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Travelog for: Crocs

Poeldijk, Netherlands - 11th May 2008

By: Lejow


My name is Crocs, when I am reaaalllyyy sweet people even call me Crocky!
It's time for me now to travel the world.

Hug Crocs


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MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore - 7th June 2008

By: mupplet

Hi here is me in Macritchie Reservoir .... and the naughty monkeys & lizards


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Singapore, Singapore - 17th June 2008

By: mupplet

Hi - I just arrived in Singapore. Unfortunately my host was in Sydney, but I can already tell its nice and warm here. 

Once I was unpacked it was time to see some of the wildlife in Singapore - we went on the 12k hike around the jungle at macritchie reservoir. Including a treetop walk through the jungle. Take a look at the picture !! It was a little scary but i held on tight.

Also we saw a large monitor lizard (about 3 feet long) and lots of monkey. There's pictures but not with me in it - as my host was worried that the monkeys might steal me - they are wild but known for being quite mischevious.

I also learnt that crocs (the shoes not me) and hiking along the jungle can be quite dangerous. Though my host often does it - she was messing about and hit a stone with her toe - gosh humans bleed alot

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Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore - 18th June 2008

By: mupplet

It was very early when I jumped into my host's satchel this morning ... on my way to the office with another  TV. This is the floor my host works on - its on the 12th floor - with a view over the marina, sentosa island, and the cable car (which passes through the centre of the building) Unfortunately the cable car was not running - it was too early !!! Infact so early we had to turn on the lights and no-one else was there on the whole floor !!!! 


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Crocs Shop !!!!!!!!!!, Singapore - 18th June 2008

By: mupplet

Here I am in the Crocs Shop at Vivo City Mall in Singapore !! You can just see me balanced on the R of crocs


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keppel bay Tower, Singapore - 18th June 2008

By: mupplet

Yes Its midday and dark .....  its raining so hard


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A Singapore Taxi, Singapore - 18th June 2008

By: mupplet

It was raining so hard we decided to take a taxi home - instead of the bus/underground


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Singapore , Singapore - 21st June 2008

By: mupplet

21st June 2008 - The Jungle, Singapore

Hi - I am in the mini-jungle that is the indoor garden in my hosts' house and with the Koi Carp. They are huge


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Singapore, Singapore - 21st June 2008

By: mupplet

We are checking out the spirit house in my hosts garden. It was bought from Bangkok Thailand - unfortunately it is in the shade of the main house 

Thai people believe that there are guardian spirits for different buildings or areas of land. These spirits are wandering spirits that can cause harm or suffering unless gifts are offered to them frequently. It is believed that they influence the future, grant wishes and keep people healthy. The spirit of the land expects to be informed if a building is to be built or extended, or a business started. If the humans do not ask permission, the spirit may cause the venture to fail.

There are nine guardian spirits, each offering a different type of protection. The guardian spirit of houses is called Phra Chaimongkhon (say prah chigh-mong-kon) and is a very powerful spirit. The guardian spirit of gardens and orchards is Phra Than Thirat (say prah tan ti-rat). These two are the only ones to have permanent spirit houses built for them.

Outside each building, big or small, there is a spirit house where the spirits of the house or building live. There are spirit houses near restaurants, caves, and forests and even cities. Most ordinary spirit houses are about the size of a large bird cage standing on a pedestal, though some big buildings have very large and fancy walk-through spirit houses.

A spirit house must not be in the shade of the main building.
The inside of the spirit house is decorated with figurines representing the spirits, holding a sword and a book.
There are usually figures of servants and elephants.
Each day people place flowers, incense and food as offerings to the spirits to keep them in good humour.

An old or damaged spirit house must not be thrown away, but must be placed where other spirits will watch over it, at the foot of a sacred banyan tree or at a wat .

There is even a large spirit house for the whole of Bangkok (the white and gold multi-roofed building left). Once a year the king places offerings in it to ensure continued good fortune for the city.


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singapore, singapore - 22nd June 2008

By: mupplet

Here we are investigating our hosts house. Playing hide and seek in a piece of scary Oceanic Art


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kaohsiung, taiwan - 12th July 2008

By: hsuan1223

i have been patiently waiting for my host to come home.
today she finally recue me out of the box~
i'm happy to see a new place~
i'm so excitied that i jump out right away.

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kaohsiung, taiwan - 13th July 2008

By: hsuan1223

today i took a korean and japanese lesson with my host in a coffee shop.
everyone was glad to have me.
they' even offer me cookies.
i shared food and tea with my host.
the decoration in the shop is pretty.
i faced a real danger!!
after a 4 hour class. the teacher is tired and hungry.
he tried to eat me!!
luckily he gave up and i had a good lesson.
on our way home. we stopped and visit this shop.
the buildingis blue and whilt,like greek style~

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kaohsiung, taiwan - 15th July 2008

By: hsuan1223

today, we got up early.
i had a big breakfast.
then i agreed to help my host with mails.
look me! i'ma real helper!

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kaohsiung, taiwan - 19th July 2008

By: hsuan1223

let's have some lunch.
here's my noodles
my soup
my tofu
at night.one of the family is going on a trip.
we had exchange for some us bill
i'm guarding the money!
i'm admiring chinese calligraphy
can i try,too?

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kaohsiung, taiwan - 21st July 2008

By: hsuan1223

i went to visit a new department store nearby.
here 's the new Arena.
it's not ready yet but we can take a look from outside.
and the new hanshin department store
then we met several patriotic bears who have desided to wear their national flags.
the bear for olympic game
the bear for usa
the bear for greece
the bear for taiwan
there's also a yellow bear sitting on the roof top.
what's he looking at?
this afternoon i watched my host doing some art work.
she wants to put a big letter R on the jacket.
it took us all afternoon!
she could not have get it done without my support~

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