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Travelog for: Sargent Froggo

Minneapolis, MN, United States of America - 1st June 2013

By: Chloe09

Hello World!!




I'm Sargent Froggo! I'm a strong willed green frog who is very much interested in Criminal Justice! I went to Green University for Criminal Justice and graduated with a perfect grade! I want to show the world what I am made of!

I am wanting to explore the world in search of my good friend, Zara! She was off to Germany when somehow she got lost. I hope that one day we will be reunited! I want to search the world for her while learning about different countries and their criminal justice fields.

Now off to explore my home to show you my world.....

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Brooklyn Park, MN, United States of America - 11th June 2013

By: Chloe09

Family always comes first!!! =) Let's celebrate birthdays!! whohoo!!!

Today was a special day…..it was Chloe’s brother in law’s birthday dinner! We went to their place to grill and have a great time! They had tons of food including steaks and burgers then there was cherry and blueberry pies for dessert! I met a couple cute puppies and just had a blast! =)

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Minneapolis, MN, United States of America - 16th June 2013

By: Chloe09

NoMi and I took a trip around the house to see what kind of cool things we could find. We found a water temperature thingy, an old garden tool, an engine on a mower and just random things. It was so much fun exploring with NoMi.


Wonder what my next adventure will be....

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Lofthouse- Fridley, MN, United States of America - 24th June 2013

By: Chloe09

We went to the Lofthouse Bakery Outlet store in Fridley, Minnesota! There were tons of different kinds of bread that were so cheap! I was amazed at how cheap they were and the different varieties.

Let's go see what I get to check out next! =)

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Wagner's Drive in - Minnesota, United States of America - 14th July 2013

By: Chloe09

Wagner’s drive in is a family fun restaurant that you drive up to eat. It was so cool. Chino and I had some good food and company. Chloe's family also came. If you wanna see more information on it: http://www.wagnersdrivein.com/
Their burgers are good with the fries and awesome environment. Its right by some railroad tracks…which was fun to go on. It’s so much fun since instead of eating in the car, we ate at picnic tables!
Next we are going to go to North Hennepin with Chloe to school. Excited to see what a college campus looks like! =)

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North Hennepin Community College, United States of America - 15th July 2013

By: Chloe09

Chino and I had a blast today. I love learning about History so Chloe took us to school with her. She goes to North Hennepin Community College. This summer she took a course on Nazi Germany. Before attending class, we took a tour of North Hennepin.
No period during the twentieth century has been the subject of as much historical inquiry as the twelve year reign of the Third Reich.  In this course we will examine the disastrous impact of Nazi Germany on the course of European history.  To begin, this course will explore the origins of the Nazi party in the aftermath of World War I and the Nazi seizure of power in 1933.  Second, this class will discuss daily life during the Third Reich with a special emphasis on the ways in which average Germans accommodated and resisted the regime’s policies.  Third, we will examine Nazi racial ideology and the ways in which Nazi racial policies evolved over the twelve year history of the regime.  Within this context we will place a particular emphasis on the period of 1939-1942 as we attempt to understand the development of the Holocaust – the genocide of more than six million Jews.  Finally, we will conclude with a brief discussion of Nazi Germany’s legacy both in Europe and beyond.

I hear I may be going on a new adventure!!! =) Whohoo!!!!

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Valleyfair - Shakopee, Minnesota, United States of America - 31st July 2013

By: Chloe09

Erika the Mouse, Bambi and I had a great time at Valleyfair! Valleyfair, sometimes stylized Valleyfair!, is a 125-acre amusement park located in Shakopee, Minnesota, USA and is currently the largest amusement park in the Upper Midwest United States.
Had an awesome time! =) I wasn’t allowed to take pictures ON the rides but I took pictures of the rides. It was a lot of fun and such a cool new adventure!
Much Love,
Sargent Froggo

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 1st August 2013

By: Chloe09

Today was a sad day that I had to say goodbye to all of my good friends…..but I must keep my journey going! =)


I'm off to Germany!!!!

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Minneapolis, USA - 3rd August 2013

By: mcdaniels

...just adding longitude and latitude of my hometown... ;)

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Paderborn, Germany - 27th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Hi mum,
I've arrived safely in Paderborn, Germany!
Sitting in my envelope I heard some voices whispering... somebody wanted to welcome me...but first I had a problem  :cyclops:
It's been a really long journey, so I had to... :cyclops:
I ran out of the envelope past two funny figures and luckily I found immediately what I was searching for  :p
I breathed a sigh of relief, went back and was very warmly welcomed by The WotWots from Australia. I showed them my postcard from Minnesota and then we sat together and talked about ToyVoyager life and this and that.
Love you, mummy
yours Sargent Froggo

august 004.JPG
august 005.JPG
august 006.JPG
august 007.JPG
august 008.JPG
august 014.JPG
august 010.JPG
froggo 001.JPG
august 012.JPG
august 013.JPG
froggo 002.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 29th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Hi mum,
in the morning an envelope arrived. A little mouse crawled out and said "I'm UrselHH 3" and after welcoming her she showed us a postcard of her hometown and told us about her two lost relatives  :(
But we also talked about the nice side of travelling  :)
Hostmum said today evening we'll visit grandhostmum and her nice garden.
See you
yours Sargent Froggo

UrselHH 001.JPG
UrselHH 002.JPG
UrselHH 003.JPG
UrselHH 004.JPG
UrselHH 005.JPG
UrselHH 006.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 29th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
in the evening we visited grandhostmum and her nice garden.
We discovered lots of flowers, a little fountain and a little pond, a birdhouse, a hotel for insects (unfortunately with no insect in it at the moment  ;) ) and some occupiers of the garden, among others a frog  :D. I must admit I was wary of the owl and the crocodile  :cyclops: though they assured me that they were harmless...
Hostmum showed us a special flower: in German 'Nachtkerze' (Oenothora biennis) that blooms in the night! Every evening some blooms open in some seconds and bloom for only one night. They looked beautiful!
After all these discoveries we had a yummy evening meal and then we lightened many Chinese laterns on the ground. That looked very nice.
Love you
yours Sargent Froggo

garten 028.JPG
garten 031.JPG
garten 034.JPG
garten 037.JPG
garten 041.JPG
garten 042.JPG
garten 002.JPG
garten 025.JPG
garten 012.JPG
garten 022.JPG
garten 005.JPG
garten 018.JPG
garten 016.JPG
garten 009.JPG
garten 048.JPG
garten 057.JPG
garten 045.JPG
garten 047.JPG
garten 055.JPG
garten 054.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 31st August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Hi mum,
yesterday a small parcel from Strunki arrived. It was a birthday parcel for hostmum  :)
Cause her birthday is today we guarded the parcel until midnight. At midnight we lightened a so called 'birthday fountain': a big flame lightened many little candles and the melody of 'happy birthday' rang out...fantastic!
After this spectacle hostmum allowed us opening Strunki's parcel in which we found gifts for each of us  :D
The party was great and so was the liqueur as you can see  ;)
Yours Sargent Froggo

geburtstag 001.JPG
geburtstag 002.JPG
geburtstag 003.JPG
geburtstag 004.JPG
geburtstag 005.JPG
geburtstag 006.JPG
geburtstag 007.JPG
geburtstag 008.JPG
geburtstag 009.JPG
geburtstag 016.JPG
geburtstag 017.JPG
geburtstag 018.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 31st August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Hi mum,
in the morning we had birthday breakfast in a café in Paderborn city. You could put a cross beside your breakfast wishes...and we agreed on it!
And guess what, mum, I got to know hostmum's brother, a real navy commander  :D !!
See you
yours Sargent Froggo

geburtstag 019.JPG
geburtstag 023.JPG
geburtstag 021.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 6th September 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
today UrselHH and me escorted hostmum to work. She works in an old people's home as a social worker.
We started in Neuenbeken, hostmum's homevillage that belongs to Paderborn, by bike.
It was very windy as you can see on the picture with the flag in the back but we supported hostmum by spuring on  ;)
After eight kilometres we reached the old people's home from the back.
First we got to know doll Greta who works together with hostmum.
And then we helped hostmum with the skittle alley. The old people played skittles and we put up the skittles again and gave back the bowls to them. It was very funny  :D
At least we helped hostmum writing something and look what I wrote for you  :)
On the way back we stopped next to one of the many maizefields in this region.
Yours Sargent Froggo

work 002.JPG
work 003.JPG
work 005.JPG
work 006.JPG
work 008.JPG
work 014.JPG
work 011.JPG
work 013.JPG
work 012.JPG
work 009.JPG
work 016.JPG

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