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Travelog for: Flutura

Home, Australia - 21st February 2008

By: fairymnster

Hi all, i've finally got up the courage to show my face in public, you see i'm a shy little butterfly with big dreams  I. just need a little help realising them.

This is me trying a letterbox on for size.

and this is me trying to make friends with Leo the cat before i tackle meeting a Tiger



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Mardi, NSW, Australia - 16th April 2008

By: Yillup

Hi! I made it Kylie's house nice and safely, along with my yummy smelling candle melts for Kylie to try! Kylie says THANK YOU so much! They smell delicious and she can't wait to try them in her oil burner. I now smell really yummy too after being in the bag with them.

I had LOTS of seasoned toy voyagers meet me when I poked my head out of the bag. Kylie had mother's group here today so we all played with the toys together.


As you can see, there's Mulalu, Mel, then there's the guest of honour - ME - Flutura, Alpina is hiding behind Phillip Grammy and then there's Charity Bear. Benni had just been packaged up in his parcel to be sent off, so I didn't get to meet him!

I got straight over to the computer and found Kylie's stash of skittles... YUM!


I got to go to trivia with Kylie and her family tonight. I had a little taste of the beer, but I think I prefer the sweet lollies better!


We did really well at trivia! We won by 2 points, only getting 2 questions wrong the whole nigh. It was heaps of fun!!

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The Entrance, NSW, Australia - 26th April 2008

By: Yillup

It has been raining here for over 2 weeks. It's a record that hasn't been matched for 15 years! Kylie aso didn't have a car all of last week, so she had to walk whenever she went somewhere - in the rain! I haven't been allowed to go out too much as my fur would get wet...

We were able to get out of the house though to go to The Entrance today. I had yummy fish and chips (although a pelican wanted to eat it first).


We also fed the seagulls. They are very noisy animals! And they get very close!


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Mardi, NSW, Australia - 18th July 2008

By: Yillup

I am sorry it has been soooo long since I sent you a message mum!

We had a new Toy Voyager come visit us today. His name is Charlie. Hopefully we can show him around some places soon.


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The Entrance, NSW, Australia - 26th July 2008

By: Yillup

Today we had lots of fun at The Entrance. Even though it was cold, the sun was shining and we all decided to go out for the day.

I ate LOTS of chips and gravy as it was very warm and the weather was so cold. I don't think I'll fit in my post bag after visiting with Kylie and her family!


We didn't get too close to the pelicans while they were getting fed. I was worried I would be eaten!


I had fun with my friends Alpina and Charlie in the playground. We played on the climbing rings. You can see the water park in the background but it was too cold to go for a play in the water.


I also played for a bit on my own!


I am missing you heaps back home!

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Tuggerah, NSW, Australia - 29th July 2008

By: Yillup

We went out shopping today. As a bit of a break from the boring bits of shopping we dropped in to Borders - a big book store here. It was nice and warm, and we got to read lots of interesting books.


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Wyong, NSW, Australia - 31st July 2008

By: Yillup

Kylie went to her mum's place today as it was SO cold in her house to do some nice warm cooking. We cooked choc chip cookies, brownies, pumpkin and fruit loaf, apple and berry pies, ice cream, cheese biscuits and omlette.


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Mardi, NSW, Australia - 1st September 2008

By: Yillup

Hi there. I am sorry I haven't been writing home too much lately, but my family here has had some major dramas in the last month. They have had to start moving home as well as having some very sick children. There were even feral mice running around and bit the poor little baby here! Luckily I was safe and sound with my other toy voyager friends and not anywhere near the mice!

So much of what has been happening around here has been packing boxes. Here I am with a pile of the boxes all ready to help carry them downstairs and into a truck. I think I'll need some help carrying it though!!!


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Wyong, NSW, Australia - 4th October 2008

By: Yillup

I am still here, safe and sound. I am very very sorry I haven't updated in a month. Kylie and her family have been moving and things have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. There have been sick kids, many many different little things to be done to the new house, and a lot of cleaning, packing, unpacking and everything else that goes along with moving house. Things have finally settled down now though, so hopefully I'll be able to move on to my next place very very soon.

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