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want to meet the TVs Wolfgang, Chrissy and Joe and make a mouseparty!

want to be in the all-time-top-ten with the most people involved in my journeys

want to visit a cheesemarket

want to help a lion as the mouse of Äsop

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Travelog for: Gypsy

Weilburg, Germany - 4th February 2012

By: Noisy

Today I have read this fable of Äsop and I have to say: I am proud of beeing a mouse, too!

Once when a Lion was asleep a little Mouse began running up and down upon him; this soon wakened the Lion, who placed his huge paw upon him, and opened his big jaws to swallow him. "Pardon, O King," cried the little Mouse: "forgive me this time, I shall never forget it: who knows but what I may be able to do you a turn
some of these days?" The Lion was so tickled at the idea of the Mouse being able to help him, that he lifted up his paw and let him go. Some time after the Lion was caught in a trap, and the hunters who desired to carry him alive to the King, tied him to a tree while they went in search of a wagon to carry him on. Just then the little Mouse happened to pass by, and seeing the sad plight in which the Lion was, went up to him and soon gnawed away the ropes that bound the King of the Beasts. "Was I not right?" said the little Mouse.

Moral of Aesops Fable: Little friends may prove great friends

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Weilburg, Germany - 6th February 2012

By: Noisy

Oooooh, I have found a map in the computer that shows my home-farm!
...and my village!
...and the town Weilburg!

2.picture can you spot my farm?
3.picture on the right side is Weilburg and on the left side in the edge is Gaudernbach my home-village :-)
The river you can see is the Lahn. It splits the town and the whole country in Westerwald and Taunus.


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Weilburg, Germany - 7th February 2012

By: Noisy

Today I was allowed to visit a primary school. Each tuesday Noisy is helping some children with their homework.
I looked around in the classroom and found a little teddy sitting there. He told me that the pupil sometimes are very loud and that he's glad when the school is over in the noon at 3:15 pm. But he told me, too, that he has learned a lot of interesting things since he lives in this classroom.
There were posters at the wall showing what to eat in the break and one poster showed me all the big birds I must have an eye on, because they love little mice to eat...

Actually I would begin my journey right after school, but Noisy forgot my travelbox at home. Tststs...*shakemyhead*

So I will start tomorrow, I have booked a bed in the TV-Hotel-Oberlausitz.


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Weilburg, Germany - 8th February 2012

By: Noisy

Before I start my journey, I have taken some pictures from here around...

There is a village named like my family ;-)
Noisy, the dog
and an overview of my village

On my way to the post-office the radiostation played : Gypsy and the cat -- It's time to wander... great!


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Ebersbach, Germany - 3rd March 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

So you allready heard of the tragedy and so we started again!  :D This is also funny... much more cheese for me!  ;)
AAAAAAAAND surprise, surprise... next week I will do a little and very short ;) trip to... LONDON! Ok, that means I have to leave the TV-Hotel Oberlausitz, but I think it is ok for five days!  :D


To be honest, I overslept my arrival! It was late in the evening, when LadyButterfly picked me up from the post office. The little parcel was to big for the postbox. And because I slept I havn't recognized my arrival. LadyButterfly called my name again and again, but I havn't heard her. So she used a trick!


Ahhhhh cheese... yummi! That waked me up! And voila.... Gypsy arrived!


And dissappeard as fast as he arrived in the cheese-bag! I was soooooo hungry of the trip!


When the bag was empty I gave LadyButterfly the presents I had with me. She was so happy, mommy and I should say you a big, big thank you!


The magnet got a place of honor on the refrigerator, because she collects this stuff!


Befor I leave the kitchen again I watched into the pots. LadyButterflys boyfriend prepared for the dinner... it smells very good! Maybe I will also get a little piece of the dinner!  ;)


But there was no chance to leave the kitchen... I stood eye in eye with Mary Lou Muffin the housecat. But I havn't forgotten the fable and so I shared it with Mary and she promised not to eat me, during my stay here.


Then it was time to check in the TV-Hotel Oberlausitz. My bed was ready and I was happy, because my trip was very exhausting!
This is the big sign on the top of the hotel!


There are very cool pictures of the Oberlausitz in the hotel. So I got a small impression where I am right now!


And then I could fall into my bed! It was so great to feel this soft bed and I fall asleep immediately!


But there was one last thing to do!
The outside of the hotel is handmade by many TV-members, because all postcards are on the wall outside the hotel and now there is one card more... mine!  :D



So my arrival was very exciting and I hope the next month will much more exciting! Well let's see!

Many greetz to you mommy!
I miss you very much!


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Ebersbach, Germany - 5th March 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Heyho mommy!  :D

Ohhhhhhhh the days pass soooooooo slowly!  :(
I'm so excited of my big travel to London and so happy I won't travel in a little parcel, but it takes so long until thursday, when we will fly!
But now it is time for me to tell you, what I have done the last days!  :D

On saturday evening all TVs get together to watch the big fight of Klitschko in television! LadyButterfly is such a big boxing-fan and so we took some chocolate and all sat around the television!


But the fight was over befor we got warm with cheering on. We hadn't even the chance to open the chocolate, but that was ok for me, I prefer cheese!


Yesterday we made our first London travelinggroup photo. I think that will be a really nice trip and we will have so  much fun together! Maybe I find a new ear piercing for my other ear with the Union Jack on it!  ;)


Together we decided we want to know a little bit more about London and so we googled a little bit! Ranil and PinkyHH told us everything we have to know!
We allready know, London is the capital city of Great Britain! With 7.825.200 people London is a city with the most people in the EU!
It was founded in the year 47 by the romans and was called Londonium. In the 2. century it became the capital city of britain.
Today London is one of the biggest city for cultur, financial and trade!


This is the blazon of London!


Now you want to know how big the distance will be that I travel, am I right mommy?
Can you see the red spot on the picture? This is London! And the hand? This is Ebersbach, where I am now. The distance between Ebersbach and London is 1197 km and I'm happy I musn't walk it! We fly from Berlin!  :D


Another very important thing for London is the weather! We all took a look on a british homepage!


What do you think mommy? Does the weather look good? Ok a little bit rainy on saturday and sunday, but maybe we have much luck and it won't rain! Who knows!  ;)


But today the weather was wonderfull! Sunny... the whole day long, so I decided to go on the balkonie and took a little sunbath!


And in the afternoon we used the nice weather to took a walk to the spring of the Spree! There are three springs of the Spree, but we visited the oldest, that named "Spreeborn"!
Today there was build a pavillion around the spring so visitors can take a rest and watch this beautifull place!


Time vor another big groupphoto! Together with LadyButterflys TVs. We all sat on the Spreeborn, but because it is winter the spring was closed, so it couldn't get damaged!


Here you can see one of four inscriptions!
This one means:
"Waterlevel of the Spreeborn
387,26 m
over the Eastsee"


And last but not least... the blazon of saxony! With two lions... if have to think of the fable again!  ;)


Wow mommy that was such a wonderfull day, sunny and warm and interessting! But I still miss you a little bit!


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London, Great Britain - 8th March 2012

By: LadyButterfly


Wow what a amazing trip, I still can't believe I traveled to London. It was so cool there, the city was so biiiiiiiig and loud and the people were so friendly.
But wait... everything step by step! Today I will tell you of my first day in London, so don't worry there will follow more pictures!

It was very hard to sleep befor thursday. I had to go to bed very early, because our trip starts at 2 am, but I can't sleep. So I got up again and helped LadyButterfly with the luggage. We looked if we have forgotten anything and prepaired the luggage for the flight!


Very important was also to count the money a last time. I made this and everything was perfect. It is funny on all coins and notes is the face of Queen Elisabeth! Also very strange is the fact... the 2 pence coin is much bigger then the 20 pence coin. Funny british people!  ;)


LadyButterfly did a great job with our travelplan, she also made a handout for us.
Also very important and usefull was the book. But I recognized also, if you look a little bit lost in London, someone will ask you, if he could help you. The british people are very friendly!


Later and deep in the night, our journey started with driving to the airport Berlin Schönefeld. I fell asleep on the trip and awaked when we arrived the airport. The checkin and the security check was very quickly over and so we took this photo in the transitzone, when we waited for our plane!


I took just 1 1/2 hour until we arrived Great Britain. On the Gatwick airport we took our first steps on british ground. Outside I found a cool welcome sign!


From Gatwick we took the train to London which was 50 km away and then we brought our luggage to the hotel, befor we started with sightseeing.
Our first tour goes to the Baker Street, yes you hear right, the real Baker Street where Sherlock Holmes lived!
I took a photo together with PinkyHH!


Outside of the underground station we met the one and only Sherlock Holmes!


Near the Baker Street is Madam Tussauds, but sadly we can't took any photos! There was no chance to, because there were so many people... classes and tourists and it was even hard for LadyButterfly to take one picture.

So after Madam Tussauds we took a little rest in the Regent's Park. This is one of the royal parks of the Queen and its very big and very beautifull. Even the weather was great so it was cool just to sit outside and watch the wild animals.
Ok they weren't really wild, because they know the people and that they will be feeded by the tourists. We hadn't that much time to watch the park, but what we saw was amazing!


I saw a heron very close to me!


After that very hard day we all went to a pub called "The Goose", it was very old and comfortable and I had my first ale ever there.


That evening I had no problems to fall asleep! I cuddled with my TV-friends and slept the whole night long!


That was my first day in London and the next days will follow soon!


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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 11th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy!

Today i arrived in Laubach. I heard a voice calling " Zingoz Maaaaaaaaaan!"..sounds a bit crazy!


Then a big yellow smiling face looked right into my envelope...


I crawled out of the envelope and said hello to everybody.



They welcomed me very friendly. These 3 TV's are guests here, too. The yellow one is Wacky-Z, the little leopard is called *Paul* and the bear-lady is Cilly.


Okay, let's look around and see where i will life for the next weeks...
Oh it seems that a cat is living here..


Oh yes! There is definately one cat! But this scratching post is sooo huge, so i guess there will be more cats. Maybe two or three  :thinking: I hope they do not like rat-meat..


Hello?.. Is anybody home?


Oh, i found one cat! Hello!
Wacky-Z told me her name is Cami and she is very nice.


Hi Cami! Please be so kind and do not eat me.. i'm not very tasty!  :cyclops:


Well, she's not very interested in me.. phew! I think we'll become good friends ;)


Oh wow.. there is another cat! A red male cat! Hmm, mommy, you know what they say about red cats! They are insane!  :stare:


Wacky told me this cat-guy is cool. His name is Eloy.
Hi Eloy!  :D Please don't eat me and we'll have a lot of fun together  :p


That's all for now. The other TV's are very nice, the cats are nice. I think i will have a great time here  :D

See you soon mommy!

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Offenbach/Main, Germany - 12th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy,

today i did a roadtrip with Wacky-Z thru the area around Frankfurt/Main.

First we drove to Offenbach.


Eustachia had to work, so we walked around at the shopping street.


And we ate icecream! Yummy!


Wow, these buildings here are veery huge!


This is the city hall. Hmm, not that pretty!


And this is a church. Looks much better than the city hall  :p


Some steps later we found a Polizeiladen (Police store). Hehe, i really don't know what it is, but it sounds funny  :D


We continued our journey and it began to rain.


Let's see what they got here in Offenbach.. A Burger King and a Pitstop..


Very long and broad roads..


An E-Center (supermarket), an OBI (do-it-yourself store) and a shell gas station..


As you can see, nothing special  :p

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Mühlheim, Germany - 12th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Then we passed a brigde and drove to Mühlheim.


What's up with these street signs?




Oh wow, the fuel is a bit cheaper today!


Take a look at this amazing clouds.. It looks a bit frightenig.



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Berstadt, Germany - 12th April 2012

By: Eustachia

On our way back home we passed a biogas plant.
It looks amazing with these orange laces fluttering in the wind..


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Hungen, Germany - 12th April 2012

By: Eustachia

And we passed Hungen. Every town at this area is a bit rural.


This is the Hochwals-food-factory! They produce milk products.


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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 12th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Back at home!


That was a great day and Wacky-Z and me, we had a lot of fun.

Talk to you soon!

Gypsy  :)

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Aschaffenburg, Germany - 17th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Hello mommy :)

Today i did a roadtrip to Aschaffenburg with my hostmom Eustachia, and two other TVs: *Paul* and Cilly.


Here are some impressions of the city



This is the railroad station


There in the background you can see the Johannisburg Castle.


It's coming closer!



It looks beautiful, we should visit it!


And here we are!  :D


We had luck, today is a market. So we walked around and bought some sweets  :p


This castle is soo beautiful!
It was erected between 1605 and 1614 by Georg Ridinger. Until 1803, it was the second residence of the prince bishop of Mainz. It is constructed of red sandstone. Red Sandstone is the typical building material of the area around Aschaffenburg.


But first of all.. let's have a little break and eat some sweets. We bought roasted almonds and chocolate popcorn. Yummy!


In the back you can see a little herb garden.


This view is so beautiful!


Time for a group photograph!  B)



Here you can see the Main river.


But wow.. what is that there in the background.. semms to be a huuuuge play field.. woaaa, i wanna go right there!


Time for another break. Let's relax at a bench and enjoy the sun.


And hey, Eustachia brought us some merci chocolate.  :D


And another group photograph with the Main river in the back.


There were some oarsman. Wow, they are fast!


I love this picture! The huge castle with the clearblue sky!




This is no drinking water! But a funny place to take a picture  :p


And this is the view of the courtyard.


In front of the castle is a little park, to walk around or have a seat and relax.


A very nice place!


Bye bye Aschaffenburg...



Time to drive back homeward.


I hope you like the pictures. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun.



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Wild animal park, Germany - 30th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy :)

Sorry for long time no update. But my hostmom had some stress, so we couldn't do any trips.

But today we visited a wild animal park :D

As we arrived, the rabbits and guinea pigs got their food. So there was some action!  B)


These plushy little guys are called raccoon dog. Awww, they look sooo sweet!


Hello little donkey  :D


Waaaah, mommy  :( you wouldn't believe what happened to *Paul* the next 5 minutes... He wants to cuddle a cute little donkey, he was shaking his ears and *Paul* felt right into the donkey bawn!  :o

Eustachia was getting very nervous, because he was too far away to pick him up. But i think, for *Paul* it was fun!  :p

She tried to touch him with a stick, but it was too short. Then she talked to the donkeys to nudge me that i can move closer to the fence. Hahaha.. and so it happened. One donkey went closer to *Paul*, looked at him and snuffled at him with his huge snout. Hihi, that looked ticklish  :D

Then he picked *Paul* up with his mouth and throwed him nearby the fence.  :rolleyes: Omg, i think for Eustachia it was hell on earth :p

This is the friendly donkey who helped *Paul* out of the bawn.


And this is the proof... donkey are not dumb, as everyone says. They are very clever and helpful  ;)


This funny guy with the beautiful eyes is a guanaco, some sort of camel.



Hello little goats!



In the end of our visit we were so hungry. So we decided to eat a pesto-pastry, some salat and a baked potato with curd cheese.


What an exciting day! We had so much fun.

Gypsy  :D

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