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Travelog for: Erlend

Hämeenlinna, Finland - 16th March 2012

By: emmakko

Hello everybody!
This is the very first time I'm writing to this site, hopefully everything goes well now when I finally found out how to add pictures here!
So, maybe I should introduce myself first... My name is Erlend. I'm a tiny rabbit. My adventure started when my previous owner wanted to get rid of me and took me to a flea market. After a couple of days, or weeks, I don't actually remember how long time I spent in the flea market because I was mostly sleeping there, my new owner Emma found me, bought me and asked if I would like to travel around the world. Now I'm here.
My ToyVoyager career started in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Hämeenlinna is a small town in Southern Finland. First of all I met a miniature schnauzer called Möksö. She looked quite scary at first. I'm so small!


I heard that Möksö is a nice dog even though she may look a bit angry. I don't need to be afraid of her.


Then I met Ilja, Möksö's best friend. He told me that Möksö loves toys. Ilja has lost his tail and a bit of his hair, too, so sometimes she loves us toys a bit too much, I think! Ilja seemed to be a nice guy so I wanted to take a photo of us:


As you can see, the dog is spying us and suddenly...


When Möksö was sleeping I met her friend number two, Jurij. I'm a bit afraid of real horses as they are soooo big but Jurij wasn't that scary. Only his hair, chewed by Möksö, was scary.


One of Emma's favourite hobbies in the winter time is watching ski jumping, so we were just sitting in front of the tv and watching ski flying world cup competition all the evening. It's the final weekend of the ski jumping world cup. The hill was just huge and many ski jumpers jumped over 200 meters long jumps. It looked so exciting that I decided that one of my missions here would be visiting a ski jumping hill.


See you soon!

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Tampere, Finland - 19th March 2012

By: emmakko

Hi again!
Yesterday we came back to Tampere by train. Tampere is the 3rd biggest town in Finland and it has over 210 000 inhabitants.
While Emma was at school the giraffes decided to have a small party on the floor and invited me, too! As you can see, there are quite many giraffes in this apartment. Actually there are even more giraffes here but not all of them came to this party.


My neck started to hurt just because almost all the giraffes had sooooo long necks! We rabbits have long ears only. The giraffes told me that they know two guys called Janne and Jarno who have even longer ears than I have. They told me that these two guys are always sitting on the sofa so I decided to take a look because I couldn't believe that someone could have longer ears than what we rabbits have. Guess what I found...



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Tampere, Finland - 21st March 2012

By: emmakko

It has been quite a busy week here in Tampere, but this evening we finally had some free time. We went to a park called Näsinpuisto, that is located near the centre of Tampere. As it was a bit dark already and as Emma is not so good at taking pictures (sorry Emma!) you can't really see my face so well. But behind me you can see Särkänniemi amusement park, and the very high tower in the middle of the picture is called Näsinneula, and it may be the most famous building in this town.


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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 25th March 2012

By: emmakko

Hi guys!
Now I'm in Hämeenlinna again! Today we had a small sightseeing tour here. First of all we went to take a look at Häme castle, a medieval castle that is located near the centre of Hämeenlinna (or maybe I should say that the centre of Hämeenlinna is located near the castle?) This castle is hundreds of years old already, and it's the main attraction for the tourists who visit this town.


By the way, I have heard that there are no snow on the ground in the winter in many countries. Here in Finland the spring was already coming, but on Saturday night it started snowing again and we got 10 cm new snow. So, these photos were really taken the 25th March!
Next to the castle we saw a nice little park for children. As we are so childish we just couldn't resist it...


It was so nice to drive the toy car, climb, swing and run there that I had to rest a bit before we left for the centre of the town.


Then we drove to the centre of Hämeenlinna. Here you can see the market place of Hämeenlinna which is empty, as usual, and the white building behind the market place is the church.


This guy is sitting in the park all the time, even in the winter when it's -30 C and also at night when all the other people are sleeping. He must be thinking very important thoughts.


Hello guys!


Then we decided to visit Sibeliuksenpuisto, the park of Sibelius. Jean Sibelius, a famous Finnish composer, was born in Hämeenlinna. Jean was standing in the middle of his park but he didn't say anything and looked a bit angry. Maybe he was angry at the birds in the park, who had been, well, making his face and jacket dirty!


E and her sister absolutely wanted to show me the police station of Hämeenlinna because they like handsome police officers so much. Unfortunately they didnt see any. The building looks more like a prison but they are right now building a new one.


On the way back to our car we passed Reska, the pedestrian street of Hämeenlinna. I was told that there are more than 47 000 inhabitants in this town even though none of them was walking in Reska.


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Tampere, Finland - 3rd April 2012

By: emmakko

Today the weather was, well, just horrible. It was snowing A LOT, it was stormy and the wind was really cold. We had planned to take some snowy pictures in the centre of the town but this one is the only photo we took. When we came back home we looked like two snowmen! I was told that this is not a typical Finnish spring weather. Usually in April there's not as much snow on the ground as now.

In the evening we decorated my travel journal and wrote some information about me and my hometown Tampere on it. Then it was time to say goodbye to Emma and to all the giraffes and travel to Germany!

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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 8th April 2012

By: Hanni

hello mum,

I arrived Today. TezTez and Chino have welcomed me very friendly. I think we are good frinds. ;)

see you soon Erland


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Neumünster, Germany - 8th April 2012

By: Hanni


today my Host and I have decided to visit the Zoo Neumünster.
I have seen so many different animals!There were monkeys, wolves, moose, polar bears, seals, penguins, raccoons, pigs, and many others.

I hope you like the pictures. 



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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 8th April 2012

By: Hanni

Happy Easter !!!!!!


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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 19th April 2012

By: Hanni

Hello mum,

Today was the weater very good.And i have my tummy in my hostmums garden warmly.Now is my tummy beautifully warm ;) .Later is a new TV avrried his name is Butzebärchen. I think we will good frinds.And we was at the Kiel-canel.I think i like the rendsburger highbridgh.

see you soon Erland


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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 17th May 2012

By: Hanni

hello mum,

today i say good bye to Butzebärchen

Greeting Erland


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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 3rd June 2012

By: Hanni

Hello Mum,

Today I say Good Bye to Chino:

Bye Erland


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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 14th June 2012

By: Hanni


Today I help my Hostmum By The Travelogs.



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