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Travelog for: Joesy

Altenbeken, Germany - 16th September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hi Mum,
today afternoon we drove to Altenbeken, 3*Euro, Knirrie and [/tv]Konsta[tv] by bike and I drove by tractor[tv]  :D
On the way there we watched the Beke river and the "Little viaduct" and we took a rest at the bank of Beke river (a very small river, I think...)
Then we reached Altenbeken with it's landmark, the "Big viaduct".
Though Altenbeken is a small town, it is also a junction of German Railways. So in the middle of the town stands a very old steam engine. Wow!
Luckily I found a gasoline, so I could drive on...
On the way back home we took a rest again, very comfortable  :rolleyes:
Best wishes, yours Joesy

altenbeken 002.JPG
altenbeken 003.JPG
altenbeken 004.JPG
altenbeken 001.JPG
altenbeken 006.JPG
altenbeken 031.JPG
altenbeken 033.JPG
altenbeken 008.JPG
altenbeken 010.JPG
altenbeken 011.JPG
altenbeken 012.JPG
altenbeken 013.JPG
altenbeken 014.JPG
altenbeken 015.JPG
altenbeken 016.JPG
altenbeken 017.JPG
altenbeken 018.JPG
altenbeken 019.JPG
altenbeken 020.JPG
altenbeken 021.JPG
altenbeken 022.JPG
altenbeken 023.JPG
altenbeken 027.JPG
altenbeken 028.JPG
altenbeken 030.JPG
altenbeken 036.JPG
altenbeken 037.JPG
altenbeken 034.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 21st September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Tomorrow we'll go away on holiday to the North Sea for two weeks! A journey together with 3*Euro again  :rolleyes:
Best wishes, mummy, yours Joesy

reisefieber 001.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 22nd September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
today morning 3*Euro, Knirrie, Konsta, Mary, hostmum, hostdad, the dogs and me started to our holiday trip to Friedrichskoog, North Sea.
Mary the sheep came with us, because she was born in Friedrichskoog and wants to be our tourist guide.
We drove by car...and suddenly somebody switched off the light! Mary calmed us down explaining that we were driving through the long tunnel underneath the river Elbe.
Arriving in Friedrichskoog we first went to the dyke that protects the dry land against the sea. Climbing up the dyke we saw a nice sunset.
I'm looking forward for our adventures!
Good night, mummy, yours Joesy

Friedrichskoog 12 001.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 002.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 003.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 004.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 23rd September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hi mummy,
in the morning we went to a baker's shop by bike for buying some rolls. I had taken the tractor with me on holiday, so I could drove on the way back.
It was a sunny day, so we had a breakfast outside.
Later we had a walk (of course I drove by tractor  ;) ) along the coast to the lighthouse of Friedrichskoog. Suddenly I had an accident! Luckily Mary helped us pulling the tractor out of the hole! Near the lighthouse we explored the environment, especially the gaps between the stones, and suddenly a gigantic crab stood in front of us, but luckily it was a very peaceable crab.
All the best, mummy, yours Joesy

Friedrichskoog 12 009.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 011.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 012.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 014.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 015.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 016.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 017.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 018.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 019.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 020.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 021.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 022.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 023.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 024.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 027.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 025.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 028.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 029.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 031.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 030.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 24th September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Today it's been a very rainy day, so hostmum and hostdad have read almost the whole day...
Reading is boring so we've studied the television program and have made ourselves comfortable in front of the television...

Friedrichskoog 12 007.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 168.JPG

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Meldorf, Germany - 25th September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
today we drove to Meldorf, a little town near Friedrichskoog with a cathedral and nice street cafés.
First we went into a bookshop (the boys saw a poster in front of it and studied it enthusiastically...typically male...) and while hostmum and hostdad were searching for books and calendars, 3*Euro, Knirrie, Konsta and me rummaged around a bit...and imagine, suddenly we heard somebody calling! Looking around we discovered a little elk who said his name was Soeren and he would be bored and wanted to experience adventures. We all had the same idea: "Come with us", we said, "and become a ToyVoyager!"
And so he did! We four kept an eye on the entrance and Soeren came out carefully.
When hostmum found us outside the bookshop and saw we suddenly were five, she went back and bought Soeren, because it was love at first sight!
In honour of the occasion we went into hostmum's favourite café...yummy!
I'm sure we'll have a lot of fum together with Soeren!
Kisses, yours Joesy

Friedrichskoog 12 048.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 034.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 036.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 037.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 038.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 039.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 043.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 051.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 26th September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Today hostmum and hostdad borrowed a bike on which two old dog ladies can be transported. On the way back we saw an old cannon and entered it...I asked myself whether it was a good idea to look INTO a cannon...

Friedrichskoog 12 055.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 053.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 27th September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Today we saw a sign that explained that latitude 54th runs through Friedrichskoog.And we visited the North Sea through a pair of binoculars...fantastic. There is a lot of water in the North Sea, I must admit.

Friedrichskoog 12 064.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 066.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 059.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 060.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 27th September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Today we got to know the "Trischendamm", a dam built of stones that goes above two kilometres into the Sea. You can walk on it with water all around. I wanted to drive by tractor, but after a few metres it became very very windy so I couldn't drive on and hostmum had to hold us in her hands so that we didn't fly away. She said that our mums wouldn't be amused if they had to search us at the coast of England or somewhere else...
Back at the start we played sea voyage on a little ship standing there for children. The ship was called "Hoppe Tosse" like the ship in the book "Pippi Langstrumpf".

Friedrichskoog 12 097.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 074.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 076.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 077.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 079.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 081.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 083.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 086.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 095.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 071.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 072.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 073.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 29th September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Today it's been hostmum's and hostdad's wedding anniversary. So they showed us the mill in which they married a few years ago. In front of the mill there is a big heart made of iron...we made a nice photo...perhaps some time 3*Euro will ask me... :rolleyes:
In honour of the occasion hostmum and hostdad wanted to eat out...without us...but we four creeped behind into the restaurant...I'm sure they haven't discover us  ;)

Friedrichskoog 12 099.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 101.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 103.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 104.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 133.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 30th September 2012

By: mcdaniels

Today morning we drove to the dyke by bike together with the old dog ladies. Mary showed us some of her many cousins grazing there.
I found a big and long pipe and of course I wanted to cross it by tractor. At the end of the pipe 3*Euro was waiting for me and I think he had been worried about me... :rolleyes:

Friedrichskoog 12 135.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 137.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 141.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 142.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 146.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 147.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 148.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 149.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 150.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 151.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 152.JPG

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Brunsbüttel, Germany - 1st October 2012

By: mcdaniels

Today we drove to Brunsbüttel, a town that is divided by the Kiel Canal. Every 10 minutes two ferries cross the canal transporting cars, bikes and persons free of charge. And so we cross. Though was short we were happy to have a lifeboat on the ferry.
Then we visited the lock and a very big ship leaving it. Wow!

Friedrichskoog 12 154.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 156.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 158.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 162.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 2nd October 2012

By: mcdaniels

On the way to the little fishing port of Friedrichskoog we saw a worrying sign: a car flying into the water  :o We were glad to be on the way by bike  ;)
Unfortunately there was no fishing cutter in the harbour, only one in the shipyard.

Friedrichskoog 12 164.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 167.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 3rd October 2012

By: mcdaniels

Look, what we experienced and SURVIVED in the seal station (a station in which orphan seal pups are reared and later brought back into the North Sea)of Friedrichskoog:

Friedrichskoog 12 109.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 110.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 108.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 112.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 114.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 116.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 119.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 122.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 124.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 126.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 129.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 130.JPG
Friedrichskoog 12 127.JPG

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Friedrichskoog, Germany - 3rd October 2012

By: mcdaniels

And of course we smuggled one of the seals out the station... ;)

Friedrichskoog 12 132.JPG

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