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Travelog for: _Lilly_

Hosts Hometown, Germany - 9th February 2013

By: Susie's

Helau Mom,

today is Fasching (also called Fasnacht or Karneval) and everyone around here shouts out "Helau".  :)
Fasching is the traditional german costum fest. People start preparing for it in november that is so long the "Faschingszeit" is even called the 5th season. The peak of it is around six weeks before easter. In lots of towns are even Faschingsparades going on. At the parades there are lots of free giveaways (usually lots of sweets). People put on there costumes, go out to the streets and sing and dance and make music and just have fun.

Since hostmum had no time to buy or make costumes for us Bussi and me got creative and decorated ourselfs with stickers and ribbions. And then went out to se the local Faschingsparade and collected tons of sweets.  :cyclops:

That was a very very fun day.  :cyclops:



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Host's home, Germany - 14th February 2013

By: Susie's

Good Morning Mummy,

yesterday I had to say goodbye to my new friend Bussi and my dear hostmum Susie's:(
I had such a great time hear and got to do lots of things. And even spent christmas and new years with her.  :D
I enjoyed it a lot.

But now it's time for me to go back home to be with you again.  :D
I can't wait to see you again cause i miss you a lot.

On my way



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Berlin, Germany - 15th February 2013

By: QuamQuam

Hello everybody, I'm at home again after a great time with Susie's. She showed me sooo much and we had fun together, THANK YOU :D.
When I came home I met my friend BamBam, he told me that he had a wonderful time with his host, too.
I would like to continue my journey as soon as possible. So who wants to host a cute little sheep like me? Maybe YOU?



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Abergele, Wales - 21st July 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum!

Yesterday I arrived in Wales! My host was on her way out to visit some relatives for an overnight stay, so I wasn't able to see my new surroundings until she got back today.


Waiting to greet me was two of my host's favourite toys, Broadway and Virta. Broadway is the bear and he is my host's beloved childhood teddy. He went everywhere with her when she was a kid and he still sleeps on the edge of her bed!

The other toy is Virta. One of my host's best friends made her a plushie of the keyboardist of the band Finntroll, which is her favourite band, so it meant the world that she has her own one-of-a-kind toy of her favourite member!


One of the first things I noticed about her room was the gigantic Welsh flag with loads of signatures on. My host says that she gets it signed by awesome musicians whenever she goes to a gig.


She also has a really nice view out her window, she said that maybe she'll take me up to the top of the hill so I can see the whole town, which sounds exciting!


One of the things I noticed about my host's room is that she has SO MANY BOOKS! There were some on the floor...


Some in a chest of drawers...


And also naturally in a massive bookcase. I couldn't manage to get the whole thing in the photo behind me! I think I will get my chance to read one of my hosts favourite books, for sure!


On the bookcase was this funny pin thing, I thought I would have a play in it. I think I am going to have lots of fun here!


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Towyn, Wales - 22nd July 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum!

Today I went with my host to work! She cycles to work so I got to sit on her handlebars for the journey!


It was a nice ride but sooo warm, even with the wind on us! We heard on the radio at work that today has been the hottest day in the UK in seven years!

My host works in a small newsagents that also sells toys and gifts. This is me sat on the till.


There was a gigantic lobster magnet on the desk next to the till that jumped on top of me, but don't worry, I'm okay! He was just playing!


Look at all these postcards with sheep on! My host says that there are lots of sheep in Wales, maybe I will get to come face-to-face with one before I go home again!


There was even a magnet with a sheep on.


It was so warm in the shop, even with the back door open and the fan going! I sat in front of the fan for a while but it seemed to be blowing warm air out :(


But I found a great solution in the end!


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Conwy, Wales - 24th July 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum!

Today I went to Conwy!

First of all I had to accompany my host as she took her brother shopping but I found a few interesting/weird things in the store!


But then we were on our way to Conwy and first of all my host got ice cream. Hers was called "Death By Chocolate"!


This is me overlooking the quay.


And just in case I forgot where I was, I thought I'd better get a photo!


My host wanted to show me something, but on the way there we saw a medieval shop that sold weaponry such as swords and bows! This is me on the suit of armour outside.


And just round the corner was a castle!! It was built near the end of the 1200s by Edward I during his conquest of Wales. It's cool to see that it's still standing over 800 years later!


On the way back to the car, we passed a shop with a lot of sheep stuff in the window and outside. Considering how much sheep merchandise I've seen so far here, I'm surprised I haven't seen a real one but my host says to be patient as I will soon get the chance to see one!


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Gwrych Medical Centre, Wales - 29th July 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum!

Sorry I have been a bit quiet recently! My host has been so busy with work and has also been a bit ill. I accompanied her to the doctors surgery today.


The surgery is a fairly new one with a lot of people petitioning for it as the old one was so terrible! It is a little out of the way from the town centre but it is so much nicer. There is a nice stained glass window at the entrance.


This is it from the back.


There was also a huge field behind it. The grass is a bit yellow at the moment because of how much sun we've had recently, though.


As my host had a little bit of time to kill before heading to work, we had a quick stop at the park to look at the swans!


As my host got back on her bike to start cycling away from the lake, she wobbled and almost fell in! I tried not to laugh but it was very funny! :D

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Crewe, England - 31st July 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum!

I had quite an exciting day yesterday! My host took me to Crewe to a gig to see one of her favourite bands, Funeral For A Friend!

First we had to take the train from Abergele to Chester. This is me chilling out in her bag :)


Then we had to make a change at Chester to get to Crewe. This is me waiting on the platform!


When we got to the venue, my host found a really great spot, a slightly raised area which meant she could see the band really well without having to stare over peoples heads (she's quite short) and I made myself comfortable on the ledge in front of her.


The opening band was awful, but the main support Hildamay were really awesome!


As you can see, I caught the flash really badly on the first attempt! But then we found a pretty good solution!


Everyone went absolutely wild for Funeral For A Friend. There was a mosh pit going by the first song and it got so warm in there! This is them, my host said it was the best she'd seen them play in quite a while and she was so happy! :)


Also this isn't a photo of me but my host wanted to share this photo as well because the photos of me far away meant you can't see the band very well ;)


I was so tired afterwards so I just chilled out on one of the train chairs for the journey back.


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Abergele, Wales - 6th August 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum!

Yesterday was my hosts first day off work in a long time! She was happy because it meant she could concentrate at working on a magazine she is a part of! She is a news reporter and reviewer at online magazine Soundscape, which she does in her spare time when she's not working. She said I could help!


This is a press release that she was emailed. Basically she has to take the words from it and rewrite it into a news story for the site! I had a go at it, I think it went okay :)


As well as adding news to the site, she also reviews CDs and live concerts (she reviewed the FFAF show from last week). This is a CD she recently received in the mail, which is going to be released in September.


She hasn't fully written the review yet but I gave it a listen and it sounds pretty cool!


Then my host got super excited because she got an email in her inbox about some really cool TrollfesT news where fans have the chance to appear on their new record! They have to record a prewritten melody and send it to them, with them saying that the weirder the instrument, the better!

My host can play clarinet and saxophone really well so she said she was definitely going to enter. As the band already have a sax player, she decided to learn the part on clarinet. I had a go but I couldn't get a very good sound :D


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Abergele, Wales - 7th August 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum

Something really awesome happened today!!!!!!!!

As my host was only working for the afternoon today, she said she was going to take me out on a special trip in the morning. I was so excited! So we headed out and towards the woodland next to her house!


We went through a really thin and overgrown public footpath, first of all.


And then!!! I SAW ONE! A real sheep!! It was so far away though, my host had to use the zoom so it would be visible on the photo :(


As the sheep was so far away, we didn't think that would count as seeing a sheep, but my host said not to worry because we'd be able to see plenty once we got into the woodlands because there were fields either side of the footpath that were bound to have sheep inside.

On the way down there was a gap in the fence leading into the field with the sheep we saw but my host didn't want to go through it in order to get closer because she'd be trespassing on private land.


And this is the footpath between the fields!


It started getting quite overgrown though :(


Yup, this is still the path apparently! I suggested turning back but my host was adamant that we would see a sheep closeup!


But when we got through the brambles, we reached a nice wide path again, and look! More sheep! But still too far away to properly see on camera.


But eventually the path came to a dead end and we still hadn't properly seen any sheep. So my host was a bit naughty and climbed over the fence at the end of the footpath since there were sheep in that field :o Yup, this is the same girl who didn't want to go in the other field earlier on, hehe. But she said this one was a little further away from the farmhouse so it would be unlikely she'd get caught. Still, we made it quick :rolleyes:

And look! I saw some quite close to me! Well, closer than the other one ;)


But they kept running away when we got close :(


I was a little bit disappointed that we couldn't get closer but my host took a zoomed in photo for me.


So then we headed back from where we came, and as we were walking up the very first path (the thin one that led to the woodland path), we saw that the sheep in the first field had moved closer to the path! My host said it was sods law!

But look! I properly saw some sheep, finally! :D


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Abergele, Wales - 13th August 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum

Today is Tuesday, which is my host's only day off, so naturally the weather is a bit grim and it keeps raining.


So look what she is doing again! More magazine stuff! (Does she ever do anything else aside from work and Soundscape?)


I am getting a bit bored with nothing to do, so she gave me one of her books to read to help pass the time. She says it isn't her favourite, but that I will get the chance to read her favourite book soon!


Apparently something BIG is happening on Friday though and I am going with her for it, so I am very excited about that! I wonder what it could be!

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Abergele, Wales - 14th August 2013

By: svartberg

Hi mum

My host got some bad news yesterday evening and got quite upset.

You know how I posted that something big was happening on Friday? Well it turns out that my host was going to take me to Cardiff and show me the sights, before taking me with her to a venue called Bogiez, where she was going to be interviewing (and later reviewing the gig of) Tim 'Ripper' Owens. She was going to get me to meet him too, which would have been so impressive!

But yesterday evening the show got cancelled because of something that happened with the London show. And as well as being quite upset, as she'd been looking forward to this show and going back to Cardiff for months, she was also REALLY cross because she'd booked 50 worth of rail fares and an overnight stay at a hotel all for this gig.

So now we aren't going to Cardiff because it would essentially be a wasted trip, so the "big event" that was going to happen on Friday now isn't. :(

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Rhyl, Wales - 16th August 2013

By: svartberg

My host says she's very sorry she didn't update this sooner. She was quite down about last Friday's show being cancelled and she has also been working so much :(

On Friday my host said that she still wanted to do something as she'd booked the day off work, so first of all we travelled down to Pensarn beach and had some food in one of the cafes. My host got quite offended at the fact she got a gallon of milk put in her tea. She says tea only needs a drop of milk but I think she is a tea snob ;)


I also had a photo with the sea in the background, just to show I had actually been there. :)


I could see the sea a bit better when I looked through the telescope though.


We then went to Rhyl and I had a go of the 2p slot machines!


We also had a go on the grabbers and tried to win a Henry Hoover but of course we didn't :p


This is me outside Rhyl Sealife Centre. I kind of wanted to go but I doubt there would have been a dolphin show there as it's only small ;)


Also Rhyl beach view!


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Abergele, Wales - 25th August 2013

By: svartberg

My host has been sooo busy with work! Five ten hour shifts in five days!

She is ready for bed, and I think I am too! Zzzz....


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Abergele, Wales - 2nd September 2013

By: svartberg

Today it was time for me to move on to my new host! I'm quite excited about the trip!


Bit of a small envelope though :o


My host says she wants to thank QuamQuam for letting her host her very first TV!

Also, on Friday it was my host's birthday and she took me with her to her birthday meal! It was a lot of fun but unfortunately most of the photos didn't save to the memory card properly so we were only able to document the very end of the meal, but I thought I should share it anyway :)


I wonder where I will be going next :)

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