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Travelog for: Big foot

Delligsen,near Hannover, germany - 21st November 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner

I am a rat with really big feet I've lived quite a time in Delligsen and now I've come up with the idea to travel even a little bit, if someone wants to show something of the world, I'd be the happiest rat in the world  ;)

Here are some pictures of me




I do not know if I'll wear the t-shirt ever, I only tried it once ... I think a rat should not wear t-shirts? :rolleyes:
I think about it again


by the way, I am loving and do not snore  ;)


bye, bye Big foot

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Delligsen,near Hannover, germany - 23rd November 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello hello,
I'm sooo excited .... I travel to Finland ,  F I N L A N D
must go now......


of course I must take my Sauna towel ... ;)



I am coming to you

bye, bye
Andreamom and Dr.Kröbner, Dr.Kröbner again thanks for the help, without you I would forget my Sauna towel

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Postoffice Delligsen, germany - 24th November 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner

the Postoffice was closed yesterday afternoon .... ... luckily
I totally forgot to say goodbye to Wolfgang  ... rats have to stick together ...  again out of the envelope


Then we hugged ... who knows when we'll see again ... :thinking:


Wolfgang and Dr.Kröbner have then helped me to climb into the envelope and now I'm finally on the road



bye, bye I'll miss you all

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Lahti, Finland - 4th December 2011

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I arrived here in Finland last Friday. On our way from post office, my host told me, that she has two other visitors at her place. We made a plan to surprise them. So we went in on our tiptoes. There were three fellows talking at arm chair. I climbed over chair’s back and shouted HELLO! And boy there were surprised.  :p

In pictures you can see tiny bear Wavy Gravy and little ducky Darwin, they both are TV’s. And that dog Droopy lives here. We shared candies I brought and some chocolate. Then Droopy started to teach us Finnish. We have two books. Mom Finnish is very difficult language. This time I learn only two sentences. Hyvää päivää! = Hello and Minun nimeni on Big Foot (iso jalka) = my name is Big Foot. Maybe I will learn some more.

Take Care Mom!
Love you Big Foot
PS: Susanna say thank you for little candles and card!


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At home, Finland - 11th December 2011

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

We got first snow here in southern Finland night before last Tuesday. It very well might not be the permanent one, but still it was nice. Last Tuesday 6.12 was also Independence Day of Finland. Susanna really tried to take photos of us with Finnish flag, but it wasn’t windy enough.

Some people light two candles at the window at 6 pm, but Susanna can’t do that, because of that funny cat of  hers. She really don’t do anything special to celebrate, but there are two tv-programs she watches every Independence Day, so we watch them with her. First is old black and white movie called Tuntematon sotilas ( The Unknown Soldier) based on Väinö Linna’s book. Film is about Finnish Continuation War. It was little frightening time to time, glad I have company with me. And then we watch reception by Finnish president Tarja Halonen at Presidental Palace. Can you believe mom we watched several hours, how people shake hands with the president. And that is one of the most popular tv-programs at all year here. Susanna explained, that it is interesting to see whose been invited, who’s with who and what kind of dresses ladies have. Really…… :rolleyes:

We are all busy with Christmas preparations, but I will write soon.

Kisses Big Foot


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Lahti, Finland - 3rd January 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I’m sorry we haven’t update for a while, but before Christmas we were busy and at Holidays we just relaxed. Here are few photos, how we spent our time. Couple of days before Christmas we went to see Christmas lights at Lahti City Hall. This was the first year, they have special lightning. Photos are not very good (Susanna says sorry!).  :(
At Christmas Eve we went to cemetery and take candles to graves of those loved ones, who have passed away. Weather was not so nice as you can see. We all were feeling cold, when we got home. So we were ready to Christmas sauna. Mom, I just loved it. I have my sauna towel and I could have spent hours there. It was so warm and pleasant. Wavy Gravy and Darwin was not so excited. After sauna we had our Christmas dinner. There were lots and lots to eat. For example Christmas ham, rutabaga casserole, potato casserole, rosolli salad and much more…Boy we were full and so we went to sleep quite early.

There is some snow here “already” and I can’t wait to get out to play…

Happy New Year Mom
Love you!
Big Foot


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Lahti, Finland - 25th February 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

When you read this, I’m already on my way to Australia. Hope it is warmer there…There was very very cold here about -25 degrees Celcius for couple of weeks. But before that coldness, we went out to play in snow. Darwin and Wavy Gravy were still here then, they left before me. We went to see little lake again. It sure looks different. It is all covered with ice.

We saw people on ice, and wonder, what they are doing. Susanna explained. As soon as ice is strong enough (sometimes those people try to go there before that… drowned people every autumn) people, mostly man goes to ice to ice fishing.  They make hole on ice and catch fishes. These Finnish people really are funny. They sit on small stools at cold, windy lake for hours and hours, and got few small fish or nothing. And Mom, they all were alone, so they don’t have talk to anybody. Hmmmmmm.  :rolleyes:Well we have fun at snow, me Darwin and Wavy. So bye bye Finland, see you at Australia!

Love you Mom!
Big Foot

008 (2).JPG
009 (2).JPG
033 (2).JPG

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Gisborne, Australia - 27th February 2012

By: fleursmum


I have arrived!!  :D I can hear voices. so I must be in Australia! :D


Ah Hello!! If I could just squeeze out of this box.....

that's much better.. here I am in Gisborne, Australia with Phinook (on the box) Freaky up the back, Meav, Shane, Flummi and Diddl-Maus.

Looks like the food supply here could be ok...

Here I am outside in the yard...hang on ...I thought it was summer here..it is warm but stormy - I heard thunder before!! What is going on here?

Will report back soon

Love and hugs

Big Foot

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Gisborne, Australia - 27th February 2012

By: fleursmum


Ahhhhh...I came back inside and there are more TV's here!!

Apparently SchokoCookie is heading off to Norway tomorrow so we all said goodbye.

Best wishes

Big Foot

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Gisborne, Australia - 29th February 2012

By: fleursmum

Today we went to work with Sue - here we met the Lucky Cat - it is made from folded paper and was made by the Japanese teacher at the school.  :D
we helped set up the TV - I had charge of the power button!! (remote control)  ;)

we had a look at some books
this book showed what Melbourne city looks like at night
these bollards are at Geelong (we might get to have a look there)
this is hot air ballooning over the Yarra Valley - lots of grapes are grown here!
here I am looking out the window - the windows here have heavy screen on them to stop the risk of ember attack in a bush fire and hopefully making the building safer!

Love and hugs

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Gisborne, Australia - 1st March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum.,

Just hanging around today


Then I saw a message from you Mum!!! :D Sending you hugs too!!


Hey another TV arrived today Mum, from Germany via Japan - we are keeping an eye on the lollies that came in the box!!!  ;)

So Mum we have...Meav, Shane, Diddl-Maus, ME, Binky,Flummi, Freaky, LittleLucy, Pninook and Hasune.
We are going to chat with LittleLucy to see what Japan is all about!

Love and hugs

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Geelong, Australia - 2nd March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

We are on our way to St Leonards for the weekend but had to have a quick stop in Geelong to show you the bollards - they are all around the beachfront and tell the history of the local area.

the life savers
the ships captain tried to catch us all in his bird cage, but I was too clever for him and squeezed out the top!!  ;)
this very attractive lady was talking to a sailor - she didn't have time for me!! :(
the sailor was very friendly though and he said hello!!
Off to St Leonards now!!

Love and hugs

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St Leonards, Australia - 2nd March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,
Here we are at St Leonards - it is windy, windy, windy!!!

the bay isn't usually like this - I hope we can get a fine day to show you!
Ahhh...I might blow away here, back to the house now I think!

Love and hugs

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St Leonards, Australia - 3rd March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Today we woke up to more windy weather and it was raining!!!

We went to have a look at the pier, but no one wanted to get out of the car
But then Sue stuck me out the window for another photo - what are you doing you mad woman!!!!!
Luckily soon after she took us all home!

Huffily yours

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St Leonards, Australia - 4th March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hey Mum,

We woke to another world today - the wind had died down, the rain had gone and the sun was shining!!  :D Now I am happy to go outside from the car!! ;)

What a difference hey Mum!! Beautiful day!  B)
we are off to explore the beach behind me
Ahh..might just stretch out in the sun here!
we came across some balloons caught up in the power lines -they must blown away yesterday in all the windy weather.
I like this place Mum..very pleasant.

Love and hugs

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