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Meet a real-life rat-catcher (mediaeval market?)

Go to Hamelin on a summer Sunday to hear the story of The Pied Piper

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Travelog for: Argus

Chester, England - 13th March 2007

By: Penfold

Argus was so named (by his dear mother) because he is 'bright-eyed' and 'observant'.

He likes to have a good look at what's going on in the world, and is quite a gossip.  If he runs true to form his travelog will be full of lots of interesting observations about his hosts and their activities, and full of pictures of where he's been travelling.

Please look after him and help him to build an amazing journey.


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Chester, England - 17th March 2007

By: Penfold

The Chester ToyVoyagers Release Squad at their final Pre-Release briefing at a secret location in Chester.


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Roman Gardens, Chester, England - 18th March 2007

By: Penfold

It was freezing cold, so Argus begged to be left by the Roman underfloor heating in the Roman Gardens, Chester.

We didn't have the heart to tell him that they hadn't been working for two thousand years, so he's in for a bit of a shivery wait.

If you have found him, please update his travelog to say he's been found (we worry otherwise!), then thaw him out and take him to some fab places!


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roman gardens,chester, England - 18th March 2007

By: champion

Argus is safe and snug in Manchester after he was found freezing in the Roman Gardens, curse whoever left him there!!!!! When he wakes up we can plan our next trip. Till then.......... 

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