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To grant one wish for each friend she meets.

To visit Geocaches around the world.

To meet people born on February 14.

To see a shooting star.

To visit the Netherlands someday.

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Travelog for: MORainbowBrite

Festus, Missouri, United States of America - 16th August 2007

By: skylerdragon

Rainbow Brite is my geocaching partner for now.  She is excited about exploring geocaches with me and finding rainbows in the most unusual places.


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Crystal City, Missouri, United States of America - 6th April 2008

By: skylerdragon

I had fun today geocaching with Scrimshawn, Skylerdragon, Rikki, Inch, Herk, Cookie Monster, CuddleBunny and incredible weather at Darrell Hickey White Park in Crystal City, Missouri near the Making Out Cache.  What fun!  We climbed a fence by the sign, rode the merry go round, used the slide and rode a blue elephant.  It was so fun!

DHW TVs.jpg
blue elephant.jpg
Merry Rainbow.jpg

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St. Louis, Missouri 63129, United States of America - 24th April 2008

By: skylerdragon

Rainbow Brite was thrilled to go geocaching with Matthew, Tammy, Cookie, Rikki, and Herk on Sunday April 20, 2008.  Of course Rainbow reminded us that this was one of the best weeks to celebrate outdoor leisure because Earth Day is on Tuesday and Arbor Day is on Friday!  Woohoo!  Go Green America! 

Rainbow also shared a quiet moment with Cookie Monster.  She had a good time and Cookie was so sweet to sit and watch the river float by with her.  Ahhh Spring. 

mrb cliff cave climb.jpg
Cliff Cave Park April 20 20080002.JPG
Cliff Crew.jpg

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Crystal City, MO, USA - 22nd June 2008

By: skylerdragon

Rainbow Brite is such a fun traveling companion.  She always smiles, and always cooperates with other toy voyagers.  Today we visited Darrell Hickey White Park again because we heard it was flooded.  Sure enough, it wass, and the people who live just across the street from the park were out playing in the water. 


Matthew walked as far as he could to check on his cache, but it was more than a foot underwater.  From there, Tammy drove us to Crystal City, City Hall.  Matthew said this would be a good place for pictures.  I posed with Cooki, Rikki, Tiffany and Matthew for these pictures.  It was such fun. 


Crystal City can definitely use some Rainbows.  I might stick around here and spread some rainbow cheer!  The floods are a problem in Missouri for sure! 


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