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Travelog for: Hayleymae

County Durham, England - 1st March 2011

By: mysticsweetness

Hey y'all

My name is HaleyMae and im a new traveller. My friend Fidget is out in the world having a good ole time. I want to be able to visit some new place and have lots of fun. My mummy says im ready to go travelling. I have not got a host yet but my mummy said there will be some soon. Heres hoping.




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Gran Canaria Hotel, United Kingdom - 1st September 2011

By: loshpop2011

Hey all

***I am so sorry i just read the FAQ's page and says do not leave in airports etc so i have quickly picked her up and will release her when i get on holiday, i will leave her by the pool and see if some kind soul takes pitty and lets her join their holiday.


My friend passed along one of her toy voyagers to me as she no longer has the time to take part in this and i thought it would be fun. Anyway i thought it would be neat to find out where this little fella gets to so i have released him into the wild and left him in the departure lounge at Newcastle Airport as i am travelling from there today to Gran Canaria. I have a Blythe that will be my personal toy voyager so she is coming on holiday with me. But i thought it would be cool to see who picks up this little girl and see what exciting new places she may see.

Happy travelling little one

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