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Travelog for: Imodra Dragon

Witten, Germany - 21st May 2012

By: Mandrara

it's my third day here at my new home and I'm very happy. Me and my children got a cave with cuddly blankets so that we have our place to chill.


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Witten, Germany - 21st May 2012

By: Mandrara

Now you can see me full size;
I'm very big but I'm not dangerous  and starting from now I'm the guardian of the family and I'm proud of my new position.

Imodra Dragon.JPG

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Witten, Germany - 22nd May 2012

By: Mandrara

Chillin' can be so easy


especially you have such a beautiful view.


The last days were very exhausting, I went to every room of my new home and at any time I need to look at my three little dragons because everytime they are full of mischief.  ;)  On the one hand it was very hard but on the other hand every evening they went quietly to bed.


For us it's very nice and funny to be here. For example I found another dragon called "Träumerle" and he is old as the hills, but see for yourself!


So that's all for the moment. CU next time

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Witten, Germany - 27th May 2012

By: Mandrara


it's me Imodra. A lot of things happend at the least time and thats why it was impossible for me to wrote something. But now I will tell you whats going on the least time.

We've been here for some days as we got a lots of visitors. There was a happening called " the Eurovison Song Contest" an my mum invited friends who also be a part at the toyvoyagers family. and so we had a big party but see for yourself!

It was so funny for me to have so many guests at one time


During the contest my mummy made something to eat for us all and even for the other guests


After the show me and my guests took the flags and mymum made some photos.


It was a very nice evening and I hope to be much more times a host for such a lot of cute guests.

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Witten, Germany - 30th June 2012

By: Mandrara

I'm so happy.

A few days after the "Eurovision Song Contest" I got visitors again. While we're waiting for the pasports for my children, my mum invited to a gaming night. And I took photos of my three little dragons.


I imagine we won but for sure I cannot say. It was nice to have guests again
And very proud but tired I went to my blanket and felt asleep.

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Witten, Germany - 19th July 2012

By: Mandrara

Good morning everybody.
Now all my babies left. I'm a little bit sad because it's the first time without them. But for them I'm happy because now all their wishes can be true.
Little the youngest one flys with a friend on holiday to the USA, and for him thats the best was to start! He's so cute and shy.
And Ranja will find her way to Finnland I hope and have a wonderfull time there.  ;) And I know We found a very speciall present for her first host!
And Spikey, his journey starts in Germany and for sure I know he will have a good time. As he says he is the one and only.

From now untill I get some guests I ever can take a look at the photo to have my babies with me.
But I think positiv and maybe there will come a lots of TV's to visit me.

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Witten, Germany - 29th July 2012

By: Mandrara

time has gone and all of my babies are travelling. But I was'nt deedless aswell. I started my own homepage. In some parts ist comparable to this site but, on my homepage all mummies and daddies of TV's are able to download the pictures for themselfs! It planed, for each TV which visits me and us, to start an own gallery. If you are interested watch at www.imodra.com or if you like me to be a host for your tv, send my mum Mandrara an email and your Tv will hve a good time at my site.

Now I'm waiting for some news of my three children, i'm so proud of them!


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Witten, Germany - 31st July 2012

By: Mandrara

Well I'm as Glad as a mother can be!

All my children are traveling and they are safe! that the most important thing for me! Ranja is very glad to be in Finnland and she send me photos, alots of them are same colored as she is. Little send greetings from the USA and I'm sure he won't be as shy as he leaved our home. And The one and only Spikey has a very recreative time near Hannover,  i hope he will also loose a little bit of his never ending power :)

I heard that at some indefinite future date guests will arrive here and then I can be an intently host!

I think i can give you more updates the next days.


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Witten, Germany - 3rd August 2012

By: Mandrara

I'm so Happy I'm so happy I'm so happy.

You can't imagine what's happend. I was chillin on the wing chair as you can see at the photo as the door were opened.

I wake up and looked right to the door and what did I see???
I think i told you that i need to leave my cave to protect my children and though i need to leave my oldest son and the father. And Then i can't believe Feru my husband and Thorin my oldest son came running through the living room.
It was such a good feeling to hold them in my arms. The hole evening we snuggled and I don't won't to let them out of my arms. But in this moment i also felt a little bit sad because Ranja, Skikey and Little can't share this beautiful moment with us. But i think they get to know it on their journeys. Thorin here will guid all visitig TV's when they are going outside if I'm not able to. And Feru will lend me a helping hand here so that we are able to be the best hosts you have ever seen  ;) That we wish for ourself.
The next days I'm gonna tell you more!

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Witten, Germany - 4th August 2012

By: Mandrara

Wow what a night. When Thorin went to bed Feru and I talked about the last weeks and i was suprised when i heared what he had done to found me.

First of all he hackt a computer and searched through the world wide web.

After that he found the homepage my mum Mandrara build up for me

And then every night he dreamed about me and our children and about the day we all would stay together again.

I'm the happiest dragon in the world for sure!

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Witten, Germany - 7th August 2012

By: Mandrara

Hello again!

These are unbelievable days. Well my first guest arrived today. I was so nervous when Mandrara gave me the envelope. I was very careful because I don't want to affright my first guest!

Slowly I opened it

And then I was able to say Hello to Rosalind a very cute whool monster coming from Britain.
First of all i gave her the time to look around and get to notice where she is.

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Witten, Germany - 7th August 2012

By: Mandrara

It's me again!

It's a littel bit later this day and rosalind was very happy to get out of the envelope. And the I was calling for Feru and Thorin and They come to welcome rosalind aswell.

I was glad to see that Rosalind wasn't afraid to stay with three dragons. Thorin showed her then some of the stone dragons which Mandrara is collecting. and Rosalind thought the are cute.

On this pictue you can see "Unschuld" und "Grinsekatze". But there are some more she will see in the next days.

At the evening when Rosaling get tiered I invited her to sleep in my arms so that she ist save and warm!

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Witten, Germany - 8th August 2012

By: Mandrara

Hi everybody

a new day and a new guest had arrived. Its Karlos from Langenhagen/Germany and he wants to travel to each country of Germany.

I gave him a warm welcom and i was very carefull in my behaviour because i don't want to affright him.

We talked a few minutes
and then I called for Feru and Thorin to introduce them to him! I thought three dragons at the first time were to much!
But they gave him a warm welcome aswell

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Witten, Germany - 8th August 2012

By: Mandrara

So the day went on and I introduced Karlos to rosalind and she showed Karlos some things she found out here at our home!
Here Rosalind took a picture of Karlos together with "Träumerle"

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Witten, Germany - 9th August 2012

By: Mandrara

It's so beautiful to have guests here!
I'm so happy
It's a warm day and a decided that Thorin should guide our guests outside. at this moment Mandrara told me that she will go to a Schoolyard with her man and her both kids. The kids got new RC's from the motion picture "Cars" and they wanted to play with them. I asked her to take Thorin and the others with her and she agreed.
Thorin told me that they had a lots of fun because Rosalind and karlos were invited to drive with both cars and they are very well driver as the sons of Mandrara told me later at the evening.

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