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Make friends with a toad, a woodpecker, a rag doll and some mice.

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Travelog for: CatPuss

Warwick, England - 7th March 2007

By: Isobel&Neil

CatPuss is a long lost cousin of 70's television  superstar Bagpuss. 

(He is also related to 'ClothCat' our very own 'absent friend' ToyVoyager last seen heading off to the bright lights of Chester - get back to us soon if you can CC!)

CatPuss likes finding useful things and mending them, rodents who sing in squeaky voices, and little girls called Emily.

He wants to travel around the world telling people stories about random broken objects and sleeping a lot.


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Mikkeli, Finland - 24th March 2007

By: BlueFairy

I have no safely arrived to the cold Finland and made quite a few friends of a fellow toyvoyagers that BlueFairy is hosting.
BlueFairy was going to leave us hare to explore Finland by our selves when she goes to Paris, because it is only a few day shopping trip, but because she have not been able to do any updates because of the lousy weather, she desided to take us with her!

Underneath there is a picture of our trip today to the woods, it was really pretty and it was certainly nice to just enjoy the sunset with my new friends. I didn't enjoy so much from the flash of the camere that blinded me, and I allmost fell, but the totality was still good :)


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Mikkeli, Finland - 29th April 2007

By: BlueFairy

BlueFairy had a bit health problems fot a couple of weeks, but now she's back home and more healthy than ever!
Today we were going to go on a picnic to admire the nature blossoming, thanks to the warm sunny days but at the front yard something really weird happend. It started to snow!

In the picture beneath you can see some flowers blossoming under the snow flakes and one snow flake has gotten in the camera lens too!


* Posted Apr 29, 2007, 8:13 pm [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

Mikkeli, Finland - 14th May 2007

By: BlueFairy

We have been waiting for a sunny day to go on a picnic for a farewell party to FoxForce, but so far it has been just planning...BUT here is pictures from our quick visit in Paris!


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