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Travelog for: Kasurinen

Hämeenlinna, Finland - 8th April 2012

By: emmakko

Hello guys!
My name is Kasurinen. I'm a small tiger and I want to travel around the world! I want to see as many different places as possible, meet people from different countries and see how they live their daily life. But I also would like to do unusual things: see places that aren't typical tourist attractions and do things that we toys typically don't do (but coming back home in a good condition is my mission number 1!)

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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 9th April 2012

By: emmakko

My ToyVoyager adventure started today! I'm right now spending my Easter holiday in Southern Finland in a small town called Hämeenlinna. Hämeenlinna is famous for Aulanko national urban park, which is full of interesting things and beautiful nature. First of all I visited the observation tower of Aulanko:


As you can see, it's not summer enough here in Finland so the tower was closed. I think I would have been too lazy to go there, too many stairs!


In this picture you can see my ToyVoyager friend Konsta. Konsta is quite a new ToyVoyager, just like me, and this was our very first trip outside our home!


Don't eat me please!! I taste very bad!!


Next we visited a small castle that is located in the same park. It looks very old and I was sure that there must have lived kings and queens hundreds of years ago. But then I was told that actually this castle is not a real castle: the guy who founded the park just wanted to make the park look better and built this old looking castle.


The door to the tower of the castle was closed, so sad! I would have liked to get in but then I heard spooky voices and ran away. We found out that there were birds living inside the tower.


When we were about to leave the castle we suddenly found a chocolate bunny that was hiding under a bush! We have now idea what the chocolate bunny was doing there but it has to have something to do with the Easter!


After taking a group photo of me, Konsta and the bunny we drove to another park to see the ancient ruins that, well, aren't ancient and aren't ruins. The guy who founded this park just wanted to build ruins that look ancient.


Then it started snowing heavily and we decided to drive back home.


Later in the evening my mentor and Konsta's mentor decided to make cupcakes. This was the very first time they made them so it almost ended up in a catastrophe. Making the pink decoration thing was harder than they had thought! Now when they finally managed to make it right the result looks quite tasty!


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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 15th April 2012

By: emmakko

Hello again!
Today my TV friend Konsta and I decided to take a look at the Finnish nature. The spring is finally coming, hopefully, and the snow is melting fast. Our mentors took us to the forest and showed us a huge stone. It's so huge, that we look even more tiny. Can you see us?




More forest...


An exciting small cave.


The forest we visited was actually quite small and there weren't much to see at this time of the year so we didn't spend so much time there. Instead we went to a children's playground!


This horse was too lazy! It didn't want to move at all!


See you soon!

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Tampere, Finland - 18th April 2012

By: emmakko

Hi again!
I have found my first host! I'm going to travel to LUXEMBOURG soon! I thought I should visit some places in my hometown Tampere before that. But first I took a look at other things:

Hello, ladies...

So sad, these beautiful girls could speak only Russian!

Emma has a collection of yellow Easter birds that are a bit different. One of them has lost her eye and at least two have got wet and look weird because of that. Emma's mum thought that these birds doesn't fit her Easter decorations and wanted to throw them away but Emma thought they were cute and took them to Tampere.

Last but not least I met a police officer.

Then we went out for a walk. We visited a small market place called Laukontori and took some photos there. As you can see, the weather wasn't so good...

We also saw this huge creature on the other side of the lake and wanted to go and take a look at it. We found out that it's a huge rubber duck that was made of old car tires. Quite cool.

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Tampere, Finland - 18th April 2012

By: emmakko

Plastic surgery.

I wasn't satisfied with my "extra tail" and wanted to get rid of it before I start my adventures.

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Turenki, Finland - 21st April 2012

By: emmakko

This is my last weekend in Finland! I celebrated it by participating a folk dancing event in Turenki. Emma and I were selling sweets and cakes. My TV friend Konsta was also helping us. Our little shop had a huge success so we didn't have time to go to see the dances!

So delicious!

The Finnish folk dancing dresses look like this:

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Tampere, Finland - 23rd April 2012

By: emmakko

Emma and her friend organized a small Tampere sight-seeing tour for me. First we visited a church that doesn't really look like a typical church, or what do you think?
The spring has finally arrived in Tampere! Just a couple of weks ago we still had lots of snow on the ground but now the first flowers of the year are already blooming!
This statue looked so weird that I absolutely wanted to take a photo of it. I have no idea of what this guy is doing.
My mentor is a fan of languages and she loves jokes related to languages (and especially language-related mistakes). This is one of her favourite mistakes ever, and she absolutely wanted to take a picture of me in front of it. In English the text on this sign would be "parking car- and motorcycles prohibited". I mean, carcycles? What are they? What makes this all even more funny is that "pyörä" also means a wheel or a tire. So, is it also prohibited to leave your car tires here?
This is the fire station of Tampere. A nice old building, isn't it? Unfortunately we didn't see any fire trucks or firemen there :(
A typical Tampere view:
If you are in love with someone and happen to live in Tampere, you can write your names on a lock, lock it here and throw the key away. A cute idea, isn't it?

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Tampere, Finland - 24th April 2012

By: emmakko

Welcome, Gwënelle!!

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Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 9th May 2012

By: Lisianne

Hello, :D

mummy I'm in Luxembourg
and I send you greetings from here!

This are my first pictures :)

I'm on a dairy-farm in the beautiful countryside of the Müllerthal!
The name of the farm is SOPIBO

Other TV's are here too, and they gave me a warm welcome :D

You can see Hippa, Hipsu and Aidan


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Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 10th May 2012

By: Lisianne

Hi mummy,

I sleeped well this night and now I'm fit for new adventures,

but today we started slowly.

It was the birthday of Hipsu's mummy and we helped her to play
piano and sing a song for her!
We have had a lot of fun together :D

By the way Hipsu is from Finland too!!!

Later I sit me in the sun, that was soooo good.


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Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 11th May 2012

By: Lisianne

Today it was raining :(

the other TV's told me that it's often raining in Luxembourg.
We took host-dad's car
and drove a little bit around!
We saw the castle of Beaufort but because of the bad weather host-mum told us that we come back next week.


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Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 13th May 2012

By: Lisianne

Look Mummy,

we found that cool book of our host-mum,
we really want to know what is written inside???

Perhaps it's her diary-book ...


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Harthaff/Haller, Luxembourg - 14th May 2012

By: Lisianne

Host-mum's favorite place to go,
an old, very old farm in the middle of a forest.

It's sad to see the bad condition of the buildings.


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Heffingen, Luxembourg - 15th May 2012

By: Lisianne

The whole countryside around is rural.

To find a town we must drive about 20 min. and than it's only a very small town.


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Waldbillig, Luxembourg - 16th May 2012

By: Lisianne

Hello Mello :)

A new TV from Australia was in the mail from today.

We gave him a warm welcome in cold weather here in Luxembourg!


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