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Travelog for: Strawberries

Springfield, MO, USA - 16th January 2010

By: CandyStar


Hello! I'm Strawberries and this is my first Travelogue entry! I'm a sweet, pink bunny, given to my mom (Jesse - CandyStar) on Valentine's Day last year by HER mom. :D Because of my deep connection to the holiday of love, I am FASCINATED by romance, and all things romantic!! I love cupcakes and chocolates, Paris and Italy, sunsets and the ocean, and of course - weddings, couples, and special dates! I would love to travel all over the world, celebrating romance and all things sweet! :D


Since I and Eleanore were recently added to CandyStar's happy ToyVoyager family, Analantis and Ilium joined us for a party!


We watched a Japanese movie (Train Man). It was pretty good! We also ate a Japanese snack called Pocky!


They let me have some, knowing that I love chocolate! It was delicious! Everyone should eat them :D

That's all for now! I hope I have more for you later!

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