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Travelog for: The WotWots

Gisborne, Australia - 5th March 2012

By: fleursmum


Hello World!!  :D

We are  the WotWots SpottyWot (blue) and DottyWot (pink). Soon we will be ready to set off and explore the world. We are really curious about the animals on this planet and would like to see as many as possible.

We are excited!!  Would you like to host us?? :D

Spotty and Dotty Wot.

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Melbourne Zoo, Australia - 6th March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hello Everyone!  :D

Today we went to Melbourne Zoo and saw lots and lots of animals!

we saw a tiger - we wanted to go and pat it - it looked so cuddly!
Now we are off to see real elephants!  :o
this is Bong Su - he is a big male elephant and is about 38 years old - he was resting on his sand heap before going off for his daily bath.
we side tracked in to the butterfly house - look at this beautiful green and black butterfly
here is one of the female elephants
more of the elephant family
we went here to visit the orang utans especially the 12 month old baby but Sue was so busy watching them herself she didn't take any photos of us??!! :rolleyes:
Ooohhh!! Look at this big animal - long legs and long neck - Sue told us it was a giraffe! We like its spots though!! ;)
here we are with the zebra family
and an ostrich ....not sure I like how it is looking at us...do you think an ostrich would eat WotWots for lunch???
Australian gray kangaroos having a rest
an emu - looks just like an ostrich doesn't it? At least it didn't seem to be sizing us up for lunch!!
Sue thought this was a blue tongue lizard and told us all about it and then she realised it was made of brass!! Teehee!! Silly billy!!  :D
Two koalas up a tree - we wanted to hug them cos they look like teddy bears to us but we weren't allowed  :(
Oooohhhh..an Australian lizard
a kookaburra - we hear them singing and laughing outsides Sue's house early in the morning - they make us giggle!
Some baboons live in here - I think they are watching us while we are watching them - although they aren't doing very much other than sitting!
this is a Peccaries family - the one on the right was all bristly - I don't think it liked us looking into its home!
we said hello to the brown bear
and the pelicans
In the water was a shark kind of fish but it is well camouflaged and hard to see
Off to see the seals - we liked this poster outside the aquarium

That's it from us today

The WotWots

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Gisborne, Australia - 8th March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Everyone,

At our house today we said goodbye to Meav, she is travelling on her way to Germany - we are hopeful of seeing Germany one day soon too.
Safe travels Meav,

From the WotWots

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Melbourne, Australia - 11th March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Everyone  :D
Today we had a little look around the city

this is inside the nice hotel we stayed at
this is outside the hotel in Little Bourke Street looking down towards Chinatown
We drove down near the Yarra river and then walked along to the city
Here we are outside St Paul's cathedral
and over the road is Flinders St Railway station
Now we are walking along the river again - this weekend is the Moomba Festival so there is water skiing on the river and side shows and lots of other things going on - there were lots of people around
we had a little rest before walking back across the bridge to the car.

Spotty and Dotty Wot.

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Gisborne, Australia - 12th March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Everyone!!  :D

We had a chat to the Chowchow today - he was a bit sulky because he had to have a bath today!! ;)

He is a short haired chowchow and his name is Tupai - which is Maori for happy ( he wasn't very happy today!! :D)

Dotty and Spotty Wot

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Gisborne, Australia - 15th March 2012

By: fleursmum

Heello World!!  :D

Today Diddl-Maus achieved a life mission - that was very exciting for us!! We hope to meet our life missions on our travels too!!  The mission was to eat Swiss cheese and so we all got a taste too!! :D


Spotty and Dotty Wot

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Melbourne, Australia - 24th March 2012

By: fleursmum


Ooooohhhh...here we are going through a tunnel under the Yarra River!!!  :o

It is raining and cloudy today so we haven't any other photos!! :(

Love from
Spotty and Dotty Wot

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Blairgowrie Beach, Melbourne - 25th March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hello !! :D

Today we went to the beach - it isn't really beach weather but we had a walk and a look around.  This is a dog walking beach so there were dogs everywhere!!

Yup, out there is the water and the boats!!

sitting in the sand watching the world go by is pretty good!!

Big boats, little boats, all kinds of boats!!

Best wishes
Spotty and Dotty Wot

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Delligsen, Germany - 30th March 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello down under....., hello Mum..

believe it or not...after a very short travel, w´ll think we are beamt

from Scotty, we are in G E R M A N Y....jeahhh B)

pictures will follow soon

Spotty and Dotty Wot

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Delligsen, living room, Germany - 31st March 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mum,

After our journey, we are safely landed in Delligsen.

Then suddenly there was light in the envelope and a teddy bear face looked at us  ...Dr.Kröbner..... :rolleyes:



He has helped us out of the envelope and welcomed us very warmly.


Then he presented the other TV's live here...HappyPing and

All were happy about the postcard and chocolate....thank you :D




Now we are very tired ... and need to sleep .....

after our first night, we are now sitting at the window to acclimate us



Love and kisses from

Spotty and Dotty Wot

....and many greetings from Dr.Kröbner and hostmum to Bigfoot 

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Köterberg, Germany - 2nd April 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hi Mum,

yesterday my new friends..HappyPing, Mr.Lemony and I visited a mountain with a funny name "Köterberg" or mountain wuff ;)

Here are some pictures from the journey, the weather was still beautiful




On the ferry across the river "Weser"


here are some facts...about..

The Köterberg, at 495.8 m (1,627 ft) above sea level, is the highest hill in the Lippe Uplands and lies on the state border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony in North Germany. On its northern slopes is the village of Köterberg

The Köterberg was already being mentioned in Lippe's boundary deeds in the 16th century. The Brothers Grimm called it the Götzenberg in their German Legends , because it was here that folk prayed to the gods of the heath. The Köterberg was also the setting for their fairy tale The Three Little Birds. ....

unfortunately the weather was not so good...cold and windy ,but we enjoy the nice view over the landscape







Later the sun came out and we made a little break


that was a nice trip

Love from Spotty and Dotty Wot

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Delligsen, Germany - 4th April 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mum,

look what we found.....an unidentified flying object.. :rolleyes:


and we thought it would be a good idea for HappyPing to fly home.


Dr. Kröbner was skeptical and thought it would be better if we raise helmets...safety first :rolleyes:



A brief seatfitting ..


wow ....  ready for take off  B)


we'll fly ...




unfortunately, the flight was too short, we've made it only up to the balcony railing.


Too bad, but we have tried it .... now Ping have to travel in a letter envelope :(

and we must talk to Scotty and Capt. Kirk about our UFO

huggs and kisses from a German balcony
Spotty and Dotty Wot

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Grünenplan/Raabeturm, Germany - 7th April 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hi Mum,

today we went to a old tower located on a big mountain with a beautifull view over the south-lowersaxony landscape. The visibility was extraordenary good, nearly 100km!!! The first step we went by car and then we have to hike throught a huge forrest.




At an old tree we find a strange kind of flying sauce!!! We tried it but..... it doesn´t works.... 

Suddenly some crazy things fall down from the sky, little white balls, hostmum explained it is snow!!!!

.... and in small corners near the way we find some more.... but it was not enought to build a snowman  (whatever it means)....

We came to a sign " Blick zum Brocken", (Brocken is the northermost highest Mountain of Germany 1142m over NN. The top is nearly 200 m higher than the timber line)

We climbet on a tree to take a better view...

oh look at this stone!!!.... it seams we are not the first WotWots on this trail....

When we arrived our ambition of the day, hostpa climbt with us to the top of the watchtower to take a better view.  Up there it was very stormy and we have to hang on the guard railing.


Ups a great gust of wind!!!!



On our way back to the car where lots of other lookout-points and we take a rest at a precipice




It was an exiting afternoon but what a pity.... we see no Easter Bunny... 

maybee tomorrow.... bye mum, Spotty and Dotty

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Delligsen, Germany - 8th April 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mum,

happy Easter from Germany .....


Spotty and Dotty Wot

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Delligsen, living room, Germany - 14th April 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hi Mum,
yesterday an envelope arrived and a little bunny came out, he introduced himself as Hase and he is a TV from hostmum Andrea and while Dr.Kröbner goes to Denmark with Yosemite and Takata, he  represents him.... :rolleyes:




look Mum what happened in the evening...Yosemite and Takata arrived with sooo many TVs, we all together posed for a groupphoto on the Sofa, 18 Tvs from 5 continents...
Kibblet, Napoleon, Cokkie, Khaled, Little Luzi, Baerle, Maeusle, Waffels, Bodo, plaudagei, Dr.Kröbner, Hase from Europe, Wavy Gravy from USA, Wolley and Billy from Africa, The Wot Wots  ;) from Australia and Mr.Lemony from Asia......wow


that was e great evening and we talked the half night about our adventures....

early in the morning we said goodbye and wish a nice trip to Denmark...

We will also experience an adventure, hostmum and Hase has promised to go to the zoo....with us

bye , bye

we love you
Spotty and Dotty Wot

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