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Travelog for: Hypno-dog

Sacramento, California, USA - 20th March 2011

By: kcrawfish

Priviet Maria and hypno-fans!

This was my big day to visit the museum and see a photo exhibit!  I read up on it, I was so excited and I could barely sleep.

We got there on Sunday afternoon.  It was rainy, but I stopped to pose in front.  Then inside we asked about what floor to go on for the exhibit.  And guess what.  It's not there!  The museum guy said the photographs are all in BOXES ... BOXES!!??  :(  He said they only sometimes have the photo exhibit up.  He saw the disappointment and said how sorry he was and how he loves photographs, too.  And, well, I thought about doing this:  :p .  But he was really quite sweet.  So we decided to see if there was anything for us there even if I couldn't complete a life mission ... sigh ... still 0 for 5.  I told Miss Kate not to feel too bad, though. 

So we went into the international ceramics.  I especially liked this big vase.  It looks like someone has dotted little lines of glue all over it.  It's Japanese, and I liked reading about it.

I also like this big plate with a crater glaze.  Imagine using it?!  The peas and carrots would fall into the holes.  :)

Then we found a machine near the gift store.  Miss Kate said it was a cigarette machine, but we looked closer and it was an art machine!  Put in a token, pull the lever and BOOM you own a real piece of original art.  So cool!  B)

Then we saw a little bird, a robin.  What is that little bird doing in the museum ...............  look again!  haha  :rolleyes:  Just kidding!  haha  I wouldn't stand right under it, lady!  :o  :D 

Well, despite my disappointment, it was an interesting museum.  I hope you enjoyed it, too.




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Sacramento, California, USA - 22nd March 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hi there!

Look what we found!  A box!  What ... or who ... could be inside?  :)

HolgiHH was excited and tried to cut it open, but he's so small he couldn't get, well, traction ...  So Peach did it. 

We saw two little beautiful black eyes peering out ... hmmm ... is that a mouse in the house?  :o :)

HolgiHH stepped forward to meet the little mouse.  Her name is DuDette

We all met her, and she told us about the lovely foggy pastel hills of San Francisco.  She told us about Cheerio and got us caught up on the adventures of Aslan

Niblet the monster-sized kitty was interested in meeting DuDette ... or eating DuDette?  :o  No, no, we're here to keep her safe.  :)

After a lot of gabbing, Holgi and DD decided to spend the evening alone on a shelf. 

Bye everyone!


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on the road and Fort Ross, Calif., USA - 27th March 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hi everybody!
We are on the coast!  Surprise!  It all happened so fast!  Here are my photographs of the trip out here.  We piled into the car and arranged ourselves on the dash.  We left Sacramento heading toward San Francisco, but we went well north of SF to the Mendocino Coast. 

Here you can see what a stormy day it was. 

This is our exit on Highway 101.  We’ll be heading west again.

We saw grapevines in Sonoma County.  Miss Kate said yummy nummy.

We also saw wet hills with lots of rock slides.

Here we saw some pretty redwood trees.   

We arrived at the Russian River!  Here we are crossing the Hacienda Bridge and now we’ll make a left and follow the river to the ocean.

Can you see me on the dash?  We stopped for gasoline in Guerneville.  Miss Kate found some nice postcards there of the Russian River and of the bridge.  HolgiHH called dibs on the bridge postcard.

This is Dudette with the Russian River behind her.  It’s named that for the Russians who lived here a long time ago.  It’s very full.

We’re done heading West and will go North on Highway 1.  In just a few minutes we got our first glimpse of the ocean!

Here’s HolgiHH where the Russian River flows into the Pacific Ocean.  Can you see how brown the ocean is?  Miss Kate says it’s usually the green-blue color, but it’s been raining a LOT and lots of dirt has been flowing down the river. 

There were dozens of trees that had recently fallen across the road.  I couldn’t count how many!

We drove by Fort Ross.  Here you can see the tops of the redwood buildings there.  Miss Kate told us that back in 1812 about 40 Russians with 150 Alaskans came ashore and created Fort Ross in a month.  Russians had been eye-ing Northern California for a long time, but Spain had claimed it.  However, Spain hadn’t moved above the middle of California, where San Francisco is today.  The Russians built Fort Ross so fast and had guns and supplies so that when the Spanish found out, it was too late.  The Russians were moved in!  Oh, and the Russians weren’t the first in this area – they bought the land from the local Native Americans for 3 blankets, 3 pairs of pants, 2 axes, 3 hoes and some beads.  (After seeing all of those fallen trees, they should’ve asked for more axes!)  I told everybody that Ross wasn’t some British name, but was short for Rossiya.  I speak Russian fluently.  The Russians left around 1840 – no war or anything, they just thought there were better deals up north – and they left these buildings, but more than that they left a little bit of Russian with the Native Americans in their language.  For example, the Gualala Indians called milk, moloko, long after the Russians were gone.  Those tribes have blended into the population, so their languages are gone.  We can learn about them only from reading what one or two white men wrote down a hundred years ago.  Now hundreds of acres of land are preserved to keep Fort Ross like it was 200 years ago.

Well, that was one tiring day, but it was fun to see everything.  I’m just glad a tree didn’t fall on us!

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The Sea Ranch, California, USA - 31st March 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hi Maria! 

We had so much fun playing inside and out.  I hope you like the photograph of all of us posing like models on a rock on the beach.  Also, we enjoyed whale-watching and posing in various places.  Crawfish is our new buddy.  He's happy and red.  We all had fun ... DuDette, Crawfish, HolgiHH, Sierra and me. 

Love you all!


In TSR Bedroom Sill.JPG

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California Highway 1 near Jenner, USA - 1st April 2011

By: kcrawfish


We found the California poppies were just beginning to bloom on our way home from the coast.  So here is a pretty one with a black sand beach many feet below us.  Miss Kate said it wasn't a windy day or she wouldn't have tried this!  :o  ;)

Do you remember the scenic highway sign a few days ago just as we were turning onto highway 1?  That had some California poppies on it.  They're very popular here.  Some people think you can't pick them ... ever ...  Even some people get confused and think you can't plant them!  In reality, you can pick them except not THIS one.  I mean, it's illegal to pick California poppies that are growing by state highways, so we left it alone.  Besides, HolgiHH, the pacifist, loves plants and would not let us pick it anyway.  :rolleyes:



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Sacramento, California, USA - 4th April 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hello everyone!

I said goodbye to HolgiHH and Zoe, but it wasn't long before I packed up my postcards and had to say goodbye to my TV buddies in California, Sierra, DuDette, Crawfish, Peach the Pooch, to the big toys and to Miss Kate.  I had a good time, but I am so looking forward to returning to Maria and my motherland.  :D

Love and hugs to all my hypno-fans,



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Moscow, Russia - 10th June 2011

By: kcrawfish

(plotting map because H-D's mom reported he was home safe & sound  :D)

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Mallorca, Spain - 28th November 2011

By: DasWesen

Hi mommy!

I saftly arrived in BergischGladbach, Germany. A part from my host family made holidays at Mallorca, Spain, and I was free to come with him. Of course I came with him! It was great fun, because there was beautifull weather! My hosts are hosting a little duck, which named Spree, too. She's really nice to me and we became friends.  :rolleyes:
Together we were in Palma de Mallorca and we saw the great landscape from Mallorca. We also saw a figure of Frederik Chopin, who is a famous pianist.

Now I'm back in Germany. Sadly there is no snow.

Fotos of our Christmas are folloing!

love, Hypno-dog!    ;)

Mallorca 1.jpg
Mallorca 2.jpg
Mallorca 4.jpg
Mallorca 5.jpg
Mallorca 6.jpg
Mallorca 7.jpg
Mallorca 8.jpg

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Bergisch Gladbach, Germany - 24th December 2011

By: DasWesen

Hey there!

Finally I can send you my christmas pictures.  :rolleyes:

My host family had a big christmastree with big red apples and under the tree was baby Jesus. It was a really peaceful moment to sit under the tree between all these big presents. My friend the dog and I got really tasty cookies and we ate them, they were so tasty that we couldn't stop eating  ;) 

Hope you had a nice Christmas, too!
Love, Hypno-dog  ;)

weihnachtn 2011 001.jpg
weihnachtn 2011 004.jpg
weihnachtn 2011 006.jpg
weihnachtn 2011 06.jpg
weihnachtn 2011 007.jpg
weihnachtn 2011 009.jpg
weihnachtn 2011 020.jpg

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