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Visit 5 universities around the world!

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Visit 5 historical buildings all over the world!

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Travelog for: Ilium

Shawnee, KS, USA - 9th January 2010

By: CandyStar

Hello! I'm Ilium! I like books, museums, learning, and exploring historical sites. Knowledge is my 2nd best friend. Analantis is my first. She's too adventurous, though. Takes too many risks. We've always been together, but now we're going to break out into the world in different directions. I'm sad to leave Analantis, but the thought of going with her on all her crazy adventures scares me worse than being apart.

However, first! We have to help Jesse (CandyStar) get packed up and ready to travel back to college! :D


Goodness, CandyStar has so much stuff. Most of these bundles are full of books, though, so I approve.

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Springfield, MO, USA - 10th January 2010

By: CandyStar

We're off to Springfield, with CandyStar, to college. Somehow, all that stuff fit into the car, and so did we! She let us ride up front on her backpack... I kind of wish she had let me stay INSIDE the backpack... the rushing surroundings outside the window almost made me carsick!


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