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Travelog for: Arthur Dent

Portsmouth, UK - 29th May 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter

Oh dear!

I was on the space ship with all my friends when suddenly there was a bit of turbulence! As I was being thrown about, I accidentaly hit the infinate improbability drive! Next thing I knew, I was hurtling through space, and when I looked at my hands I saw that I was made out of wool! How improbable!

So now I have no idea where I'll end up! I hope someone finds me and gives me a cup of tea!

(UPDATE from MySongIsLaughter - I left Arthur Dent in front of a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in the bookshop in Portsmouth City Centre)

Arthur Dent 2.jpg

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Waterstones, Portsmouth, UK - 29th December 2013

By: TrekkieGirls

My best and partner in crime Carole found Arthur Dent in the office of Portsmouth Waterstones where she works.
She bought him home with her to Cosham. He then came home with me (Sam) because I have just acquired the most lovely tea set. We thought Arthur would appreciate a good cup of Earl Grey with Captain Picard whilst watching Downton Abbey.

We would love to help him on the next part of his journey....


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Brussels, Belgium - 30th December 2013

By: TrekkieGirls

As we and a group of friends had decided months ago to go away for New News we thought we'd take Arthur with us.
Here he is on the Eurostar at St Pancras.

Then he had a delightful evening in Brussels drinking champagne and watching a light show in the Grand Place.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2nd January 2014

By: TrekkieGirls

Arthur Dent saw the new year in Amsterdam ... he saw other things too, things he didn't understand!

We last spotted him in the Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam


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