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Find 3 ponds for my friend duck Trudi (3/3)

Go shopping 3 times (1/3)

Look for something, that costs 3 Euro

Sightseeing in Berlin

Come back home savely

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Travelog for: 3*Euro

Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 27th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hello, world!

I am a little monkey and my name is 3*Euro. Once I was designed as a keychain, but I asked my mum if she could free me.
And she did it! So I thought about what to do with my freedom. Because I like everything you can get for 3 Euros I want to travel through the euro zone and go shopping in each country I stay.

Now just a few photos for you to learn something about me

3*Euro loves the whole world!


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 27th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Today it´s my first day as a toyvoyager and I had an important job to do.

I welcomed a new TV! Herb the Hepp arrived!

It is a giant microbe :stare: Never seen such thing before. But he is a nice guy! I think we will have a lot of fun together!



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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 28th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hello, world!

Today I saw my first snow!

I asked Mummy if I am allowed to go out. She said yes  :D
We had a ride in a small sleigh, exactly the right size for me and Kibblet

Wow, I hope we´ll have more snow so that we can built a snowman tomorrow. I´ve heard that everybody does this when there is snow :)

Yours, 3*Euro
love the whole world!


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 28th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hello, world!

It´s me again  :)

I just want to tell you, that I have two invitations!

At first I will travel to Dr.Kröbner. Mummy showed me where he lives.
My second station will be Berlin.

I am so glad to start!

3*Euro loves the world


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 29th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey world!

Tomorrow my adventure starts!

I´ve packed my luggage. My own bed, a postcard of my hometown and a present for Dr.Kröbner.

I tested the bed, it´s ok for a comfortable trip.

Then I said byebye to all TVs.

And to all my friends here. The cute bear Bierle gave me a hug. His girl friend Bärbel told me to be careful. Yeeeeeeeeeees, I will :rolleyes:
Knabber (the big mouse in the cool pink t-shirt) said to me, I should make everything possible  :D

And the duck Trudi asked me to look for the best ponds in Germany.

Then I hopped into my box and hopefully see Dr. Kröbner soon!

Dear Mummy, I will miss you... a little bit  :)

You know, your 3*Euro loves the world and YOU! KISS


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Delligsen, Germany - 31st January 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hi Mommy,

brrrrr,brrrrr,brrrrr..... :( it was sooooo cold, brrrrr III aarrived, bbut it wwas sso cold on the way, as in a refrigerator, sssoorry, but I`m shaking...I asked my hostmum Andrea if she continues to write,
yes.... ;).
Thank God Dr.Kröbner has helped me very quickly .
I'm crawling out of the pack and two pairs of eyes looked at me, Dr.Kröbner andBrunoAusTirol
They have welcomed me very warmly  :rolleyes:

Mommy, did you know that Dr.Kröbner is so big?
I got a shock, but he's so sweet and took me in his arm
Bruno has also hugged me.
Dr.Kröbner was very happy about the scarf and the postcard, thank you.... :D
Then he has shown me the place where I can sleep very comfortably and  because I still was shaking he kept me warm  :rolleyes:








Mommy I wish you a wonderful day and many greetings to all my friends at home, I feel good....I love the world
huggs and kisses
your 3*Euro

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Delligsen, Germany - 1st February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mommy,

I slept very well, next to Bruno, he snores a bit. ;)

Today, Andrea had a surprise for me, a pair of pants and a scarf.

I hope you like it





Later, I still have a little meditation ;)



bye, bye, huggs and kisses for you and my friends and daddy

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Delligsen, Garden, Germany - 2nd February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hi Mommy,

I found the First pond for Trudi, but it`s frozen no way to swim,

I've tried to talk to the fish, I placed my ear to the ice in order to

hear better.....no answer :thinking:




Love you
your 3*Euro

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Delligsen, Steinberg, Germany - 3rd February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hi Mommy,

I made a nice walk to the Steinberg next to Delligsen, Andrea has
put me in a hat because it is a very cold wind brrrr :)




in the background ..Delligsen..



On weekend I go with Andrea to Fritzlar, where she was born a long time ago ;)
love you

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Fritzlar, Germany - 7th February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner


I spend the last weekend in Fritzlar, a little nice town in Hesse...

In the background you can see the cathedral and in the half-

timbered house hostmum Andrea grew up....


I want to tell you something about the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Fritzlar measures 43 meters (from the basement to the top). He continues to shape the cityscape of the small town in the Schwalm-Eder-Kreis (formerly Circle Fritzlar-Homberg). The three-aisled basilica in Fritzlar is considered one of the most beautiful in Germany.
Built and rebuilt several times, combines the Cathedral of St. Peter Roman and Gothic styles. In the oldest part of the Fritzlarer Domes are the crypts, which can also be viewed as the Cathedral, which, amongst other things, "Henry Cross" and some of the oldest monstrances the German-speaking.
We could not go inside  :(

It was so cold, but we took a walk  :rolleyes:

The " Grey Tower",

The 37 meter high tower was mentioned in 1274 for the first time

and is the highest municipal watchtower still standing in Germany.


That's part of the old city wall and a beautiful view.



a little rest...


a nother view to the cathedral and on the left side you the the townhall



The Town Hall in Fritzlar originated in Roman times (also called "bailiwick") and was first mentioned in documents in 1109

It is decorated with a stone relief from the 1441 Holy St. Martin, the patron saint of Fritzlar.


and now an warm up brrrrr


next day there was a great surprise for me....because....Carnival is

celebrated in Fritzlar, not as in Cologne and Mainz, but there are

also many carnival events and "I" was allowed  to participate with

Andreas  granddaughter , she is a "Tanzmariechen", unfortunately

there is no translation for this word  ;)

look at the colours , perfect, isn`t it  :D



a very nice trip....

huggs and kisses to all my friends at home

yours 3*Euro

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Delligsen, Germany - 10th February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner


Today I had a special mission.

I counted the plushies, Dr.Kröbner helped me ...

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ....... so many and what

kind of funny characters.

A pillow with eyes, a dragon ...... what can I say, a total of 32

plushies and 4 TV's and I know this is not the end of the story,

Andrea told me that she can not resist plushies  :rolleyes:

a great group and all get along together... :D








look "Napoleons" twin


The bear is sleeping all the time, I've tried to frighten him, but nothing happens, I think he makes hibernation ;)




help...."Count garlic"... holds me tight


Thank God...Paul helps me....good dog....




We all together, wish you and all at home  a wonderful weekend

huggs and kisses
your 3*Euro

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Hanover,Maschsee, Germany - 12th February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mommy,

I heard it on the radio, the Maschsee is frozen.

I've decided to take a look .....look Mommy....so many people on an ice surface...
hopefully the ice is strong enough. :stare:


in the background you see the "Leineschloss" (English: Leine Castle), situated on the Leine in Hanover, Germany, it is the former residence of the Hanoverian kings and the current seat of the Landtag of Lower Saxony.


I've met  Cosyfuzz and Mr.Lemony, what a coincidence ;)


On the way back I've seen these wind turbines, with the sunset in the background....wow :rolleyes:



I love you all

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Delligsen, kitchen, Germany - 15th February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mommy.....

We made a TV teamwork and prepare a birthdaycake for hostmums

daughter Sarah and because it is tradition, she gets a parrot cake :D

Andrea has placed us all the ingredients and have kindly weighed

the margarine and beat up the eggs,

250 grams of margarine
5 eggs
1 vanilla sugar
100 grams of sugar




While BrunoAusTirol has swirled this mixture, Dr.Kröbner preheated the oven



Then added with continued stirring, 250 g flour and 1 parcel  baking powder


Then the dough is divided into three parts, Into one part comes

vanilla powder, in the other part comes cocoa powder and in the

third part comes the green jello powder...




The dough is successively filled into a greased loaf pan and then

baked 1 hour at 180 °.



and wait.....


wait... :rolleyes:


read a book and wait..... :thinking:


sitt and wait...  B)


do nonsense and wait.....


watch tv and wait ;)


done ... I did not know how long an hour can be

and the worst thing we cannot taste the cake,  :(


because it is a birthdaycake,.....but it smells so yummy

happy birthday Sarah


huggis, love you and the world and daddy and trudi and knabber and.........

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Fritzlar, kitchen Sarah, Germany - 16th February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mommy,

as you see...the birthdaycake.. :rolleyes:

and of course I could taste the cake,

it was delicious..hmmmm



kisses and huggies


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Marienburg, Germany - 22nd February 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hi Mommy,

I tell you a story.......

The Main Building "Marienburg" or is there really dwarfs?

There was once a queen who was the pain out of court life so she asked her husband to build her a small, rustic hunting lodge, in that they could escape the hustle and bustle in the capital city occasionally. The king, his wife joined in an intimate love, hence their desire to buy according to a small mountain just outside the city and as the queen celebrated  her 39th Birthday , the king give her this mountain and the castle to be built out yet. This mountain was named by then on the Marienberg.



Then the king asked the country's best architects to build a castle. And because the king came from an old family, the castle was a castle to be modeled. Gewing to ten years until the castle was completed. And the castle was called Marienburg and was continued on the private property of Queen Marie




The Marie Berg was a legendary place from time immemorial. They say today that dwarfs who inhabit it. You could build monuments to honor the queen, of course, within a reasonable size. And if you carefully look around the castle, they will also discover ... ;)


All just a myth? No, it's probably been there and the relevant certificates are the historians.

Good luck Marie with her castle had not. In 1866 the castle is still under construction. In the course of June 1866, King George V and his troops lost in the Battle of Langensalza against the Kingdom of Prussia and had to go into exile. The queen was permitted to remain on her lap, but on condition that the Hanoverian court had to be replaced by a Prussian. This condition was not acceptable to the queen and her daughter, after which they Marienburg left on 24  July 1867 and followed the king into exile. :rolleyes:

From 1869 the castle stood empty for nearly 80 years.....Time for dwarfs ;)



After the Second World War, the Guelphs returned to the southern region of Hanover. Today, the castle that is situated between Pattensen-Schulenburg and Hildesheim, no longer inhabited. However, it houses a museum (15 can be visited by approximately 100 spaces), a catering establishment as well as rooms for festive occasions and representative.....


There remains the question to be answered by the dwarves. With any degree of certainty they can not be answered, because who knows what is hidden in the depths of the rock or what happens when the castle gates were closed and the last visitors have left the mountain :thinking:


What a story....but a nicy building

huggs and kisses
your 3*Euro

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