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Travelog for: Barnabas

Weilburg, Germany - 1st April 2012

By: Noisy

Woooohoooo! I am a TOYVOYAGER!

I enjoyed this evening with my friends at a campfire.


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Weilburg, germany - 14th April 2012

By: Noisy

It was time for a group photo.
There is GustavHH, he told that he has travelled for a long time nw. He was in Belgium, Chile and USA . He told a lot of storys.
And there is Bärndt. Bärndt is quite new on the road - just like me...
...and the funny little monkeys Mooky and Kurt. Hessen-Leo is going on to his next adventure next week.
I am Noisys new TV and collect my first travelogs and want to explore the world, and Fanti belongs to SuSi89, Noisys daughter.
The other elefant is called Jethro, he will be the new stay-at- home- TV.

I don't know who has seen this projekt, but we all found it a funny thing to do.
It is called 30 days - 30 cups.

Here are the first photos...

...from christmas...

...than we wanted to build a tower...

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Weilburg, Germany - 15th April 2012

By: Noisy

We tried to build a pyramide, but Hessen-Leo couldn't climb to the top, so we all fell down...


Bärndt and I took the chance to ride an elefant


...aaaand the cup of the day  B)


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Weilburg, Germany - 16th April 2012

By: Noisy

Today I helped feeding Noisy's ducks...


...and chicken...


...the rooster Konstantin wasn't amused...


...when I took the eggs off the stable...


...aaaand the cup of the day  :rolleyes:


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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 6th May 2012

By: Ilona

Greetings from Finland! I arrived few days ago to sunny Hämeenlinna.


Though I have been here just for a couple of days I have had a lot of fun. I met another ToyVoyager bear, Konsta. We became good friends, but the sad fact is that he is going to travel soon and I'll have to say goodbye to him soon.


Yesterday my host and her sister took us to play disk golf. I was a bit skeptic about it but after all it was a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures of our day in the disk golf park.


Best wishes, Barnabas

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 29th May 2012

By: Ilona

Hello again!
The summer has arrived in Finland!
Yesterday we had a really exciting day: we went to a forest nearby. I was in the forest with Frederik, a tiny small mouse also from Germany. I'm sure there were some elves or fairies living in the forest. They were just hiding somewhere behind the threes or up in them. Here are some picks from the forest.





After we were in the forest we went to an old observation tower. From the tower we saw the town and the nature around it. You never guess what else we saw... A huge bear statue! Though the bears were old and huge they were nice dudes and we had a lot of fun with them. Some picks again...






See you soon,

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Södertälje, Sweden - 8th June 2012

By: Ilona

Greetings from Sweden!
I've spent the last few days relaxing and shopping in a town called Södertälje and in Stockholm. First on Monday me, Fredrik and our host flew to Stockholm and then we traveled by train and bus to Södertälje. On that day we were so tired that we just went to sleep.
On the following day we were recovered and ready to conquer Sweden! That day we spent just hanging around in Södertälje. We had a lot of fun but then it started to rain and you may guess where the umbrella or the raincoat were...These picks we managed to taken before the rain started:


Some graffiti...




You may notice the dark clouds behind...


When it started to rain we hurried back to the apartment. A big mug of tea and a fresh sandwich have never tasted better!

The following day we went to Stockholm. That day was the national Day of Sweden, so there was a lot happening. First we went to a big food market where you could buy for example Thai food, Italian food, Norwegian food and so on. Then we walked trough the city to a park concert. Here are our picks from Stockholm.


At the food market...


Some espresso and carrot cake at the food market... Tasty!


At the park concert.



The Royal Palace.

See you soon!

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 10th June 2012

By: Ilona

Yesterday me, Fredrik, our host and her friend had a picnic. The weather was a bit chilly and it also rained a bit but it didn't stop us. We ate candies, grapes, cookies, lemonade and Karelian pies and enjoyed the holiday. When the sun came out we took picks.



Best wishes,

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 9th July 2012

By: Ilona

The summer and the summer weather has finally arrived! I have just enjoyed myself. On one sunny day we got an idea to visit the ski jump hill. It is an old one and you can't use it anymore but it is still a cool place.



One day I faced a nice surprise: Joesy arrived in Finland! We took a nice picture of us for you mum!


Me, Fredrik, Suny and Joesy arranged a good-bye-party for Gwënelle.


All the best, Barnabas

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 16th July 2012

By: Ilona

Finland is a weird place. Though is is summer it is chilly and rainy and we have to stay inside and try to avoid going out. That is why we got an idea to bake something. We baked an apple pie. We had a really fun day though the weather was boring.


Our pie going to the oven...


It was horrible just sit and wait when the pie was in the oven. I was so hungry and so ready to eat!


After 30 long minutes the pie was ready to be taken out.  And we were ready to take it out...


I bet you are jealous because it was tasty!

All the best, Barnabas

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 19th July 2012

By: Ilona

Yesterday we frozen some strawberries for the winter. We had two big buckets full of fresh strawberries that we had to clean, slice and but to the freezer. It was a hard job but the reward was the best possible: we were allowed to eat as much of them as we wanted!






Best wishes,

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Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany - 1st October 2012

By: Biggi


today I reached germany.

I was warmly welcomed by Butch Flunky and my new host.

My host and Butch Flunky liked the presents I brought with me.


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Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany - 6th October 2012

By: Biggi


today a big envelope arrived here. We knew this should be another new Toyvoyager friend. So we couldn't wait to open the envie and see who was in there.

He had some troubles to crawl out his envie so we helped him out.

There he was.... Kasimir Kashmir
He is a nice capricorn with cute eyes and pretty blue nose

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Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany - 10th October 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

since it was raining for days now, we thought
of doing something nice. We had the choice
between playing games or solving a puzzle.
The puzzle was our first choice as we can do
it together and help each other.

First we sorted the colours and corner-pieces.
Then we started putting the pieces together.
Boy this puzzle is really difficult, as the pieces
often look same in colour and shape, but it's
important to find the correct pieces.


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Black Forest, Germany - 11th October 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom

As the forecast said today would be the best weather of
the whole week, my host decided to drive to a big furniture
store. Well this store isn't nearby, so we had to drive about
one and a half hour.

The weather was very foggy. Allthough it's very dark these
pictures were taken at 10:30 a.m. not at dusk.

On our way towards the store, we drove thru a passage which is
called "Höllental" (Hell's Valley). There we got into a traffic jam
because a construction crew was working to make the walls safe.
In this valley there is danger of boulders falling onto the street.

At this picture you can see us on the dashboard together with
Ellie the elephant. Ellie is always sitting there, but she is afraid
of leaving the car.

This picture was taken after we left the furniture store.
See, we didn't buy so much stuff  :rolleyes:

On our way home we took an other way. Still the fog was there
but every now and then the sun came out.

But then it started to rain.

I love how the fog looks like smoke coming out of the trees.
My host said it looks like the rabbits were cooking a very big carrotsoup. :D

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