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Travelog for: CH-HEIDI

Pretoria, South Africa - 30th January 2012

By: Katara

Goeie dag Dawoni!

Today we made a "braai" (barbeque) for lunch. Katara made us some "krummelpap."

Pap a porridge made from maize (corn) meal is the staple food of southern Africa.
Putu pap is also known as krummelpap, which means "crumbly porridge". It is made with very little water, giving it a dry and crumbly texture.
It is usually combined with a tomato-and-onion sauce, such as sheba sauce or chakalaka sauce, and served as a side dish together with barbecued meat or boerewors (braaivleis).
People in the Western Cape tend to eat krummelpap with milk and sugar for breakfast.


This is the mealie meal we used for the 'krummelpap'


It took about 40 min. to make. This is how it turned out.


And we ate it with some "Braai Relish"


We also made a carrot salad. We were supposed to add some raisins but unfortunately Katara didn't have any. we used grated carrot, some crushed pineapple, and a little bit of juice to make the salad.


We braaied some "Boerewors" (sausage) and pork pin-wheels.


And here everything is ready to eat!  :cyclops:


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Kerns, Switzerland - 14th September 2012

By: dawoni

I just discovered the worldwideweb... wow, it's fantastic.
BUT: I decided not just to discover www, because it really like to see the real world. Please help me!


...I'm climbing on a mouse!


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Dallenwil, Switzerland - 16th September 2012

By: dawoni

We enjoyed the day at thr river Engelberger-Aa. I really loved to jump on the stones.








...I need a break now!


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Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland - 19th September 2012

By: dawoni

We went to Melchsee-Frutt today. Melchsee-Frutt is a mountain resort village in Switzerland. The village is located near the lake Melchsee, in the municipality of Kerns, canton Obwalden. It has an elevation of 1920 meters. The main attractions of this resort are skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and rock climbing. It can be reached by use of a gondola lift.


Beautiful, isn't it?





The Fruttli-Train!


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Kerns, Switzerland - 22nd September 2012

By: dawoni

We celebrated Cow's descent from Alpine today! I really enjoyed watching the beautiful cows.

The cows' descent from Alpine pastures gives rise to an impressive popular celebration. Having spent approximately four months on Alpine pastures, the beautifully adorned herds with their bells ringing rhythmically, together with the Alpine herdsmen in their traditional costumes, move back down to the valley. This popular celebration honors an ancient custom and keeps the tradition alive.







Some nice pics without me:






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Rietvalleirand, Pretoria, South Africa - 3rd November 2012

By: Katara

Hi Dawoni,
I arrived safely in Pretoria, South Africa today. I had a safe journey, but it was really nice to get put of the stuffy envelope! I was warmly welcomed by my host family. Lilla, one of my host family TV's helped me out of the envelope.




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Pretoria, South Africa - 7th November 2012

By: Katara

Hi Dawoni,

Today Katara showed me the view from their balcony. She lives in an apartment.


In the afternoon she fed me some flowers as a special treat!  :p


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Pretoria, South Africa - 8th November 2012

By: Katara

Goeie dag Dawoni! (Good day Dawoni!)

Katara is teaching me some Afrikaans  ;) She says that it is similar to Flemmish. Katara's mother brought her a young coconut that she bought at the shop. It is the first time that they see one - they have only seen and eaten mature coconuts.

First we made a little hole at the top of the coconut and we drank out the coconut milk with a straw. The milk was almost a clear colour and it had it a roasted/nutty flavour. The coconut had lots of milk!


Next we tried to break open the coconut - this was very hard to do as the coconut shell was very hard to break. The coconut inside was soft and jelly-like. We scooped it out with a spoon and ate it.  :D


Greetings from South Africa,

CH-Heidi xxx

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Pretoria, South Africa - 11th November 2012

By: Katara

Goeie dag Dawoni,

This morning we had "ontbyt" (breakfast) at 'Wimpy' (Wimpy is a fast-food restaurant)



We had a delicious breakfast!


For the rest of the day we just relaxed at home.

Lots of love,

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Pretoria, South Africa - 13th November 2012

By: Katara

Hi Dawoni,

Today I helped Katara prepare 'aandete' (dinner). We made some pasta.
She put the recipe on her blog. We put in some onion, sausage, mushrooms and ratatouille. It was very tasty!  ;)



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Pretoria, South Africa - 16th November 2012

By: Katara

Hi Dawoni,

Tonight we were all feeling very lazy, so Katara ordered us some pizza.


The one pizza had russian sausage and carmelised onions, and the other pizza had pepperoni, feta cheese and chilli.

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Woodlands Boulevard, Pretoria, South Africa - 17th November 2012

By: Katara

Hi Dawoni,

Today we visited Woodlands Boulevard It is a big Shopping Centre. All the shops had Christmas decorations  :D




I'm having a nice time in sunny South Africa! Today it was 33C in Pretoria!


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Cape Town, South Africa - 20th November 2012

By: Katara

Hi Dawoni,

You'll never guess where I was today! I was in Cape Town! Katara's husband had to attend two business meetings in Cape Town for the day, so he took me with! There wasn't much time for sight-seeing but we did manage to get a few photos.

We had lunch at The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront You can read more about the Waterfront if you click on the link.




Here you can see Table Mountain in the background:


Here I am at the Cape Town Airport Terminal - getting ready for our flight back.


I had a great day Dawoni, and I was so glad that I could go with!

CH-Heidi xxx

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Germiston, Johannesburg, South Africa - 24th November 2012

By: Katara

Hi Dawoni,

Today we went to visit Katara's mother. We took some photos along the way.


We drove past O.R. Tambo International Airport



I also tasted some homemade 'Ginger Beer' which Katara was drinking in the car. It's made from ground ginger, sugar, water, yeast and raisins.


We drove passed a bakery called 'De Backery' - it's shaped like a windmill and owned by Dutch people.


I also met 'Lovie' - an Africa Grey Parrot who loves to talk!


I am missing you Dawoni but I'm having a good time!

xxx CH-Heidi

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Pretoria, South Africa - 2nd December 2012

By: Katara

Hi Dawoni,

Today we had lunch at 'Tian Tian' - a Chinese Take-Away Restaurant.

First we looked at the Menu.


Then we placed our order and shortly after our food arrived.



We ordered some sushi too.



The food was great and I had a great time!  B)

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