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Travelog for: Konsta

Paderborn, Germany - 20th December 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hi mum,
yesterday morning Yuma explored hostparent's flat searching for another moose. Cause I like jokes very much I disguised myself as a moose and made everybody laugh  :p
Yours Konsta

yuma 006.JPG
yuma 007.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 26th December 2012

By: mcdaniels

Merry Christmas, mummy!
On Christmas Eve we all went to hostdad's daughter. After a yummy dinner the giving out of Christmas presents began: we sat next to the Christmas tree and unwrapped presents.
We got to know Elvis, the singing little Christmas tree, a very nice guy. And we played some games: "nine men's morris" and "4 will win". Lille and Yuma against Knirrie and me. After watching "The Lion King 2" on TV we went into church (unfortunately I have no photo from it).
Yesterday we drove to hostmum's parents. We sang some Christmas songs and performed two songs by piano and trumpet. After that we needed a refreshment: some chocolat!
And we got to know a very nice giraffe who lives there on the piano.
Best wishes, mummy,
yours Konsta

weihnachten 12 007.JPG
weihnachten 12 008.JPG
weihnachten 12 009.JPG
weihnachten 12 010.JPG
weihnachten 12 011.JPG
weihnachten 12 012.JPG
weihnachten 12 013.JPG
weihnachten 12 014.JPG
weihnachten 12 015.JPG
weihnachten 12 017.JPG
weihnachten 12 018.JPG
weihnachten 12 019.JPG
weihnachten 12 023.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 27th December 2012

By: mcdaniels

Sorry, I've forgotten the photo of the refreshment...

weihnachten 12 028.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 1st January 2013

By: mcdaniels

Happy new year, mummy!!!
We had a wonderful New Year's Eve party. First we watched TV: "Dinner for one". This old and very funny sketch is sent every last day of the year om nany TV channels. Oh, what a joke!
Then we had a very yummy dinner: Raclette. Mmmmmhh!
After that hostparents and their friends made strong things, in German it is called "Bleigießen": In former times some lead was melted, now you use tin. They melted the tin and poured it into cold water. A curious thing came inti being and everybody guessed what it showed (an anchor, for example) and looked up in a book what it means to the future...I have to admit me and my friends couln't identify anything... :p
At midnight we all went out and watched many fantastic fireworks all around. Yuma, Lille, Knirrie and me had a very big sparkler and each of us a little one. Back in the house a very old little bear gave us a lucky four-leaf clover. And of course we drank sparkling wine and sat together up to the morning...
All the best, yours Konsta

Silvester 001.JPG
Silvester 002.JPG
Silvester 006.JPG
Silvester 007.JPG
Silvester 018.JPG
Silvester 022.JPG
Silvester 025.JPG
Silvester 028.JPG
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Silvester 029.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 20th January 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
hostmum had to go to hospital for one week and Lille went with her. So Yuma, Knirrie and me stayed at home and helped hostdad running the household: we cooked, whashed up and made some food for the old dog ladies. And of course we had enough time to amuse ourselves: playing the piano, making sudoku, discussing about the television program, watching TV and dancing with Ulf, the disco-elk.
So we weren't bored, but nevertheless we were glad when hostmum and Lille came back home...
best wishes, yours Konsta

home alone 010.JPG
home alone 003.JPG
home alone 004.JPG
home alone 001.JPG
home alone 002.JPG
home alone 005.JPG
home alone 006.JPG
home alone 007.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 21st January 2013

By: mcdaniels

Today afternoon I'll travel home to mummy! I'm very happy to see her again, but it is very hard to say goodbye to my friends, especially to Knirrie, my love!  :( :(
Knirrie, it breaks my heart and I'm sure, I'll never never forget you! Perhaps we'll meet again anywhere in the world...
Forever yours Konsta

abschied 013.JPG
abschied 002.JPG
abschied 009.JPG
abschied 010.JPG
abschied 011.JPG
abschied 008.JPG

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