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Travelog for: Sunshine

Essen, Germany - 2nd April 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello everybody,

my name is Sunshine and I am a little dog.

I life together with my mummy, her boyfriend and my brother.

This is me and my brother Moony!

We have a lot friends here, but it became really boring and I wanted to see something else.
So mummy decided to make me a TV :)!
Here I am and I want to see the world :)!

Have a nice day,

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on her way to Australia, // - 2nd April 2008

By: BlackCat

Today it was time to left my mummy and all the others here.
My brother gave me a hug and then I went away.

Now I am on my way to Australia :)! I hope I will arrive there soon and safety :)!

So, stay tuned :)!


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Casterton, Australia - 11th April 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello Mommy :D

I have safely arrived in Australia and am with my host Sam now. The first thing Sam said when she saw me was "oh, you are a cutie" then she said hello!
I wasn't alone in the post box while i was waiting to be collected. A dinosaur named Rex was there too. He was already out of his travel bag (that's a long story) so he kept me company and told me all about his adventures.

It was a long drive from the post office to Sam's house. We drove on several different roads. A proper road, a sandy road/track through the forest, a red dirt road/track then finally up the track that led to the house.





I'm off to do some exploring and find some food. I'm so hungry.

I miss you but i know i'm going to have lots of fun.
Big hugs to you
xx Sunshine xx

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Hosts Home, Australia - 11th April 2008

By: gingermuggins


After we arrived at Sams home we met 2 other TV's who are visiting here. Ducky-duck and Roberto.
We had a group photo with them!


I hope we are going to have some fun adventures with them!

Sunshine xx

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Neighbours home, Australia - 12th April 2008

By: gingermuggins


Tonight we went to Sam's neighbours for dinner, that wasnt the exciting part, we saw........Kangaroos!!! Yes, in the wild, well in the neighbours back yard. These roos live in the wild but every night they come to have a nibble on some wheat they neighbours leave out on the grass for them. It was exciting to get close to these animals. We had to be really quiet and stand very still. Sam took lots of photos, some were blurry and some were really good, i think she was as excited as we were!

This is the 1st attempt of getting a photo with a kangaroo. Its really blurry sorry. Seeing them for real was sooo much better then the photos show.


This one is where we got closer and a little less blurry.[/ color]


Sunshine xx

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Hamilton, Australia - 16th April 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello :)

Today we drove to Hamilton, about an hour and a half from Sam's home.
The view on the way there was beautiful. Lots of green and brown paddocks, hills, blue skies



When we arrived at Hamilton, we went to visit Sam's husband in hospital.


We had fun exploring the different things in the room. We even got to have a little sleep on the bed!





We then went to the arts centre to see what performances where showing. Unfortunately nothing was on at the time we were there.


Love and Miss you
xx Sunshine xx

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Casterton, Australia - 20th April 2008

By: gingermuggins


Today Sam's daughter had a playdate at her friends house so we got to have a playdate at the play park! But 1st we took a couple of tourist photos.
This is me sitting on an emu statue in front of the information centre in Casterton.


This is the post office where us TV's arrive and depart from.


This is me in a gum tree with the Glenelg River behind me. Not much water in the river at the moment, there hasn't been much rain at all this year.


Then it was time to PLAY!! Having a swing with friends is much more fun then doing it on your own.


Slip Sliding around was fun too but each time we slid down the slide Sam was too slow in getting a photo, hehe.


Behind us is the play equipment, it looks like a big long train!


We then has a leaf fight, throwing leaves at each other was lots of fun and we laughed alot!


I had a fun day today, now i'm really sleepy.
xx Sunshine xx

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Koroit, Australia - 27th April 2008

By: gingermuggins


Last Saturday we headed off to a small country town named Koroit for an Irish Festival. Ohhh we were sooo excited but half way through our journey it started to pour with rain.. The festival was washed out but we did manage to see a couple of interesting sights before the organizers packed up everything.
This is the street of the festival, it should have been full of stalls and entertainment.


The music was good. We danced and clapped along.


The rain stopped just long enough for the dancers to come out and do some Irish dancing.


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Warrnambool, Australia - 27th April 2008

By: gingermuggins

We then drove to Warnambool to do some shopping. On our way we saw this Dragon. Not quite sure what it is for but we had a close look and its on wheels, has stairs up the back of it and blows real smoke from its nostrils



Then we came across the milk factory. This is where all the dairy farmers send their milk each day and night after they have milked their cows. The milk is then processed, put into cartons and distributed all around Australia! This is only one of many milk factories in Australia though.


I really had an enjoyable day despite the rain.
xx Sunshine xx

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Hosts Home, Australia - 13th May 2008

By: gingermuggins


Sam had to take her girls into school this morning. They were supposed to catch the bus but the bus broke down. Unfortunately we werent with Sam so we didnt get to go to town with her. She called us to tell us where she was so we wouldnt worry. Calixte answered the telephone as he is the biggest and strongest.


While Sam was gone we decided we would be helpful and wrap her daughters birthday presents, one less job for Sam to do before Friday. I think we did a wonderful job. Calixte was very helpful with the scissors, cutting the paper nice and straight.Bon held the sticky tape and I taped the parcel up.


We all decided that these books would be our present to Miss 8, hopefully Sam doesnt mind, I mean we wrapped 5 different presents, surely one of them could be from us!


When Sam returned home she brought with her a surprise!!! A new toy voyager to visit. It was very difficult to open the envelope, it was all stuck up with sticky tape. Calixte had to very carefully use the scissors and cut a small hole.


Bon was able to poke his head in and with the help of Calixte and me we pulled out Antonio!!



He was glad to see the world again after being in that envelope for a few weeks. He introduced himself and we chatted about our travels.

Well that is how the morning turned out. I wonder what will happen this afternoon?

xx Sunshine xx

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Post Office, Australia - 14th May 2008

By: gingermuggins


Sunshine packed her bag this morning and is waiting at the post office ready to depart Australia and continue her journey to Portugal. She is very excited. I don't know how long it will take for her to arrive at Luthien's home as this is the 1st time I have sent a voyager to Portugal. Hopefully it will take only 2 - 3 weeks.
I enjoyed having Sunshine visit. I wish her safe and speedy travels!

Sam :)

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Sesimbra, Portugal - 3rd June 2008

By: Luthien

Ol Mummy !!

Finally i arrived in Portugal.


It was a long journey from Australia to Luthien house in Sesimbra.

But the most important is that i arrived well and in safety!


Is there no toys left in Luthiens house but her cat Mushi said me hello !He scared me a little because he really have a big black muzzle !
But he's a sweetie cat :)


This is the Luthiens neighbor house, in Portugal they use bright colours in the doors and windows, but most the old people use them!
Well Mummy, ill rest now because im really tired from the last trip.
But ill give you news soon :)

At logo - See you soon

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Sesimbra, Portugal - 4th June 2008

By: Luthien

Hi there Mummy :)

Today me and Luthien went to a walk for the village, and she took me some nice pictures only for you!


Luthien lives clearly near to the beach, the sea its so blue here!



In the right side of the pic. you can see the hotel when Luthien worked some months ago as receptionist.


It was a windy day, my hears almost fly away!



The lavender have such nice fragrance, dont you think Mummy?




Yay !!! I totally have fun!


Here, im was a little tired, so we rest a little :)


And start again!



Me, taking some sun and thinking about what to do next



Now Luthien and I will go to the beach


The sea its really calm today


Hey Mummy come visit us here!!




Look for me, im running at the flavour of the wind!


It was a nice day, Luthien is really fun and im enjoying stay here! It was warm also, and im starving so ill go to Luthiens home now!

Luthien told me that she wants to take me at some nice places in Portugal, im curious ;)
Take care Mummy*

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Sesimbra, Portugal - 5th June 2008

By: Luthien

Hi Mummy :)

Hope you're doing well.
Today was the Luthiens little brother birthday, so we spend the dinner with him!


His name's Daniel and he is my new friend ;)
Here we're playing Harry Potter in the playstation.


After the dinner me and Luthiens family sang the happy birthday to you song.




I also ate a piece of birthday cake, it was so good !!!


Daniel turned 8 , hes almost a big boy  :p

Tomorrow Luthien, her boyfriend and I will go to visit the village of Sintra (Luthiens fav. place) Im sure  that i'll have fun*

Big kisses Mummy!!

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Sintra, Portugal - 7th June 2008

By: Luthien

Hello again Mummy !!
Did you miss me?

Today me, Luthien and her boyfriend went to the village of Sintra.

Here im waiting for the Sintras train in Lisbon


Its really warm today!
It dont take so long to arrive in Sintra because its near to Lisbon (30 min by train)


Here we are Mummy!


Sintra's the Luthiens favourite place in Portugal because its quite and with a lot of nature and beautiful monuments to visit!



Up stares you can see a mount, there its located the Moorish Castle and the Pena Palace :)


This is the National palace also called The Village Palace



Sintra also have a lot of Carriages for the Tourists




In Portugal the Muslims left a big heritage, Sintra is a excellent example, just take a look in the monuments Mummy




Now we will take a walk in the center of village




Luthien loves postcards so, we bought some of them and we bring also for you  :)



Piriquita's a famous regional store who sales "Queijadas de Sintra" its a traditional sweet from the region (I love them nhammm)



Me in front of the National Palace


Now well go lunch in a Tea salon called Torque the decoration its in a Celtic/Lusitanian theme



I was thirsty so we all drunk an orange fresh juice and ate a meat sandwich.
Then we rest a while before the next phase comes - to climb The Mount of Sintra

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