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Travelog for: HOP

Kerns, Switzerland - 8th April 2012

By: dawoni

I really had to work hard in the last days. I helped the Easter Bunny. I colored eggs and made chocolate bunnys. ...and now, I really need holidays! As I heart about toyvoyagers.com I decided to go on vacations.



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Kerns, Switzerland - 9th April 2012

By: dawoni

I just put off my trousers. I don't need it anymore, because I'm on holidays now!


...and now, I've time to relax and make some plans!

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Kerns, Switzerland - 9th April 2012

By: dawoni

We went out for a walk today. It was nice, because I met some of my friends.





...we almost have the same ears!

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Kerns, Switzerland - 11th April 2012

By: dawoni

Today, I had my first golf lesson. ...but




...instead of playing golf, I prefer to hide me in the hole! I really had fun!



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Kerns, Switzerland - 13th April 2012

By: dawoni

Friday 13!
I think it's my lucky day! It's time to say "Goodbye". I hope I'll return safely!




...Sheepy helped me come to the post office!


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Anywhere, Switzerland - USA - 14th April 2012

By: dawoni

I'm traveling to the USA! It's very narrow in the envelope.






I hope I can go out quickly!

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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 19th April 2012

By: Elliott Family

Hello to my family and friends back home!  I have arrived in Greenwood, Indiana, in the USA to stay with my hosts, the Elliott Family.  They were so happy to see me arrive and they were quick to get me out of my travel quarters which were dark and close.  They loved the candy I brought for them, especially the children!  These kids are a handful.  They wanted  all the candy, but their mom is a good mom, and said they could only have one piece before dinner. 

They got out a big map.  They showed me where I am in the Midwestern part of the United States.  Then the children tried to find Switzerland to see where I came from.  They found it and talked about how I must have gotten here.  The little girl wanted to know if I had to swim in the ocean and why I was not wet!  The boy is smart, he told her that I must have come on a plane.

Then there was big rush to eat dinner and head out to soccer practice.  These kids play soccer!  They are only 4 & 7, but they are amazing little players.  I went to the soccer field to watch.  There was a little scuffle, and I was a bit scared, because these kids both wanted me to watch their practice at the same time!  I am only one little bunny!  I cannot be in two places at once.  Luckily their mom, is pretty smart and was able to calm things down.  I watched the little girl's practice first.  I got to meet her coach!  He was sure surprised to learn that I came to visit all the way from Switzerland!

The weather here is very nice.  It is spring time and the weather is warm, but mild and sunny since I've been here.  I'm sure I will spend lots of time outdoors here!

Today, I will rest up.  This weekend, they tell me we will see the kiddos play in real games and that we will go to see a sporting event, Ultimate Frisbee!

Bye for now!
(the little girl here has given me the nickname, Hopper!)


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Greenwood Indiana, USA - 20th April 2012

By: Elliott Family

I have a found a comfy place to relax.  I feel right at home!


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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 20th April 2012

By: Elliott Family

On Friday night, I went with the family to see a beautiful movie.  It was called Chimpanzee.  It was opening night for the movie and it was a bit crowded in the theater.  It was a cold and rainy night, so we couldn't take any pictures outside, but we did take a picture of the movie poster inside for the movie we saw.  It was a beautiful movie about a chimp named Oscar who loses his mother and is adopted my the biggest male chimp of their troop.  The cinematography was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  It took years to make.  There were some sad and and some intense parts.  My host family loved the movie.  They love nature and well-made nature documentaries.  The Dad is always trying to get the kids to watch nature shows on the television instead of the Disney channel cartoons!


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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 21st April 2012

By: Elliott Family

On Saturday morning, I went to watch the children play in their first soccer games of the spring season.  Did I say Spring season???  It sure felt more like winter!  It was freezing out there.  I did my best to stay warm by cuddling up with the little girl under a blanket to watch the little boy play.  After his game, then the little girl had a game.  I hid away during that game because it was just TOO COLD!  I did hear lots of cheering going on for the little girl.  I think she scored a lot of goals.

After the games and being out in the cold for several hours, it was nice to get back into the warmth of the car.  The little girl was exhausted from playing and fell right to sleep!


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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 21st April 2012

By: Elliott Family

Hello!  I have been very busy and am getting back to my travel log updates today!

On Saturday evening, my hosts took me to a very interesting sporting event.  It is called Ultimate Frisbee.  It was very fun to watch!  It is kind of look American football but played with a large frisbee instead of a football...and there is no tackling by the players!  It was played on a local high school football field.

We were rooting for the Indianapolis Alley Cats.  They are a relatively new professionl Ultimate Frisbee team.  There is a website where you can learn lots more about this game AUDL.com

There is a player on the Alley Cats named Brodie Smith.  He does some absolutely amazing tricks with the frisbee.  He has lots of YouTube videos.  The little boy here has been watching and loving those videos.  He was super excited because he was able to meet Brodie and have him sign a frisbee for him.

Here are some pictures of me at the game and with the frisbees that were signed by three of the players, including Brodie Smith!


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Greenwood Indiana, USA - 22nd April 2012

By: Elliott Family

On Sunday, my hosts took me to their favorite park.  It is called Independence Park.  It has lots of fun playground equipment for the children and lots of open space to throw frisbees.  It is also has a basketball court, where the little boy here was trying to do some of the tricks he has seen Brodie Smith do with the frisbee in his youtube videos.

These kids L-O-V-E playing at the playground! 


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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 26th April 2012

By: Elliott Family

Today I met a new friend!  Another fellow traveler has joined me at the Elliott Family home.  His name is Eric Northman.  He has come from Germany.  I'm sure we will have lots of fun adventures together in the USA!


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Indianapolis, Indiana - 27th April 2012

By: Elliott Family

Today we had lots of fun!  We went to downtown Indianapolis.  Indianpolis is the capital city of Indiana, the state where my host family lives.  It is about 30 minutes away from where they live.  Indianapolis is the 11th largest city in the USA.  Here is a cool website that tells more fun facts about this place:  Indy Bragging Points.  Host Dad works in Indianapolis and today he took the little boy with him to work.  Host mom, the little girl and I met them later in the day at the zoo.

My host family really enjoys American football.  Indianapolis has a great team, the Indianapolis Colts.  The city recently hosted the Superbowl at the Lucas Oil Stadium.  My host family says it was an incredible event!  I got a picture in front of the stadium.  Here is a website that tells all about the team:  the Colts.

We visited the Indianapolis Zoo.  It was an awesome zoo!  We arrived just in time to see the zoo keepers feeding the seals.  They did amazing tricks and lots of splashing to get those little fish that the trainer had in her bucket.  We also saw a polar bear, a brown bear, lemurs, giraffes, lions, rhinos, elephants and sharks.  I think my favorite were the ring-tailed lemurs, because they were the closest to my size!

It is not on my life missions list, but it is quite a feat - today, I rode my first roller coaster!  Woo hoo!  It was fast and sort of scary, because I was in the dark and couldn't see when the hills, curves and swerves were coming.  The zoo has a family coaster.  The kids were so excited to ride it.  They had never been on it before and the little girl had grown just enough to meet the height requirements to ride.  I had to hide in my host Mom's backpack because I cannot meet the height requirements, but I was there.  I felt the rush of riding fast and even heard the host Mom scream out loud once.  I stayed quiet, but I was a little scared.  I'm not sure I want to go again, but maybe some day.


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Greenwood, Indiana, USA - 5th May 2012

By: Elliott Family

Today, we had fun outdoors!  It was my host mom, the little girl and my new friend Eric on this adventure, since the little boy was at school and host dad was at work.  We visited more parks and playgrounds.  We played on the playground, took a walk through the woods, played peek-a-boo in the trees and saw some pretty spring flowers that are popping up everywhere.  At our second park, we took pictures in a place that is known as a favorite for local family photo shoots.

After our second park, everyone was tired and wanted to go home, but host mom said we had errands to run and said we could play a game in the car to have fun.  We watched for American flags flying along our route...when you see a flag flying, you shout "Flag!".  The little girl is very good at this game and likes it a lot.  She wanted to get a picture of Eric and I with a flag, since this is our first visit to the USA, it only seems appropriate to have a picture with the American flag!  It is not a great picture, but hopefully we can get a better one another day.  There are lots of flags flying.  Many businesses have a flag in front of their business and many personal homes have one flying in their yard, too.

It's been a long day, I'm going back to my comfy spot in the Easter basket for some rest!


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