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Travelog for: Sterni

Osterrönfeld, Germany - 1st April 2012

By: Hanni


I am Sterni little bear. I am very brave. And I looking to my first big adventure.You would host me? Send my mommy a PM

see you soon Sterni

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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 6th April 2012

By: Hanni

Hello Mum,

Today we have colored eggs. I , Chino , TezTez have a lot of fun.

greeting Sterni


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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 8th April 2012

By: Hanni


Today I am on the way to my first Host.Hope I come quickly from my envelope.

see you soon Sterni

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Bochum, Germany - 10th April 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!

So as you know, I arrived right in time to go with Tiffy on her London Trip.
And I got a warm and friendly welcome by _Lilly_ who also joined Tiffy for London.


And on that same day we had to pack Tiffy's Suitcase... and we already got excited about our trip. =)

Greetings Sterni =)

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London, England - 11th April 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!

So the day of my trip to London finally arrived at 11th April.
But it was a really toy unfriendly time, i had to get up.
2:50 in the morning was really early. But I was lucky, I got some sleep before... but Tiffy not. She told me, that she was so excited about that trip, that she didn't sleep. So the result of it was that she was 39 hours awake.. and walked with a lack of sleep through London that day. But she was fine. =)

So and then everything was packed and ready and we headed to the airport at 4:00am.

This is me in the departing area of the Cologne/Bonn Airport... unfortunatley it was kinda dark there  sorry for this! =/

After a very short flight (it was only 1 hour) we arrived in London.
We went to the hotel, to leave the luggage there (because the room wasn't ready as we arrived) and the first thing we did we went to see the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.





Atferwards we visted the Queen.... well not really. We visited the Buckingham Palace. But the Queen was at home, you can see that, because the flag was hoisted up!

and this fountain is in front of the Buckingham Palace.

Me in front of the Buckingham Palace... can you remember the last years royal wedding? This place was full with people back then, and there you can see the balcony were William and Kate kissed! And now I'm standing in front of it... unfortunately there were no royals in sight but it was really impressive, though.

And this is the square in front of the Palace... and ther you can see one of those famous guards, who protect the Queen and wear those bearskin on their head. And this guy was currently moving as I wanted to take my photo... but you can see the tiny guard in the background ^^ xD


And this is me at the King's Cross Station... the architecture is really impressive, isn't it? =)

So Mum, this was my first day in London...
the other pics will follow! Love you,

--- to be continued --- =)

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London , England - 12th April 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum! =)

So here is my second London Update about my 2nd day in beautiful London! =)

Our Hotel, the Guoman Tower Hotel, was very close to the Tower Bridge... so as we started with our day, we took a photo in front of it.
In the Morning, the wheater wasn't that nice as you can see, and it was a bit misty... but fortunatley in the afternoon the sun came out =)

So and we started our second day, at the Buckingham Palace, again ;o).. no we didn't had breakfast with the Queen. But we went there to watch the guards changing at 11:30 am
The whole place in front of the Palace was totally crowed, and I asked myself if the Queen will show up or what was the reason for it. But all these people we're just there, to see the guards. Really strange, huh? =)


So and here they come... I think they now have finally home time... so they go home, have tea and chill on the couch and watch tv xD hahahaha :D or what do you think? =)

After the Guards changing we went to Carnaby Street to do some shopping ^^

and of course I took a photo with a read phone box <3

In the evening we went to the Picadilly Circus to watch a Westend Musical Show... =) We watched Ghost the Musical, which is based on the movie "Ghost - Message from Sam" and was quite a very popular movie back in the 90's with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. And still is a classic. I'm sure you know the movie and the story of it. And this fantastic piece is now on stage with music! And it's really awesome and totally heartbreaking. Some scence are also very funny and you have to laugh but some others, just make you cry.
And this is me in front of the Picadilly Theatre, were Ghost is played.


This are Sam and Molly, the main characters of the Show... in a very touching scence <3


After the show we went around the Picadilly Circus...
and I took a photo in front of this famous billboard... sorry for this bad and dark quality, but the camera of Tiffy wasn't that good. Sorry!


And as we came back, that Eve with took again some pics at the Tower Bridge in the darkness. It was really impressive.
And again, sorry for the bad camera quality.

Damn... I catched the flash... hope you can guess where I am.. I'm this white and shinny little plushie on the left xD

and atfer this exhausting day, full of walking, shopping, laughing and crying the theatre... I chilled a bit in our hotel room. And I watched some british TV before I went to sleep.


Love you Mummy,
x x x

-- to be continued --

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London, England - 13th April 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!!!

So this is my last London Update...
on our last day in London we spent the day at the Tower of London, before we headed back to the Airport and back to Germany.
I'm sure that you know the Tower of London it is a medieval palace, which is very near to the Thamse.
In the history many Kings used this as a residence, or others spent some time there before their coronation, like Anne Boleyn, on of the six wives of King Henry VIII .. or, as you also may know.. some criminals got arrested or even executed there...

Nowadays, the Tower is just mainly used as a museum, and many tourists go there to see the crownjewels and other exhibitons about these times.

So we visit the Tower... and it was really impressive to see this historic building and to see how the people lived at these times.
This is me in the medieval palace, and this is how a bedroom looked liked back in the 12th century or something like that..
(and sorry for catching the flash again.. but it was kinda dark in this room)

And this is me in front of a medieval throne.


On the outside, there are the walls... and these sculptures are there, to remind, that the walls of the tower were used to defend the palace...

And of course... there are also the guards with the bear skin in the Tower... and I had to take a photo again, because this guy was so close!

Unfortunaltey you weren't allowed to take a photo of the massive, glittering, sparkling crown jewels... =(

So... at the beginning of my update I talked about criminals who were executed in the tower... Queen Anne Boleyn got executed on the tower green, also Jane Seymour, Lady Jane Grey and many more...
this is a memorial on the Tower Green for them... and the pillow is a symbol of the pillow were they had to lay their heads on, because most of them got beheaded.

You can also meet people in the Tower who are dressed like in these old days...

In the Tower of London there is also an exhibiton of the royal armoury. And this is really impressive! I can't even imagine, that the people back in these days, wore such heavy armours and fought with it!


And this guy was quite scary... and massive! A huge dragon... and when I got it right, it was something like a saga, that the dragon protected something in the Tower... but I'm not quite sure about that... look at his eyes!! oh my gosh.. this is really scary.

So this was my last update of London...
I really enjoyed my trip to this wonderful city! =) Thanks for letting me take part on this trip...
and now I'm looking forward for some Bochum adventures...

Love you and wish you a wonderful and hopefully warm and sunny weekend!
Sterni =)

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Bochum, Germany - 8th May 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!

Ahhh what a busy week for Tiffy... she is spending the whole day at work and in the evenings she has to learn for some exams in the school... uff! I wouldn't want to be in her shows now.
But Tiffy promised, that we will go to the City on Thursday afternoon, so then I will finally see a bit more of Bochum! =) *whoop whoop*

And in the time, while Tiffy was at work today... NiliHH, Lilly and me spent a cuddly afternoon in front of the TV and in Tiffys Bed.. so we we're just chilling! =)

But first of all... we had to decide which programme we wanted to watch... and I'll tell ya, this wasn't easy! Cause Lilly wanted to watch something like a dailysoap, I wanted to watch some celebrity-magazine... and NiliHH wanted to watch a documentation about Hippos. So we discussed a bit.. but afterwards we decided to do some zapping so that everyone had the chance to watch, what he or she wanted.

And of course, there was some fighting for the remote control... because everyone wanted to have the unlimited force of the TV!

But after all this discussing and fighting... we sat entirley and full of harmony in front of the telly and watched some funny programs.

So and now we say good night, Mum! =)
Hope you had a great day... write to you soon, love you! =)


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Bochum, Germany - 10th May 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!

On Thursday, we went to the town. As promised so here are a few pictures of me in the City.

This is me in front of the City Point in Bochum... it is something like a shopping mall. But you can not really compare it with the real big shopping malls. This is really tiny. But it's okay =)
And this thing above the street should be something like a traffic light.. but there's no light.. and I'm not really sure, if this is really working and if somebody even cares about it.. oO

So and this is me in front of the townhall of Bochum. And this huge bell in front of the town hall. This bell was made in one piece, for an exhibition. Impressive, isn't it?

And also on Thursday, we said goodbye to Lilly. She will now start a journey to Austria, and will travel with her new host to Italy =)

Wish you a wonderful weekend,
love you!
Sterni x x x

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Starlight Express, Bochum, Germany - 27th May 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!! =)

I was at Starlight Express on Sunday! Do you know it? It's the Musical which is located in Bochum and it's there for nearly 24 years now in Bochum.
And this is really a long time for a Musical! Unfortunatley I didn't went to watch the show. But Tiffy and some friends hung around the theatre, because some of the Cast Members had their last show and so we sat there, talked to other fans (who are also friends of Tiffy and also members of this Toyvoyagerssite) and talked, took some pictures, ate lots of food and all that stuff and talked to some Cast Members.

This is me at the stagedoor of the theatre, where we sat and waited for the the castmembers.

And this is also at the stagedoor... it was a really beautiful and sunny day.. so I got a little Hippo-Tan! xD hahahaha

Just chilling and having a little picknick or whatever... =)

Later that day, we orderd some pizza... I took one with ham and mushrooms. Yummiiiii!! =)

And there is a huge banner of all the starlight characters at the theatre... and I met there lots of Toyvoyagers! (who are currently hosted by friends of Tiffy)
This is me and our travelgroup with the picture of Pearl the 1st Class Car, and Electra, the Electric Train

And with Buffy the buffet car =)

And with Caboose (looks a bit like a clown to me...)

So I had a wonderful day, spending time at the theatre, eventhough we did not went to watch the show.
I know that this sounds really crazy and weird, but it was funny! =)

Love you Mum!
x x x

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Herne, Germany - 9th June 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!

Yesterday we went to Herne, to visit a friend of Tiffy and of course, to watch the football match between Germany and Portugal at the European Football Championsship.

And as we arrived there, we also met another host La_Kate_Boheme who also brought some TV's with her, who she's currently hosting Billy and Dottie Mouse
So we had our own, Toyvoyer Public Viewing!

Let's go Germany! Let's go!!!


Cheering on the German Team... come on guys and make a goal for us!

So and finally the German Team won with 1:0 I expected mor goals, but the most important thing is, that our team won, and nothing else matters.

At the house of the Friend of Tiffy I met also a funny guy. He is called Herbert Eckhart... and the Friend of Tiffy is a medicine student and this is what he got for his birthday this year, of Tiffy and her friends... a skeleton. And he was also cheering on the german team.

Hope you had a great weekend!
Love and miss you
x x x

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Starlight Express, Bochum, Germany - 24th June 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum! =)

So as you can see, I'm still in Bochum and I'm fine! =)
On Sunday we went to watch Starlight Express! You remember.. I was there back in May but we just hung around the theatre, but on Sunday I was finally allowed to go inside and watch this thrilling show!
and it's super awesome! =)

We went there, cause one of the actors had his first show as Greaseball. Greaseball is the diesel engine in the show, and he is fighting against Electra - the electric enginge and Rusty the Steamtrain..
And so Tiffy was very excited about watching the show, and especially this one actor in his first show as Greaseball.

When you enter the foyer of the theatre, there's a huge display board, it's similiar to the destination boards you find in trainstations and airports... and there are listed all the roles of Starlight Express and behind them, there is the name of the actor who is playing this role, when you're visiting the show.
This is me in front of it.

also in the foyer there are many drawings and paintings on the wall, which show scences of the show.
This is me in front of an electra picture. x)

so and many friends of Tiffy, who are also crazy about starlight express and toyvoyagers came with us that day, so I had the chance to meet other tvs!
I met Billy, and Dottie Mouse, who are currently hosted by La_Kate_Boheme, and I already met them as we watched to football match, so I was happy to see them again.
And I met Batgirl and Marawarpina... who are also Tvs =)
So we hung around the stage during the break.

And this is were we sat... right in front of the stage.. we were so close to it this was really amazing! and they skated right in front of us!



Love you! =)

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Bochum, Germany - 10th July 2012

By: Shilo

Hello Mum.

Today I arrived safe at my new host here in Bochum. When my envelope was opened, I was welcomed by a lot of TVs. There were Snowball, Knöpfchen, Freddi, Hoppsi, Hase and Milk Chocolate.  They welcomed me warmly with a welcome sign.




After the welcome, I showed the others the sweets I brought with me.


Then we took a group picture together.




Unfortunatly Hoppsi and Milk Chocolate had to leave today. So I haven’t got the chance to know them better. But before they could leave, Hoppsi had to pack his bag.




Then it was time to say good bye. We hugged them and wished them a save trip, before they went into their envelopes.









I hope we will meet again one day, so I got the chance to spend more time together with them.

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Bochum, Germany - 11th July 2012

By: Shilo

Hello Mum.

Today a new TV arrived. His name is Purple Tentacle. He is a very funny guy, whose main intension is to rule the world.  Because of that we took out a Risk board, so that he could show us his plan to take over the world.
First he told us, who had to take over which continent. I had to take over Australia.





Then the battle started. First it looks good and I could take Australia under my control. I was so proud of myself.  After that Purple Tentacle got the control over North America.




But then our luck ends and we lost North America again.


After a short motivation speech from Purple Tentacle, we started a new attack. In the end we took over the blue army and together with these troops we took over the whole world. Yeah we were so good. :)






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Bochum, Germany - 13th July 2012

By: Shilo

Hello Mum.

Today was Freddis last day here in Bochum. It is sad that he had to go, but he told us that he is very happy that he could see his mum again. I could understand him, because the best place on earth is at home :)
But before he left, we helped Shilo to pack the bags for our trip to America. All these things must go into these bags.





Look we are so good in packing bags. Everything fits into the bags.



Then it was time to say good bye. We all hugged Freddi before he went into his envelope. We gave him a present, which he could give his mum when he arrived at home.








Good bye Freddi, I will miss you and I hope we will meet again.


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