couldn´t pose with Ingrid Noll, but at home Christina took time to show us her books and the signature she got from Ingrid Noll.


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Melk, Austria - 8th September 2008

By: Blurchen


Today we have been to the Melk Abbey in the city Melk.  We made a guided tour and learned a lot about the history from the building and the monks, who lived there. Some´re still living there.


We´re waiting for the guide to come and show us arround.


Inside of the Abbey



Here we´re in the backyard of the Abbey.

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Maria Taferl, Austria - 10th September 2008

By: Blurchen

Next to my hosts hometown there´s this church on a hill. It´s a pilgrim place and a lot of people walk there up during the year. Luckily we could go on the hill by car - otherwise it would´ve taken us quite a long time to get there! ; )



Here you can see  me in front of the church.

Sadly we couldn´t go in, because the church´s in a re-building phase, but we enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and those great view we got from there!


It´s me and the Danube! =)


On the way back home we stopped for a minute to have a look to the castle of Persenbeug.


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Klosterneuburg, Austria - 18th September 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we made a short visit in Klosterneuburg, where the mum of my host lives. We havn´t got a lot of time, but we stopped for a short while to look at the Abby Klosterneuburg.


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Petzenkirchen, Austria - 19th September 2008

By: Blurchen

Today I´ll leave Petzenkirchen and ´ll hopefully soon reach my new home! =)

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London, England - 24th October 2008

By: tea_rose

After a very, very long journey, I have arrived in London, England!  I am so glad to be out of my envelope.  Today Tea Rose and I took the train into London.


The view wasn't great here as we arrived at our destination, but I was excited to be in the centre of such a historic city!



I slept in Tea Rose's bag while she worked.  At lunch time we went shopping for clothes. 



It was fun sitting up there for a while, then I got bored waiting for Tea Rose to decide what she wanted to buy.  I sat here for a while


and then my new Toy Voyager friends decided to join me.  We were all tired of waiting for Tea Rose!


Here you can see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I and my old friend Nami Geneveva.  Nami and I were so excited to see each other again, by the way. 


After a long day, Nami and I are really pleased to be back at Tea Rose's house so we can rest and catch up!


Her Majesty joined us too, for a group hug.  My, we are such good friends already!


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Bristol, England - 25th October 2008

By: tea_rose

Today we had to get up at 5am.  After a good deal of complaining, we made our way to Bristol, in Somerset.

Our journey took some time but finally we arrived in Bristol and took a walk to visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  It is a Grade I listed structure which has been adopted as the symbol of Bristol.  It was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


We decided to walk across the bridge, which involved climbing a bit of a hill. 



But the view was fantastic!


Before we made our way back down


we had a look at the view over the city below.


I was a little scared, but tried to hide it, in true Toy Voyager spirit.
It was a long way down.  We have since learnt from the Suspension Bridge's website that

"In 1885 following an argument with a boyfriend Sarah Ann Henley from Bristol threw herself from the Bridge. Beneath her billowing dress she was wearing crinoline petticoats which slowed and cushioned her fall - and she had a huge helping of good fortune ! She was injured but was pulled from the mud, eventually recovered, and died in 1948 at the grand old age of 84."

We made our way across Bristol


seeing the Cathedral on our way


and this rather risque creation by the famous Banksy!


We enjoyed a long lunch overlooking the river.  Here I am with Queen Elizabeth I relaxing after our meal.


We took another long walk, admiring some nice houses



Afterwards we had a look at the new shopping centre.  Tea Rose quite liked the early Christmas decorations - giant reindeer!


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Hampton, Middlesex, England - 2nd November 2008

By: tea_rose

Today we visited Garrick's Temple.  It was built by David Garrick, a famous actor/manager, in 1756, to celebrate the life of Shakespeare.



We saw a life-size statue of William Shakespeare, which was commissioned by Garrick in 1758, for the temple, from the sculptor Roubiliac.


Unfortunately we couldn't take any photos inside, but we had a good look around and before we left, we bought some lavender as our contribution to the kind volunteers who manage the temple.

It was a sad day, as yesterday Garrick Villa, the beautiful house across the street where Garrick lived, had suffered very serious damage in a huge fire.  The house had been improved by Robert Adam and Capability Brown had designed its garden, and a tunnel underneath the street linking it to the Temple.  Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire, but it will be a tremendous shame if it cannot in time be restored.


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