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Have my picture taken with 10 other dogs, alive or stuffed or statues.

Share an average day with my host in each place I visit.

Participate in local holidays or celebrations wherever I visit.

Learn a bit about the history or art of each place I visit.

Send postcards to my mom, whenever possible.

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Travelog for: Odie

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - 24th January 2010

By: freshwater

I'm new to this whole TV experience, but as you can see I am SUPER-EXCITED about it! 

Here you can see me with another TV who belongs to my mentor, Albus.  He will head for Panama tomorrow! 

Purple Bun is visiting from England, and Big Bird just arrived from Pennsylvania (US) although she started her voyage in Japan!  I hope I can travel far and wide as they have!

Odie 1 sm.jpg
Big Bird 001 sm.jpg

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - 24th January 2010

By: freshwater

Wah-hoo! I've been invited to visit Sollie in The Netherlands!  How soon can I leave? :D

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Elst, The Netherlands - 2nd February 2010

By: Sollie

Hi Mom!

I arrived safely in The Netherlands today!
The cards that i brought got a big smile on my host's face, she didnt expect that at all, and was very happy! :D

The cards!

Hellooooooo, im heeeeereeeee :D

Hiiiii, here i am!

I was lucky enough to be able to say hello to the two cats in the house as i arrived...
Thought it was better to make friends at once, since i will be staying here for a little while...this is Isabel!

And here is the other one, Jessy.
The flash was a bit too strong for Isabel...

Flash went out, and that was much better.
I really hope i will be happy here, and that these cats are a bit nicer, than a sertain other cat i know...



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Elst, The Netherlands - 7th February 2010

By: Sollie

Hi Mom!

Just a little mini update, we have been at home since i arrived, so we havent done very much special, but it has been nice!
Im in my host's purse all the time tho, so when she goes out the door, im going with her! :D
Yesterday we had a poker evening, it was very nice and lots of fun, after we were playing on the Wii!

Me infront of the house where i am now, they have two cats, but ofcourse they need a DOG to guard it, common, cats are too cute to be any scary at all!

Yesterday i was helping some of the people here with the Wii game...

They usually gave the wrong answer tho, some people just don't listen!
But its was lots of fun, laughter and happy faces, i like that!

We went to bed just before 03:00 in the night, i was exchausted!!!

Yours, Odie

PS: Just a little video of me, we are driving in the car, on our way to the pub they usually go to. I was enjoying the ride, got to sit in the front!
Good dutch music on the radio (Krezip) :D

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Ede, The Netherlands - 13th February 2010

By: Sollie

Today out hostess took us to the CINEMA! :D
They were playing "avatar", in 3D ofcourse ;)
We had to take pictures before the movies started, because its not allowed to take pictures during the movie...

It was a HUGE theater, had room for a little more than 1000 people, and it was quiet, through the whole movie, seriously, it was great!

The three of us with the ticket, well, actually it wasnt our ticket, cause we got in for FREE! :D haha
We were hiding in Ragnhilds bag ;) hihi

And ofcourse, you have to wear this stupid special 3D glasses to see the 3D in the movie, i didnt bother too much, the movie was facinating!

Had a great evening!

Your's, Odie

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Dreumel, The Netherlands - 14th February 2010

By: Sollie

Its was ENOUGH to do this weekend, yesterday movie, today we celebrated CARNAVAL! :D
This is the food stand, Ragnhild had promised to help out with selling hot food and drinks outside the pub she usually go to.
From here we could see all the wagons and hear all the action, cause yes, you could HEAR them :D

They started the parade around the corner from where we were standing, so we could see it all very good :D

People work for weeks so they can build pretty, funny and nice wagons, like this one, isnt it just fantastic?
Everyone that helped on the wagon, dress up the same, in the same theme as the wagon, and they party along, either on it, or walking behind it.
Almost every wagon has their own music instalation, so you hear lots of different songs and they play it LOUD! :D

Hmm...my big head in the way of the wagons, not good :P

This one was waiting to join the parade...

A pirate wagon :D haha

The three of us outside :)

This is the prince of the carnaval in the pub, every village has their own Prince Carnaval. :)

Rocky wanted to ride my back, i didnt mind, he is not very heavy!

The three of us on the bar in the pub :D

Carnaval is FUN!


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Elst, The Netherlands - 16th February 2010

By: Sollie

Was just helping out a little with making food.

We made potatoes, beef and muschrooms and mushroom sause :D

I can COOK mommy!


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Schiphol Airport and Hamar, The Netherlands/ Norway - 18th February 2010

By: Sollie

As none of us died of the food i cooked earlier, we were all ready to finally go on vacation to NORWAY! :D
We got up really early, it was like 5 in the morning, to get ready, shower and eat.
Then we left for the airport at about 6.
Here im watching the plane we are soon to walk into, and fly away with!

The check-in...

We had some time to kill, so we used it well, Freek was playing the DS and i was trying to help him out, worked well!

Waiting...and waiting...and waiting ;)

We were watching out for the luggage :)

After some time waiting, we fially boarded the plane, it was very exciting, and fun!

And this is how it always looks like above the clouds...sunny and pretty!

When we arrived in Norway, Ragnhilds Dad and little sister picked us all up, and we were very much welcomed, her sister had even brought a Norwegian flag! :D

A little bit weird, that sister of her's, but she turned out allright tho...


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Svullrya, Norway - 19th February 2010

By: Sollie

Today it was only -13C outside, not too cold, for Norway that is :P
At the coldest, we had -30C, but that was only one morning, and we were safe and sound inside ;)

Great weather outside, so we took a walk in the village, this is the restaurant/motel and gasstation in the village :)

This was build in 2007, the old restaurant/gasstation burned down to the ground in the summer of '07, a car parked near, had some leaking gas bottles in it, and BOOM :o
But they now totally rebuild it, in Siberian wood, as they say, and it now got two towers and looks VERY special when you see it...
This village has about 3-400 people, a very small one, and is the village where Ragnhild comes from :D


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Svullrya, Norway - 20th February 2010

By: Sollie

I found myself some good food at once when i got inside the house, just too bad it turned out i had to share with someone...

This is the cat named "Makrell", her fathers cat. She was annoying, but ok, i guess. We could get along :)


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Charlottenberg, Sweden - 21st February 2010

By: Sollie

Our very first trip to SWEDEN! :D
We were in a mall all day, as all the malls are closed on sundays in Norway.
It was boooooring, i rather sniff outside!
But i tagged along with the group tho :)
This picture is taken at the end of the day, in the car outside ;)


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Svullrya, Norway - 22nd February 2010

By: Sollie

Makrell was lazy, and didnt feel like washing, so i helped her out a little :D
The morning wash!

We left to be tourists, this is about 10 minutes away from the village Svullrya by car, on the border with Sweden!
Now im standing in Norway...

Still in Norway...

And just like that, im suddenly in a totally other country, Sweden!
(They look pretty much the same to me tho...)
You can see the border between the trees there, they remove the trees, so its about a 5m border, and easy to see :)

Sweeeeeden :D

We also went on a drive through the forrest, it was very pretty, and lots of snow!
We stopped by a small lake, and could take some pretty pictures :)

Me by the wather that comes out of the little lake :)

We also visited a man they knew, he lives in the middle of the forrest, 8km away from the nearest neighbour, and he loves it that way.
He also had this very pretty dog! :D

Freek's father is trying out this snow machine for the first time, and he was loving it!


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Kongsvinger, Norway - 24th February 2010

By: Sollie

Yet another pretty day in Norway, we headed out to look at pretty sights again!
This time, we went to this health resort and spa, its located high up, on a top, and is named "Finnskogtoppen".

You cant see it now, because of all the snow, but Ragnhild told me they have GRASS on the roof here, its really weird :D

We left for Kongsvinger, the closest big town to Svullrya, it has about 30,000 people living there.
This is where Kongsvinger Fesning is, its a fort, build in the late 1600 to protect Norway against Sweden.

Here im inside one of the rooms they used as dining room, they had big tables here, and there is an oven and they could cook and eat in here.

This is how the fort looks like, its star shaped :)

The water well (the little red one) and the kantine, where the modern soldiers eat :)
They are still sometimes stationed on the fort for practise.

Hmm...not much of a vieuw here :(

Much better :D

It was super pretty there, and the sun was shining :)

From the other side of the fort, you can se a part of Kongsvinger here :)
Ragnhilds mother lives behind that hill there :)

Also Kongsvinger...

You can see its surrounded by hills, and in the bottom floats Norways longest river, Glomma.
Thats how Kongsvinger got its name, Kong (King) Svinger (Swinging/turns).
Glomma turns like a snake :)

Another building on the fort, probably to store things...

This is the entrance, you can see the royal seal on top of the door there...


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Svullrya, Norway - 25th February 2010

By: Sollie

CHECK THIS OUT, we saw an ELK! :D
They are a little smaller than the moose, but still, they can get up to about 350kg, and thats not something you want to see infront of your car on snow!


Its was SO cool, to see this huge, wild animal, just outside the livingroom window!
Seriously, we saw it by accident, just looked out the window, and she was there, eating :D
Everyone outside, and take pictures and look!


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Kongsvinger, Norway - 26th February 2010

By: Sollie

Today we went Disco bowling with my hostess' mother, and sister, and all of us ofcourse.
It was very dark, but so cool that things were glowing in the dark!

You cant see how much fun it was, but trust me, we had a great time! :D


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