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Travelog for: Kruppchen

Ratingen, Germany - 2nd May 2012

By: RedSwan


today is my first day of being a ToyVoyager. I heard of it, as I already have a friend (Leif E), who told me a lot it. He's staying with my mentor since almost 5 months now.

So, here's a picture of us:

My mentor already told me, where I'm going first. That is really exciting. I start my journey in China, exactley in Bejing / Peking. So I already studied some vocabulary - thank God, my mentor is also studying Chinese at University in her first semester, so that she could help me.


The only sad thing is, that I can't go with my mentor to London upcoming week. Sad but I guess, she and other ToyVoyager will tell me about that, whenever I meet them :)


That's it for today. Before I start my journey on Saturday I will go to Bochum... My mentors second home :) So, read you once more from Germany.

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Beijing, China - 17th May 2012

By: qball

After 2 weeks journey, I finally arrived in China.


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Beijing, China - 18th May 2012

By: qball

I went to the temple of heaven with my new friends today. Panda is our guide. Bear is another toyvoyager who cames from Ukraine. We are very happy to meet each other. But he told me he would have a new trip soon. So, a little pity.

The Temple of Heaven was built in 1420. In old days, emperor came here to worship heaven for good harvests. Circular Mound Altar is also a important building in the temple. We had a photo there, on a stone called heavenly centre stone. When we talked on the special stone, our voice sounded particularly resonant and sonorous. It is magical.


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Beijing, China - 22nd May 2012

By: qball

I helped to make dinner today. My host said we would eat bok choy. So I took it to her. But I suddenly find that our bok choy is blooming! It is so magical.


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Beijing, China - 24th May 2012

By: qball

Today's sunset is very beautiful. I like it.


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Beijing, China - 30th May 2012

By: qball

It is a little hot these days. The temperature is about 35°C at noon. Today is my host‘s birthday. We ate cake and noodles. In China noodles is a traditional food in one's birthday. Lighting candles and making a wish is also essential.


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Beijing, China - 3rd June 2012

By: qball

It is raining heavily. So we didn't go out for a walk. Instead, we read books. There are lots of pictures in the book. Compared to other books, it is easier for me. And I learn some Chinese character.


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Beijing, China - 10th June 2012

By: qball

We went to a park near our home. It used be part of the city wall. But most of the city wall was removed for the development of the city many years ago. It's a great pity.  Now we still can see a arrow tower, which located in southeast of the city wall. There was nine such arrow tower in the inner city wall, but now only one left.


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Beijing, China - 17th June 2012

By: qball

We viewed sunset in Tian'anmen Square, which is one of the largest city squares in the world. Soldiers came to lower the flag at the time of sunset. It is about 19:45 today. My host told me everyday's sunset time is different. In winter it is about 17:00.


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Beijing, China - 23rd June 2012

By: qball

Today is the Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival. It commemorates the death of Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan, a honest minister, died in 278BC. He was vilified by a dishonest and corrupt prince. Realizing that the country was now in the hands of evil and corrupt officials, he leapt into the Miluo River.

For thousands of years, the festival has been marked by eating zong zi (glutinous rice wrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves) and racing dragon boats.

Because there is no large lake in Beijing, so we didn't see regatta. In south of China, the regatta is very grand. We eaten zong zi at home. It's delicious.


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Beijing, China - 1st July 2012

By: qball

Summer is coming! It's so hot today! We went to park to see lotus. There are many kinds of lotus. Some are in  lake, and others are in flowerpot.
There are also bridges and pavilions in the park.


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Beijing, China - 8th July 2012

By: qball

After 2 months in China, I start a new trip to America. Very excited! Everything will be OK. And I will arrive about two weeks later.


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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 23rd July 2012

By: Chloe09

I've arrived safely in Minneapolis, Minnesota! I was greeted ever so kindly by my new friends!

They had baked me some rice crispy bars to welcome me into their home! My host mom, Chloe, showed us a sauna (sow-na). A sauna is a room with a hot stove or coals that are heated by water to create a nice hot steamy room. It is a Finnish tradition to have saunas. It was very interesting and quite warm!

I met a new furry friend, too! Her name is Eagan....she was so gentle and nice.

Can't wait for my next adventure!!!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 24th July 2012

By: Chloe09

I've been busy meeting new people and having a bunch of fun. We welcomed a few more TV friends today! A possible new TV, Sir Jim, Diddl-Maus, Lilla, Danko, Caroline, Kasimir (big yellow one), me and Buxi!

Then to celebrate their adventures with us, we made cupcakes!! Host mom is Gluten Free - can't have wheat or the complex of proteins that forms when wheat flour is mixed with a liquid and physically manipulated, such as in the kneading of bread.

We all got something to do! I was in charge of melting and taking care of the butter.

We think we did a good job! We ate ice cream and the cupcakes before taking a trip downtown Minneapolis to see these big beautiful buildings!

Post more later!!! Miss you!
Much Love,

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Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota!, United States of America - 24th July 2012

By: Chloe09

All of these downtown Minneapolis buildings are big and beautiful! Some of these buildings have a cool history!

This is the Minneapolis City Hall. It occupies an entire city block and has about 680,000 gross square feet. The building is an architectural treasure listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was designed by Long and Keys Architects. The building also features a 15-bell chime and is the only American made set that can play the "Star Spangled Banner" in the original key. Every hour, quarter, and half-hour you will hear the bells of the tower. The bells were manufactured in New York and weigh from 300 to 7,300 pounds each -- over 14 tons total.

This is the Public Safety building. It's a jail!! Here's some information Chloe09 told us about it! The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office operates the largest pre-trial adult detention facility (commonly called the jail) in the State of Minnesota. Jail facilities are located in two different buildings in downtown Minneapolis, but are treated as one facility:
    The Public Safety Facility (PSF) has 330 beds for arrestees.
    The City Hall (ADC) has 509 beds for arrestees.
On average each year, there are approximately 40,000 bookings at the jail. The jail is currently staffed for a capacity of 703 beds, and the average population in 2009 was 694. The jail has consistently earned the distinction of being accredited by the American Correctional Association for maintaining the highest standards of inmate custody and care.

This is the United States District Courthouse. The history of the judicial system in Minnesota begins in 1849 when the first territorial court term was held in Stillwater, Minnesota. The U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota was not established until nine years later when Minnesota became a State in 1858.

Can't wait to see what we're going to see next!!

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