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Travelog for: Coco Presley

Heidelberg - At home, Germany - 10th February 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Hi there!

My first travelog entry, how exciting. As I mentioned in my profile, I'm a big Elvis fan and so I will always talk about Elvis in my travelog. Sometimes I wonder if nowadays youngsters are still familiar with Elvis and his music. Mum's daughter is 14 and says she likes Elvis but she can name only a couple of songs.

I like to read about Elvis and watch his films and concerts on DVD.



This is me posing with one of my favourite Elvis pictures from the 1968 NBC TV Special.


That's all for today. I hope I can tell you of some outdoor adventures soon.

Elvisly yours,

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Ludwigshafen - Wildpark, Germany - 12th February 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Today I went outside for the first time. Králi, Ohkwari, Kazumi and I spent the afternoon at a nature reserve at the outskirts of Ludwigshafen. We saw deers, boars, geese, peacocks and ponies. The lake was frozen and covered by some snow, we could walk on it which was great. Here are some pictures:





Being a ToyVoyager is wonderful, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this world.

Elvisly yours,

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Heidelberg - At home, Germany - 14th February 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Kazumi is leaving us tomorrow. Her first journey will lead her to Torino in the north of Italy. We had a look on the map to see where exactly that town is situated. Then Kazumi tested her envelope.



The weather is very ugly now, rainy and cloudy. Mum has got to work again tomorrow but if the weather is okay, we're going to spend the last weekend of February at a youth hostel somewhere.

Elvisly yours,
Coco Presley

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Botanical Garden Heidelberg, Germany - 20th February 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Today Králi and I visited the Botanical Garden of Heidelberg and saw many interesting plants from all over the world.









Elvisly yours

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany - 25th February 2012

By: nuriayasmin

My first trip a bit farther away from home. Mum, her daughter, the TV's Králi and Kit-Kat and I visited Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany's best preserved medieval city situated in the state of Bavaria.

We stayed at the youth hostel which is situated in an old building called "Rossmuehle". We had a very nice view from our room.



On our walk through the city centre we passed the "Medieval Criminal Museum":


This is the Market Place and the Town Hall on the left:


We decided to climb the "Röder Tower" and had a great view over the city from there.



We walked the wall which encircles the city centre.


We also came to the place where the cannons where placed in former times to protect the city against enemies:


Back at the youth hostel  we prepared the bed and then went to sleep. It was a great day.



Elvisly yours,

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Heidelberg - At home, Germany - 26th February 2012

By: nuriayasmin

When we returned home from our weekend trip, a new ToyVoyager had arrived. Her name is Josie and she's a cute little dog. She's mum's first guest for the German Trail so I guess we should try to make her stay here very special. She brought some candies with her which we all shared, including Sammy.



Now I'm going to bed.

Elvisly yours,

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Heidelberg, Germany - 28th February 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Today Lola Rabbit left us. Her first host lives in the north of Italy and I'm already looking forward to hearing from her once she has arrived.


And another TV has arrived, a cute colourful rhino called Tamina.



She brought a beautiful cat postcard as a gift for my mum, how nice of her.


Elvisly yours,

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Heidelberg, Germany - 29th February 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Today I took a walk along the river Neckar. Mum showed me the Old Bridge which can be seen on most Heidelberg postcards and I saw the first flowers. Spring is coming - I'm really looking forward to it.



Elvisly yours,

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Neckarsteinach, Germany - 1st March 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Another beautiful sunny day which I used for an excursion to Neckarsteinach, a small town near Heidelberg. It's called the town of the 4 castles because it has one castle which is still inhabited and ruins of three other castles which were already abandoned 200 - 300 years ago. I hiked in the forest and admired the stunning view on the Neckar valley from the mountains. Last not least I enjoyed the warmth of the sun while sitting on the banks of the Neckar.








Elvisly yours,

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Heidelberg, Germany - 2nd March 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Today Ohkwari left us for France. We all told her good-bye and wished her a good journey.



Elvisly yours,

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Worms, Germany - 3rd March 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Today I visited Worms which is one of the oldest cities of Germany. It started as a Celtic settlement and was then conquered by the Romans. Its cathedral was built in the 12th century. In 1521, Martin Luther was declared an outlaw by the Edict of Worms. The city is also home of the Nibelungen Saga. Worms had a large Jewish community and the Jewish Cemetery is one of the oldest in Europe. However, during Reichskristallnacht in 1938, most of the Jewish quarter was destroyed and nowadays there's only a small Jewish population living in the city. Worms is situated at the river Rhine in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Unfortunately Mum had forgotten to recharge her camera's battery before we left so we could only take a couple of photos

The Martin Luther/Reformation Memorial

The Cathedral

It's a Memorial behind me and it has something to do with the Nibelungen Saga but I can't recall the details.

Elvisly yours,

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Mannheim, Germany - 5th March 2012

By: nuriayasmin

First the visiting TV's and I said good-bye to Voi Nam who will travel the European Toy Voyager Trail and is on the way to his first host in Italy now. Have a good journey and enjoy yourself.




Then we all accompanied mum to Mannheim where she had some things to do. We passed at Mannheim Palace which is nowadays a museum and home of the university.


After mum had finished everything, we took a walk along the river Rhine. Just an hour because the weather was rather cold and windy. Here are the pics mum took of me:







Elvisly yours,

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Heidelberg + Seckach, Germany - 11th March 2012

By: nuriayasmin

About a month ago our rabbit Lola died and her son Krümel stayed alone here. Mom decided she doesn't want to have a new rabbit and as Krümel shouldn't stay alone, she looked for someone to take him and found a nice woman in Seckach whose female rabbit was looking for a partner. So this morning we checked Krümel's transport box and then accompanied him to his new home which meant a journey of about 75 minutes by train.




Elvisly yours,

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Hambach Castle, Germany - 15th March 2012

By: nuriayasmin

Today was mum's only day off this week and as the weather was really beautiful we made another excursion. This time we visited Hambach Castle near Neustadt/Weinstrasse in Rhineland-Palatinate. The castle is known as the birthplace of modern Germany because it was host of the Hambach festival which took place in 1832. On that occasion, over 30,000 people from all ranks came together to protest for national unity and liberty. Even though the festival had no immediate results, it's nowadays seen as the "cradle of democracy" in Germany.

We didn't take the direct way to the castle but chose a small hiking path from where we enjoyed some stunning views on to the surrounding mountains and the city below. Unfortunately it wasn't allowed to take photos at the exhibition but we learnt a lot about German history.









Last not least we posed for the obligatory group photo:


Elvisly yours,

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Heidelberg, Germany - 16th March 2012

By: nuriayasmin

A new TV has arrived. His name is Nils and he's the white bear on the right. We spent a wonderful afternoon on the balcony while mum was working.


Elvisly yours,

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