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To meet Bugs Bunny and outsmart Elmer Fudd.

To visit a real bunny and share a carrot for lunch.

To visit a real meadow where a bunny can run and play freely.

To visit the home of Beatrix Potter.

To eat carrots prepared in a variety of ways.

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Travelog for: Candy Cotton

Rome, NY , United States - 11th June 2008

By: Michele_one_L

An envelope arrived today and we just knew that it was another TV! To our surprise there were 2 TV's in the envelope....It was our host's TVs RonnieNHammie. They seemed happy to be home and we were happy to meet them.


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Oneida, NY, USA - 16th June 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Our host got a new job recently and today we got to ride in the car with her to the studio where she will train. It was raining out and we heard on the radio that it was supposed to rain all day.


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Rome, NY , USA - 21st June 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Another envelope arrived today! We were excited to see who it could be. Michele said that had no idea who it could be. We watched as our host opened the envelope....out popped Bene. He seemed very happy to be here. Of course we welcomed him with open arms!


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Rome, NY , USA - 23rd June 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Today we said goodbye to Bellatrix, Willy Wau, Gilbert and Ronnie N Hammie. It was sad to see some many go at once, but it was for the best.


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Coral Gables, Florida, USA - 28th June 2008

By: tarepanda

I am here in Miami now.  I meet Muki, who has also just arrived, Cliff the little cow, Bumble the bee, as well as Floppers and Watson the bunnies.  I am happy to see so many bunnies.


Watson teased that I have a very flat nose... I guess the envelop was a bit tight, but Floppers say no worry after a few days' rest I will fluff up again.  I hope so, I don't want to look like a road kill!


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Miami, Florida, USA - 7th July 2008

By: tarepanda

Tonight we go to a fondue dinner.  I don't remember ever doing it so it is a lot of fun.

First is the cheese fondue.  The server whips the cheese into a pot of wine until it melts.


We then dip some bread into the pot of melted cheese.  It's so delicious!!


Then we have dessert, the chocolate fondue!!!  Look at this plate of marshmallow, cake, strawberries, banana and more!!!  I don't even know where to start.


This strawberry sure looks yummy!!  We have a really good time.


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Miami, Florida, USA - 13th July 2008

By: tarepanda

Today we visit a bubble tea shop.  The bubbles are tapioca balls, soft but chewy, that are put into smoothies, iced tea and drinks. 


I order an azuki bean smoothie w bubbles, because it's pink and matches my color.  You can see all the bubbles in the cup. 


Here we are, I, Watson, muki, Floppers, then Robito and Palmito who are Marina's toys.  Marina gets some Oreo cookies which taste quite good.


It's a nice party and as there are four of us we decide to take a bunny group pic. 


We also release some books at the BookCrossing Zone there.


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Key Biscayne, Florida, USA - 2nd August 2008

By: tarepanda

Before I leave Miami, I go to visit the beach.


It's a pretty day, there are a lot of palm trees.  Let's all climb onto one!


We see some catamarans on the beach.


Look, someone is going out there in one.


We decide to just sit on the sand and sunbathe a little.



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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 15th August 2008

By: wourpet

I have arrived back in Grand Junction and will post pictures after we get the fruit picked.  There is a ill-mannered little purple TV here that has been quite rude and has been chasing me away from the orchard.

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Grand Junction, Colorado, USA - 20th August 2008

By: wourpet

Today was just too much.  I was trying to help Wourpet harvest some of the peaches and plums to make jams and jelly.  I thought it would be great fun helping out with that.  But Greedy is here and each time I got into the orchard he would run after me and chase me away.



Once I am sure he was even throwing fruit at me.



I decided to stay out of the trees and was in the garden picking a nice fat tomatoc and thought he lost me.  I did not see him sneaking up from behind.



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Home, Australia - 4th November 2008

By: becka_kate

Candy Cotton made her way back home and arrived this morning, safe and sound and full of stories to share.
Thanks heaps to everyone who hosted her! I've enjoyed reading her logs and am determined see the places she's visited (well, the ones I haven't already!)
Strangely enough, the post card from New York that was in her diary is the same one I bought when I was there.  :o

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Los Angeles, CA, United States - 12th October 2010

By: pinkandgray

I have arrived at my destination.

Everyone was very nice to me, and I was thrilled to meet another pink bunny!

I, Candy Cotton, was introduced to Cotton Candy, the drowsy lamb.

Then I found out why CC is called "the drowsy lamb."

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Los Angeles, CA, United States - 12th October 2010

By: pinkandgray

Today we went around the neighborhood.
Look at me!  I'm in a tree!

Pumpkin patches are all the rage this time of year.

I think I'll take in a film.

Oh look, Mary Louise wants to come along.  Sure, Mary Louise, the more the merrier!

Why am I in jail?

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Burbank, CA, United States - 16th October 2010

By: pinkandgray

Today I met Bugs Bunny.
True, it was a foliage representation of him, but we became good friends just the same.

He had a little pond too.

There was also a large man whose name was Robert.  Very nice chap.

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Elkton, Maryland, United States - 30th November 2010

By: pinkandgray

Off to rural Maryland to enjoy Thanksgiving, a holiday in the United States.  Travel by bag with Grumpy and Eddy.  Adventure awaits!

Here at the Philadelphia Airport.  It sure seems busy.

Do we need a cart?

Fun with baggage claim

Grumpy tried to get us transportation

We made it to the farm.  It was a big place with lots of animals.

They even had a duck pond with ducks and geese, but they are tough to see in the photo.

The garage was so big, that we couldn't even fit it all in the photo

Mr. Turkey, you had better watch out as Thanksgiving is a rough time for birds.

Llama named Kuzco.  He seemed nice enough to me.

They even had animals inside!  These are two chinchillas. 

They had many different goats.

Hello Goat!

We all had fun and it was nice to see all the different animals.  We are safe back in LA and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

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