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Travelog for: Brownbeard

Neu-Isenburg, Germany - 3rd February 2012

By: Eustachia

Ahoy! me buckos!

Me name be Brownbeard and this is me first travelog. I be a pirate-lion, as you can see on me great hat! Don't laugh about it, i'm very proud o' it! I got it from a master pirate! A very good bucko o' me. Maybe i'll tell you some day about him. http://www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_pirate_wink.gif
But today i wanna show you how i became a TV.


I was on a trip in t' Neu-Isenburg-Center and met a freaky guy named Woozy. Harhar he looks very funny, so we talked a bit and became very quick good buckos.. err.. friends, in your language. Sorry for me pirate dialect  http://www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_pirate2_blush-reloaded.gif


We took t' escalator downstairs and he was talkin' and talkin'.. i do not remember what it was..


..but thar was this little waterspout fountain. Let's jump into it! http://www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_pirate_cool.gif


That looks funny!


Woooohoooo! http://www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_pirate2_lol.gif


I asked Woozy t' jump into t' water but he won't... well, i think he's a bit afraid o' water. But don't let him know what i told you  http://www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_pirate_wink.gif


So we sat down and talked about me dream t' get me own corsair, visit t' see, explore t' whole world and t' find a lot o' treaayes.
He told me i should become a ToyVoyager, so maybe me dream can come true. And he was talkin' about many different waterbodies.. What? Many Waterbodies? Okay me bucko, i'm in!

So, here i am! Ready for many excitin' adventures! http://www.greensmilies.com/smile/smiley_emoticons_pirat3.gif


Bye Bye Neu-Isenburg-Center and Ahoy! ToyVoyagers!


I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Osterode, Germany - 16th February 2012

By: Eustachia

Ahoy! me buckos!

Today Tamina, Misslucy and me, we're goin' on a trip with me mentor Eustachia. She had a job in Osterode nearby t' Harz and asked us t' come along with her.

Yeaah, a new journey.. let's go!


What does these pictures mean? There on this blue board? Does it means that thar be a treaaye? I have t' check it out one day!


While drivin' we listened t' t' soundtrack o' Final Fantasy XIII-2. Sounds great! Very epic!



And later we listened t' Warrior Cats. A great adio book! You have t' check it out, guys! ;)


After work it's time for us t' go t' t' hotel.

I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Beverungen, 1a Pension, Germany - 16th February 2012

By: Eustachia

We port Hesse and arrived at our Hotel in Beverungen, North Rhine-Westphalia.

This hotel named 1a Pension be very special, because downstairs be a store for beds, coverlets, pillows and stuff. And they sell special electric slatted frames. And in t' hotel upstairs, you can sleep in this beds and test them at night. Hehe, cool!

And here we are. This be our room.



A decribtion how t' use t' bed and.. haha, what's that? Hotelslip-on shoes. Funny! And somegummi bears. Yumme!


Oh, thar it is. T' magical remote control B)



Okay me buckos, be you ready? I'm goin' t' turn it on!


Hahaha, that was fun! And now it's time t' relax. I was surfin' at t' internet, Misslucy had a little readin' and Tamina read a journal.


I should check out t' ToyVoyager site


Aww look thar, me bucko Woozy and me.. That was t' day we met. A great day! Aye!


Now it's time t' go t' bed..


Good night Misslucy. Good night Tamina. Good night me buckos out thar :)


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Beverungen, 1a Pension, Germany - 16th February 2012

By: Eustachia

T' next day and Misslucy woke us up very rough...




Hey guys, take a look at this! I found a treaaye map.. or somethin' like this. Okay, okay it be only a guide t' t' city. What do you think?


Look at this pictures. So many old buildin's, thar must be a treaaye!
But Misslucy told us that it was rainin' and she won't walk in t' rain.. tse.. broad!


Before we leave Misslucy wants t' fill out this survey. So, for me, it was okay... Hmm, way too little pirates, after me fancy.


I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Area around Wolfhagen, Germany - 17th February 2012

By: Eustachia

Ahoy! me buckos!

On our tour trough Hesse i saw many nice landscapes. T' weather became a bit better so we took some pictures.


Here be more snow than i expected.


We passed t' "Weidelsburg" nearby a little village named Ippin'hausen, nearby Wolfhagen. T' weather was good enough t' visit t' castle.. so we thought...


But as we drove t' field path t' t' castle, all we saw was snow and ice on t' ground. No way t' get up thar. What be that thar in t' aft?


Up thar be t' Weidelsburg. What a bummer, that we couldn't visit it.


But we had a great view across t' area from this place. There in t' aft you can see a wind park.



Before we go t' Homberg Efze, we ate a bismark. Haha, how funny that "Berliner" in english be "bismark". :p


Ooops.. harhar...


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Homberg Efze, Germany - 17th February 2012

By: Eustachia

We arrived in Homberg Efze and had enough time t' make a quick detour t' t' "Hohenburg". Arrr!


T' enter at one's own risk..
Har har. That means in pirate english: Only t' brave ones enter this buildin'. There must be a treaaye!


Okay, let's go inside!


But first o' all.. a group photograph :D


Woooow.. i smell some treasure trove


Hmm.. if we climb up this tower? Maybe... you'll see!


This be t' well. Maybe they hid their precious thin's down thar..


Woooaaaa.. i be t' mighty horror pirate with branch-hair.. Harhar, just kiddin'.


This be t' view over Homberg Efze.


Time for another group photograph  B)


Misslucy: "Hey Brownbeard! Come with me, maybe we'll find a treasure!"

Brownbeard: "Huh? Treaaye? What? Where? Wah!"


But Tamina told us, that this be only a herb garden...no treaayes!



Misslucy: "But theeere! In the back!"


Misslucy: "Brownbeard! I found something!"


Hey, Misslucy. I think you'll become a great pirate. You got t' right intuition!

Misslucy: "It is locked! There MUST be a treasure!"



Oh nooo, only a floodlight  :(


Okay, me buckos.. i found another potential treaaye hoard!


OhAhoy!! Just a floodlight, too.


We sat down t' wall and enjoyed t' nice view!


But look at this information board. They talk about an armory (Waffenkammer)! There must be somethin' valuable...


I'm goin' t' find it next time! Now we had t' move on.

Okay, let's take a final picture with t' tower in t' aftground...


Oops. Okay okay, now i sit down and keep still! I swear!


Harhar, what t' hell... This wind be so rough. Sorry me buckos.
Let's try it again!


Aye, we got it.. But i swear.. one second after takin' this photo i felt down a third time. Harharhar :D

Woow, look here. There stands that at christmas time t' tower be decorated like a candle! I have t' see that!


That was a great day!

I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Biedenkopf, Germany - 23rd February 2012

By: Eustachia

Ahoy! me buckos!

Today i was on tour with Misslucy and Rishu in Biedenkopf. Eustachia met a little fluffy cock thar and he came along with us.

His name be Mr. Quakedi and i think he be a very nice guy. A bit crazy, but i loves crazy guys. Harhar


So let's welcome him. Wow, he be really cuddly!


Then we talked a bit about bein' a ToyVoyager and about our adventures we already had. Hopefully he will find a host very soon.


After that, he wanted t' show us t' castle Biedenkopf. Okay.. let's go! Castle? Arrr, you know what i'm thinkin'...  :D

First of all a group photograph!


Let us enter this castle and find t' treaaye!


C'mon me buckos, remain defiant!


We wanted t' visit t' museum, but unfortunately it be closed until 31th march.
Don't give me that shit! Let's enter it!


Look, i'm at t' courtyard and t' treaaye be only a few meters far away...


But nooo, these white-bread guys don't want t' enter t' museum while it be closed..

As t' museum was closed we couldn't climb up t' castle, so we have t' take some pictures from downstairs. Boooorin'!


Next time i will force this castle!


On our way t' Haiger we passed a wood with a great mesterious look. I had t' take a picture o' that! B) Wooow, so cool!


I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 26th February 2012

By: Eustachia

Ahoy! me buckos!

Today be a sunny day, so we went outside t' play some UNO.


Eloy be our dealer  :D



.. but i think he be a bit bored.  Harhar  :p


Okay, what card will i lay down..  :thinking:

Mr. Quakedi: "Come on Brownbeard, the ball's in your court!"

Yeeaah, don't rush me...


Hmm i think Mr. Quakedi be goin' t' win this game...


Then Pink_Bear came with a Travel Tag on his paw.


He gave it t' Mr. Quakedi. Now he's a real ToyVoyager with his own TV Travel Tag and we all congratulated him.


Brin' on a buttle o' rum! We got somethin' t' celebrate.

I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 27th February 2012

By: Eustachia

Ahoy! me buckos!

Today be a very special day for me, because i will leave me new home and travel t' me first host.

But what's that? There are 3 envelopes...


Aarrr, Mr. Quakedi and Tamina be goin' t' leave Laubach-Münster today, too.


T' starboard one be for meeeee!
But first o' all i need a biiig hug from everyone!


Here we go!


Well, i'm t' first one who jumps into t' envelope.
I'm shovin' off me buckos and keep a stiff upper lip!


Tamina, you're t' next one.


And last but not least.. Mr. Quakedi.


Here we are.. three guys leavin' their home!


Me first stop be Dortmund. I'm excited how many treaayes i will find thar! I'll let you know  ;) Harhar

I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Dortmund, Germany - 28th February 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Mum, how be you? I arrived in Dortmund this mornin', me travel was very short!! Me new host Kate was t' first thin' that I saw when I scrambled out o' t' envelope. Afterwards, HolgiHH came t' say "Ahoy!". He be a TV too and he be from Germany, just like me!
Kate says a huge thankyou for t' great postcard and t' Mon Cherie, she was very happy about it.


After t' warm welcomin', I ate somethin'. At least I didn't eat somethin' since ayeterday so I was very hungry!! It's noodles with chicken meat. Yumme!! :D

Later that day HolgiHH told me about his travels and t' places that he visited. Wow, he visited so many places!! I can't believe it, I hope that I'll be able t' tell someone so many stories about me travels in t' future too, just like HolgiHH. :)

It be late now and I be very tired because it was a long day with many new impressions. Kate showed me t' place where I'll sleep in future. I absolutely love it!! Many shells and a blanket with anchors. It be just perfect for me.  :)


I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Dortmund, Germany - 1st March 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Ahoy mum!!
I spent t' day with Kate at t' "TU Dortmund", Kate's university, in Dortmund today. She studies spatial plannin' thar since 2010. This be t' faculty lounge o' Kates faculty, it's a room where students can learn by themselves or do teamwork or somethin' like that. We spent 8 1/2 hours thar.. Ayeterday it was nearly 12 hours!! Phew, that was intense..

These buildin's be on t' southern campus o' t' university. T' one on t' starboard be t' buildin' o' Kate's faculty. On this campus be t' faculties o' t' technics and engineerin'.

There be another campus, t' northern campus. There be for example t' humane sciences, t' arts and t' natural sciences. We didn't visit t' campus, but hopefully I will explore it in t' future. It doesn't adjoin directly t' t' southern one so you have t' take t' overhead track - in german: "H-Bahn" (Hochbahn)- t' get t' t' campus.

Well, that's it for now.

I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Essen, Germany - 4th March 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme


I spent t' evenin' in Essen today. It's a city which belongs t' t' Ruhr Area, just like Dortmund. I watched a musical called "Elisabeth" thar in t' Colosseum theatre. This show be about Elisabeth, t' empress o' Austria and queen o' Hungary. But it's NOT like t' kitschy Sissi movies with Rome Schneider. It's about her real life... About her bein' bullied from Sophie (t' mother o' t' emperor Franz Joseph), her depressions, t' suicide o' her son Rudolf and finally her own death.. A special thin' be that thar's a person representin' t' role o' t' death who follows Elisabeth in several times o' her life. She has somethin' like a love affair with him.
So as you can see, it's not a good-mood-musical, it's kinda depressin' and thought-provokin'
It's me host's favourite musical at t' moment because it has so profound. However. This musical be on tour and it was only 4 weeks in Essen. This evenin' was t' last show here in Essen and it was very emotional and kind o' sad for t' cast and t' fans. I think t' cast was great and I really like t' musical!! They will definitely be missed here.

Well, this picture was made on t' way t' Essen. It rained :(

In t' past t' theatre was a industrial buildin' which belonged t' t' "Krupp" concern. It was built in 1900 and was not destroyed in World War II, in contrast t' other buildin's o' t' Krupp concern. In 1995 and 1996 it was converted t' a musical theatre.
You can still see remainin' o' t' industrial time in t' foyer. I think it looks great!! It's a mix o' t' old steel constructions and mondern stuff.
Do you see t' large windows and t' steel? It's typical for industrial buildin's.. I think t' buildin' tells so many stories and has so much history in it. Awesome!

This is the theatre hall itself:

Well, I was not t' only TV thar.

Tiffy, a bucko o' Kate, took Bubo - a TV which she be currently hostin' - t' t' theatre. He's very nice and we talked a lot about toyvoyagin' and travels.

Of course HolgiHH was involved, too!! :)

Last but not least this be t' cast list and t' ticket:

It's late now and I need some sleep.
I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Witten and afterwards Dortmund, Germany - 6th March 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Ahoy! mum,

I've been in Witten today, t' be exact in a furniture centre called "Ostermann". Kate and her flatmate needed some new decorations for sprin' because they still had christmas decoration in their flat until today. Haha, typical students' flat-sharin' community  :D


This be t' new decoration for t' bathroom. I like it very much!! It's nice for a pirate like me. It reminds me o' t' ocean and t' sea air.

And this be t' new decoration for t' hall. It be a plant and some potpourri.

For t' livin'room (which be also me host's room) we bought some new scatter cushion for t' couch. They be a bit too kitschy for me taste!!

After puttin' t' new stuff in order, we got some old decoration out o' t' basement. I helped Kate t' put some artificial flowers into a vase.

I had some problems, so HolgiHH came t' help me.

I'm very tired and I need some sleep now. Good night!!
I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Bochum, Germany - 8th March 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Today I have been at t' "german minin' museum". It be one o' t' most important minin' museums o' t' world. It has not only t' normal showroom, there be a shaft tower and a recreated adit in t' depth o' 20m. You can explore both o' it, it's great! T' tunnel in t' adit has a length o' 2,5km!!  :stare:


After visitin' t' minin' museum, I went t' t' theatre o' t' musical "Starlight Express" which be composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. T' theatre was built from 1986 - 1988 especially for this musical.
It's t' musical with t' longest repertory season in Germany (since 1988) and thar's a world record for t' most visitors t' a musical in a sin'le theatre.
T' extraordinary thin' on this show is, that every actor wears roller skates and looks like a train. It's a very tough trainin' for t' actors at t' beginnin'. T' long rehearsal period for t' "New kids" (t' new actors every year) be called "Skate School" and takes nearly 3-4 months!!
T' show be about a world championship o' t' trains (that be why they wear skates) with some small lovestories. T' moral o' this show is, that you can do everythin' if you believe in yourself and that true love isn't just about goodlookin', but havin' wonderful inner values.


This be an engine on t' forecourt in fore o' t' theatre.

That's it for now.
I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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Dortmund, Germany - 10th March 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Ahoy mum!
Today was a small packet in t' letterbox. I wondered if it was a new TV so I checked t' packet more precise.


I was a bit disappointed when I found out that it was just a CD. Well, it be t' new cast-recordin' o' t' musical Elisabeth. I watched it in Essen, do you remember?


It be a special edition which be only available in a certain shop, so I looked at t' pictures which be included and t' texts o' t' musical, which be in it aswell.
On t' port you can see t' archduchess Sophie (represented by Betty Vermeulen) with her court ladies. On t' starboard be Rudolf (represented by t' amazin' Oliver Arno - me hosts favourite actor) and T' Death (Mark Seibert) behind him.


Here you can see T' Death and Elisabeth (Annemieke van Dam) on t' port and Elisabeth and Franz Joseph (Matthias Edenborn) on t' starboard.


And finally, this be me whilst readin' some texts.


I'm shovin' off
Brownbeard http://specialsmilies.com/pixels/albums/pirates/pirate_smiley_captain_wink.gif

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