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Travelog for: Konsta

Hämeenlinna, Finland - 11th April 2012

By: Ilona

This is the first time I write to this site and I'm really excited!
So I'm Konsta and a small bear from Finland. I live in a small town called Hämeenlinna. I actually just moved here from another town called Tampere. My owner, ( if that is how I should call her) Aino found me from a flea market and asked if I wanted to travel and see the world and here I am.


Aino and her sister wanted to show me their hometown and took me for a sightseeing. At first we went to see an observation tower


I tried to climb up the stairs to the tower but the job was too hard for me. Though I'm a tough tiny teddy I had to ask Aino to carry me up.


Sadly the tower was closed so we moved on. Next we went to see a castle. Though the castle seemed old to me, the girls told me that it was not a real castle. Real or not I found the castle really fancy.


For my misfortune the castle was also locked but it didn't stop me having a peek inside the castle.


From the yard of the castle we found a chocolate bunny. In the picture you can also see my friend Kasurinen.


In the evening we decided to make some cupcakes. Despite all problems the result was quite pretty I think. We made big mugs of tea and enjoyed our cupcakes. Delicious!

Now it is bedtime for small bears. So good night everybody and see you soon!

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 15th April 2012

By: Ilona

Hello guys!
As you might notice I haven't started my journey yet. That is because my owner still wanted to show me her hometown. But in a while I will start to travel.Today I did an excursion to Finnish nature. Though it is spring already we still have snow in Finland. What it means is that the nature is not currently the prettiest possible. Still I found it very exiting.


As you see he weather was nice and quite warm actually. I found a nice soft spot on the moss and enjoyed the sunshine.


There was a huge stone in the forest and of course I wanted to conquer it. Climbing was more difficult than I expected but...


..I did it!


And so did my good TV friend Kasurinen. The view from the top was interesting and the wind felt so nice on our faces that we decided to spend a moment just enjoying. Oh, I have to tell to all TVs a good tip. What is the best place to travel when having a forest walk?


It is on your owners mitten! From there you'll see all the nice views and it will keep you nice and warm. I  recommend.


After our forest walk we went to a playground to have some fun. Baby swing was my favorite.


Kasurinen wanted to try the merry-go-round but I was a bit skeptic at first. There was a lot of water around it and I was afraid of getting wet. I also didn't know how fast he wanted to go. Kasurinen promised that I won't fall if it is up to him. After all the merry-go-round was rather funny.


There was also a nice jungle gym. I find climbing exciting. Maybe I can say that it is my cup of tea. Now  I think it might be bead time for me. So good night and best wishes to all!

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 6th May 2012

By: Ilona

I have to tell you good news: I'm traveling to Germany! So this is my last update when I'm still with my mom. I'm so exited! I was few days ago in a old castle which is one of the most famous places in Hämeenlinna. Here are some pictures from there.


Few days ago I got a new friend, Barnabas. He arrived from Germany. He is a funny bloke and it would have been fun to get to know him better. Here are some picks of us.


Yesterday I was playing disk golf with my ToyVoyager friends. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of that trip.


Best wishes,

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Paderborn, Germany - 6th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mummy!
After a long long journey I arrived Paderborn in Germany!
Sitting in my envelope I heard many voices out of it and became very curious...When I crawled out of it I saw a lot of friendly faces. After my long and lonely trip I was very happy to see all of them. I showed them my postcard and my journey book and said hallo and they all welcomed me, especially Nick the bear (very nice!) and three other Toyvoyagers: Hermann, Walt Duck and Störte. I think we will have a nice time together  :)
Then I introduced myself to the three budgies and the old dogs Sally and Trixi. Imagine, Mum, I wasn't afraid of the old ladies at all, though in my eyes they were very tall...
Now I'm looking forward to my adventures in Germany!
Best wishes, yours Konsta

Konsta 006.JPG
Konsta 007.JPG
Konsta 008.JPG
Konsta 011.JPG
Konsta 012.JPG
Konsta 013.JPG
Konsta 015.JPG
Konsta 016.JPG
Konsta 017.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 7th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mummy,
yesterday evening hostmum and hostdad went to Paderborn city visiting Herbert Knebel, a German comedian. I was allowed to come with them, because I'm smaller than the other TVs  ;)
We went to the "Paderhalle" together with lots and lots of people who all wanted to see Herbert. He and three other men were very funny and they made music...wow!
All the best, yours Konsta

konsta2 001.JPG
konsta2 002.JPG
konsta2 004.JPG
konsta2 006.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 7th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mummy,
today we had a farewell day, because it was Hermann[tv]s last day in Paderborn.
First we went for a walk round hostmum's homevillage Neuenbeken together with the old dogs. Cause 16-year-old Sally has to be pushed uphills, we took a bike with us. For me everything was new: the flowers, real German cows, the old tree and a tree cave...and at last we made rest on a nice bench.
In the afternoon we had a farewell football match: Hermann and Störte against Walt Duck[tv] and me. We had a lot of fun!
All the best, yours Konsta

konsta2 018.JPG
konsta2 007.JPG
konsta2 008.JPG
konsta2 009.JPG
konsta2 010.JPG
konsta2 011.JPG
konsta2 012.JPG
konsta2 013.JPG
konsta2 014.JPG
konsta2 016.JPG
konsta2 017.JPG
konsta2 019.JPG
konsta2 020.JPG
konsta2 021.JPG
konsta2 022.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 8th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hi Mum!
Today we said goodbye to Hermann who travels home for watching the EM together with his Mum and brother.
In the afternoon we visited a friend of hostmum who has got a very nice garden. Störte, Walt Duck and me played the whole afternoon: we entered a pirate ship and put to sea with it, we fished, swinged, got to know an old woodworm, drove a tractor and visited an outdoor stage play made by an 7-year-old boy.
And imagine, Mummy, there was a gigantic dog and I wasn't afraid at all!!!
Yours devil of a fellow Konsta

konsta3 005.JPG
konsta3 006.JPG
konsta3 008.JPG
konsta3 009.JPG
konsta3 011.JPG
konsta3 012.JPG
konsta3 013.JPG
konsta3 014.JPG
konsta3 015.JPG
konsta3 016.JPG
konsta3 017.JPG
konsta3 019.JPG
konsta3 020.JPG
konsta3 022.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 9th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mummy, today evening we'll visit some friends of hostmum for watching the first German EM football match. Unfortunately Finland didn't qualify for the EM, so being in Germany I'll shout for Germany this time...

em 004.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 10th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hi Mum,
Our football evening was very exciting and very loud  ;)
Well prepared for the match Germany-Portugal Störte, Walt Duck and me sat in front of a large TV together with hostmum, hostdad and a few friends in Paderborn city. And Germany won and we all shouted as loud as we could! Next Wednesday the show will go on...
Best wishes, yours Konsta

em 001.JPG
em 002.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 15th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mum,
last Wednesday evening I escorted hostmum and hostdad to a choir rehearsal. I assisted the choir with my alto and it sounded pretty good  ;)
After the rehearsal we were in a hurry, because we had to drive to friends of hostmum and hostdad for watching the next football match: Germany-Netherlands.
It was very exciting again and we all shouted again and I asked me how it will be if Germany reaches the final...
And imagine, we had dessert in the colours of the German flag! I think at the moment here in Germany many people are very creative and out of their mind at the same time...
All the best, yours Konsta

konsta 3 001.JPG
konsta 3 004.JPG
konsta 3 003.JPG
konsta 3 005.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 24th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hi Mummy!
Yesterday Walt Duck and me went to an Indian restaurant. Wow! Very yummy, especially the "Mango Lassi"!!!
Today evening I'll escort hostmum and hostdad to a concert. Super, I thought when hostmum told me, I'll fulfill one of my life missions! But she said it is a classical concert, Mozart, and you can't call the orchestra a band. I hope it won't be boring... :p
All the best, yours Konsta

konsta3 001.JPG
konsta3 003.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 25th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mum,
the concert wasn't boring at all! Hostmum told me we all had to dress ourselves in a chic way, so I took a bow tie and we were ready!
The band, sorry, the orchestra was great, especially the kettledrum.
And today Walt Duck, Störte and me went to the birthday party of hostdad's father. Very yummy cake  :D
Best wishes, yours Konsta

Juni 12 003.JPG
Juni 12 005.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 29th June 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mummy,
yesterday hostmum asked Nick and me to help her preparing some paper-handicrafts she needs at work. Hostmum works in an old-people's-home and decorates it's windows with pictures made by the old people.
So Nick and me started to work: for preparing the pictures I stood on a stencil while Nick drew around it. Cause the old people shall make poppy-flowers we needed red and green.
When we were ready I escorted hostmum to work by bike. At work I gave some good advice to the old people refering to cutting out the pictures  :p and so the pictures turned out fantastically  ;)
At hostmum's office I got to know Mr. Adviser who showed me how to operate the computer, and look what I've written for you!
And then we drove back home to Neuenbeken, hostmum's homevillage that belongs to Paderborn.
Hope you're fine, Mummy, yours Konsta

basteln 001.JPG
basteln 002.JPG
basteln 003.JPG
basteln 004.JPG
basteln 005.JPG
basteln 006.JPG
basteln 007.JPG
basteln 009.JPG
basteln 011.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 15th July 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mummy,
yesterday hostdad moved into hostmum's flat. It was a lot of work for all of us. First Walt Duck, Störte and me drove to a firm which hires pickup trucks and then the move began: all of hostdad's things down the stairs (a lot of stairs!), into the truck, from Bad Lippspringe to Neuenbeken and up the stairs to hostmum's flat. Hostmum and hostdad were very happy to have such industrious helpers: Störte, Walt Duck and me pushed lots of boxes and assembled a wardrobe!
And imagine, Mum, hostdad has got a magic chest! We were so curious about the contents, but we weren't allowed to look in it, but hostdad promised us to make a performance specially for us next time :D
When the move was over all the stuffed animals welcomed hostdad in his new home: Welcome home with love, hostdad!
Best wishes, yours Konsta

umzug 001.JPG
umzug 002.JPG
umzug 006.JPG
umzug 003.JPG
umzug 005.JPG
umzug 010.JPG
umzug 011.JPG
umzug 004.JPG
umzug 012.JPG
umzug 007.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 21st July 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hello Mummy,
yesterday I helped hostmum and her friend making jam. First we had to pick the fruits: redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries. Then the berries had to be cranked through a very old mincer hostmum had inherited from her grandma. Hostmum and her friend were very happy to be helped by such a strong bear, because cranking is strenuous!
After that the mashed fruits were cooked together with sugar, something for jelling and, imagine, rum and wine!
Hostmum and me washed out the jars with hot water, then the jam was filled in, the jars were closed and turned round.
Ready! And yummy!!!

konsta 005.JPG
konsta 006.JPG
konsta 004.JPG
konsta 011.JPG
konsta 009.JPG
konsta 007.JPG
konsta 010.JPG
konsta 013.JPG
konsta 015.JPG
konsta 014.JPG
konsta 016.JPG
konsta 018.JPG
konsta 019.JPG

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