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Travelog for: Pitzelpatz

Lake Louise, Canada - 25th February 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today smaug took a day off and told us that we were going skiing :D. As we knew that temperatures in Calgary were going to be a bit frigid :rolleyes:, we checked how things were on the mountains....not a comforting sight :stare:.


We tried to suggest that it was maybe a good day for staying in bed with a hot chocolate ;), but smaug wouldn’t listen to reason, so, to ease the shock of going outside, we decided to train a few minutes in the freezer :rolleyes:....cold, very cold, but not nearly as a cold as our destination.


If anything it was actually way colder than what the forecast said, so, not surprisingly, the runs were nearly empty :rolleyes:...


...but the views were great :D.


And once my toes were so frozen that I couldn’t feel anything it was actually great fun, off we go ;)!!


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Lake Minnewanka, Canada - 5th March 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we asked smaug if we were going to hit the slopes again, but he said that his toes where still a bit too frostbitten and insensitive from skiing last week :rolleyes: and he didn’t want to lock them in the ski boots yet...so we went for a hike around Banff instead :D. At the beginning of the trail we crossed this nice little canyon.


In the distance you can see Lake Minnewanka...completely frozen.


When the trees opened up a bit we could see more of the lake :).


It seems that no one has been on this trail for some time....we actually started wondering if it was a trail at all :stare:.


Eventually we reached our destination, the shore of the lake a few km away from the parking lot. Here the landscape was very...white :rolleyes:.


We walked to the middle of the lake to take some photos from there B).


Eventually the wind started picking up and quickly the temperature fell down, so we decided to hide in the backpack for the rest of the day ;).

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Calgary, Canada - 17th March 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we had a new arrival here in Calgary :).


It’s Monkez, a nice monkey travelling on the WTVT, and he brought over a lovely card from his last host :D.


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Calgary, Canada - 21st March 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today is the first day of spring and we are celebrating it...with a fresh dump of snow, of course :rolleyes:.


Well, we were not going to do anything anyway, since smaug was at home sick :(. So we actually had to make sure that he took the right medications. sammino suggested to give him every pill in the house to speed up his recovery :rolleyes:, but we all agreed that we didn’t really want to take the chance of poisoning our host, so we just followed the doses suggested on the packages.


Later sammino showed us some of the maps of his pre-TV travelling life :)...


...and the photos from his private album. We particularly liked his photos in Greenland :D: maybe I'll go there too one day ;).


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Calgary, Canada - 27th March 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

It seems that someone forgot to tell to Old Man Winter that we are supposed to be in spring, so the weather is “not particularly nice” :rolleyes: and this week end we didn’t do anything more than a short walk to stretch our legs. As you can see the atmosphere is still very wintery.


We walked down to the river to take a couple of photos...


But when we asked if we could jump on the ice :D smaug told us that the river ice is not good for walking :( so we just headed back to the warmth of home ;).

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Calgary, Canada - 2nd April 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

When yesterday the weather forecast issued a snowfall warning :stare: for Calgary we noticed that it was April 1st and had a laugh about it :D. Well, it was no April’ fool and today we woke up under a thick snowfall :rolleyes:...which made the trees look very pretty.


Walking around town we could barely see the buildings around us.


We wanted to play a bit on the ground :), but the snow was so deep that we were sinking in it :stare:...


...so we just let smaug do the walking ;).

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Calgary, Canada - 18th April 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Not much happened here in Calgary over the last couple of weeks :(...of course, we got more dumps of snow, but that’s no big news anymore :rolleyes:. But today smaug showed up with a big envelope and told us to take good care of it...there was something moving in it :stare:.


It turned out that it was a new guest arriving here in Calgary, Clifford :D and he brought over a lovely card and some delicious sweets :).


We told him that he got here with a perfect timing as we are going skiing this week :), something that I guess shocked him a bit ;)....he’ll soon get used to Calgary “spring” :rolleyes:.

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Lake Louise, Canada - 20th April 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went skiing in Lake Louise :D...where, to be honest, the morning temperatures were not really spring-like :rolleyes:. Here we were leaving the base of the mountain on the Grizzly gondola.


As we went up the view improved :).


Later we reached the top of a chair called “Top of the world”: very fascinating name although maybe a bit of an overstatement as there were plenty of higher peaks around :rolleyes:. For instance that one behind me is Mt Whitehorn, from where, apparently, in the afternoon smaug decided to practice tumbling downhill in a quite disorderly fashion :stare:. Luckily by that time we had already left his backpack and were relaxing at lodge, otherwise we’d be a bunch of much thinner TVs now ;).


Here there’s the opposite side of the valley behind me. Those seemly harmless clouds soon covered us making it almost impossible to tell the snow on the mountain from the clouds with everything turned into a milky fog :(.


So we didn’t take any more picture on the mountain. We tried  our luck later in day at the village, but again we were pounded by a blizzard.


We eventually drove over to the lake that gives the name to both the village and the ski resort and the weather decided to give us a break :). This is the west side of the lake...


...while the eyesore :rolleyes: behind me is the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, one of the most luxurious and pricey hotel in the Rockies B).


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Calgary, Canada - 24th April 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Happy Easter!

We wondered if smaug was going to get us a giant chocolate egg :D, but he said that it would have been to much for such small TVs :(....so we got a TV size egg each instead ;)!


Hope you had a wonderful day :)!

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Calgary, Canada - 26th April 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we said goodbye to Monkez who is travelling to his next host on the WTVT :). We wished him a safe trip and hoped that spring will look more spring-like in Hong Kong :rolleyes:.


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Calgary, Canada - 27th April 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today smaug said that he found a parcel for us TVs in the mail :stare:. sammino explained us that that meant there was likely a new guest in that parcel, so we got very excited :).


And yes :D, out of the envelope came Mandy Sheep a nice (guess what :rolleyes:?) sheep from Germany...we start having a bit of a German colony here ;). She showed us the lovely card that she brought with her (that smaug forgot to include in the photo :rolleyes:) and then we spent the night chatting about our travels :).


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Calgary, Canada - 3rd May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

There’s been a bit of parcel traffic here in Calgary over the last few days :rolleyes:, and a new one arrived today :).


And of course that meant a new guest, Kirin a nice giraffe from Chile :D. She brought over a lovely card and some delicious sweets :D, so of course we spent the night chatting and eating ;).


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Calgary, Canada - 11th May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

It’s been a bit boring here in Calgary recently. Last weekend we were stuck home as it rained all the time :( (which sammino said was a very good sign of the approaching spring :stare:, as temperatures are now warm enough to get rain rather than snow :rolleyes:). The only excitement has been the strengthening of our troops due to a new arrival today :).


It’s Frankie_Blue :D a nice bear (although he’s not thoroughly convinced of being one :rolleyes:) from Germany who is travelling on the WTVT.


Of course we wanted to know everything about his travels, so we spent the night up chatting :).

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Elbow Valley, Canada - 14th May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

This weekend the weather seems to eventually be quite nice, so this morning we went for a short walk on the mountains :). sammino explained to us that we can’t go very high as, apart for a few places, there’s still a silly amount of snow at high altitude so we chose a low altitude trail in a valley that got relatively little snow this winter. When we arrived at the parking lot there was no one around.


After walking a bit we crossed this muddy creek and wondered if we were going to spend the whole day wading into mud :rolleyes:.


But the trail winding between the trees was actually quite nice and dry...


...with the occasional view of the mountains around us :).


Eventually we reached the highest point of our trip...obviously it wasn’t very high as there was no snow around :rolleyes:.


But the view was great :D.


The trail that we took to go back was a bit less nice, actually it was very mucky, so we decided to stay in the backpack chatting and let smaug toiling his way back to the car ;).

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Aylmer Lookout, Canada - 21st May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today, for once, we had some nice weather over the weekend, so smaug took us to the mountains for a walk :). First we spent some time along the shores of Lake Minnewanka...which looks still pretty much frozen.


Later we headed up on the side of the mountain to the location of an abandoned fire lookout from where the view of the lake was much better :D.


As the sky was blue but we kept hearing loud thunders, we asked sammino what that noise was. He explained that they were just avalanches :stare: coming down from those mountains behind us. He also added that we were probably safe...how comforting :rolleyes:.


On the other side of the valley the snow covering Mt. Aylmer seemed less likely to come down...or so we hoped.


Funny enough, someone put up here a makeshift swing, so we played a bit with it :).


As we were getting hungry we asked smaug if he had packed a full 3 courses meal plus dessert :p. Disappointingly he didn’t planned the day properly and just handed us some energy bars :(.


Apparently this lookout is famous for being visited by lots of bighorn sheep but there was none around today...although there were plenty of traces of their passage here, very smelly traces that did not make for interesting photos ;). Talking about smelly things, another very common and slightly less pleasant resident here is the wood tick, so smaug spent the day covered with this fairly disgusting insect repellent...which made the experience of being around him very tough on our smell sense and which also probably explains why (despite this being May long weekend) we hardly met anyone (people, TV or wildlife) the whole day :rolleyes:.


On the way back to the car we stopped on the lake side. Very close to the shore the ice is starting to break up so the lake might be open soon :). Too bad it soon started to rain a bit, so we hid in the backpack and wondered if there was going to be a 3 courses meal with cake waiting for us at home ;).


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