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Travelog for: Ezhik

50 km from Moscow, Russia - 3rd May 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello everyone.
I`m a hedgehog, but not an ordinary one - very cute hedgehog. My name is just a Russian translation word "hedgehog".
I used to live in the countryside - in grass among flowers and nature. Now I`m going to travel around the world and search for my relatives.
I`ll think about my missions and then will be ready for journey!


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Post office , Russia - Lithuania - 9th May 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

I`m on my way to Lithuania! I`m so happy because I was invited to spend the whole summer in Lithuania and meet my relatives there :)
See you soon~


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Lazdijai, Lithuania - 24th May 2010

By: egn

  Dear Mummy/Brangi Mamyte,

  I reched Lithuania today. This nice country visited me with pouring rain and a nice smell of vet grass. You may know that word "Lithuania" means "The Land of Rains".
  I was a bit shy at first as it was my first travel outside Russia.
  Egn was very happy about surprises you sent with me. She asked me to tell you thank you.
  I met very sweet TV there- Bella de Koe. She told me that two handsome mens-TVs had just left egn's home and headed to another travel. I hope they all will be fine. I know that I'll meet many TVs here as I'm going to stay here whole summer.
  Hugs, Ezhik

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Lazdijai, Lithuania - 31st May 2010

By: egn

  Dear Mummy/Brangi Mamyte,

  more 2 TVs reached egn's house. They are so sweet and we welcomed them with huge smiles.
  Egn had such a strange week. She went out of home at 8 AM every morning and came back at 10 PM every evening because of school and her piano and driving exams.
  Altrough, we found some time to watch Eurovision2010!
  Here I am, waiting for Eurovision.
    Here we are, waiting Eurovision to start.
    We all decided that our favourits are :Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Sweden and Belgium. At first semi-dinal we thought that Belgium should win. What is more, we thought that Russian's song would be better if they had sung Russian.

Hugs, Ezhik

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Lazdijai, egn's garden, Lithuania - 1st June 2010

By: egn

  Dear Mummy/ Brangi Mamyte,

  Congratulations with the first day of summer! Today was realtively warm day, so we decided to have a walk in egn's garden.
  There were so many flowers that we decided to choose the most beautiful one. However, they were all beautiful, so I couldn't choose the one.
  This one smelled so nice!
  I met Mrs. Snail.
  We were walking around when I saw a fence.
  I was so interested what is under the fence, so I took a look. And there were chickens!

  Hugs, Ezhik

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Lazdijai, egn's garden, Lithuania - 6th June 2010

By: egn

Dear Mummy/Brangi Mamyte,

  today is Father's Day in Lithuania. That is why we had a barbecue in egn's garden and her father had made it. It is said in Lithuania that it is a man's work to make a real barbecue and it is a very popular Sunday evening meal.
  Here I am, watching how egn's father is preparing barbecue. 
  Here we are, waiting for our meal.
    Meat with rice and carrots and a bowl of eggs salat. Bon Apetitue!
  Hugs, Ezhik

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Sejny, Poland - 8th June 2010

By: egn

Dear Mummy/ Brangi Mamyte,

  we travelled to Poland today. We visited tiny city, called Sejny, which is about 20 km from Lithuania.
  Here we are, waiting our trip to start.
  Today was a bit cold day. To compare-yeasterday it was 30C in Lithuania!
    Here I am in Sejny. I saw a map of this district and a really nice statue.
  Here is a church of Sejny.
    I saw former synagogue there as well. Now it is being used as a theatre.
  Nice ornaments near former synagogue.
    Hey, what a nice children  :D
  Walking in Sejny.
  Going back to Lithuania I and Pepita noticed that something was happening.
    Is it a fire?
    Oh, what a relief, it was only a firebrigade training.
    Hugs, Ezhik

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Lazdijai, Lithuania - 14th June 2010

By: egn

Dear Mummy,

  it is raining and raining all the time. I feel a bit depressed due to rain and there is so little to do during this weather. So, egn decided to make traditional Lithuanian dish-cepelinai. It is huge dumplings, usually with meat. It is eaten with sour cream and greaves.
  I think in this photo it looks like soup or something like that. However, ir isn't. And it tastes good.

  Hugs, Ezhik

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Alanta, Lithuania - 23rd June 2010

By: egn

Dear Mummy,

    egn told that her plans has changed a bit and we will travel in another places than she had written you. It is due to weather...It is raining raining and raining...
  So, our first visit-Alanta palace.

Alanta (dialectal Aukštaitian  name Alunta) is a small town in Molėtai district municipality, Lithuania. It is the administrative seat of the Alanta Elderate. According to a census in 2001, Alanta had 464 residents. It is situated at the crossing of two roads: Molėtai–Anykščiai and Utena–Alanta–Ukmergė. The town's St. Jacob's church was built in 1909.
The name of the town is derived from the Alanta River, tributary of Virinta. The name of the river is derived from an ancient Lithuanian verb "alėti", which means 'to stream merrily' or 'to run'.
The palace of the estate, which houses a library and an ethnographic museum, has been renovated and its park trimmed. The founder of the Alanta library, Elvyra Satkūnaitė, was named "The best librarian of Lithuania" in 1996.

  Here is the palace.
  Walking in this tiny nice city.
  Hugs, Ezhik

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Dubingiai, Lithuania - 23rd June 2010

By: egn

Dear Mummy,

  I have visited the longest lake in Lithuania. It is called Asveja.
  It may be the oldest wooden bridge in Lithuania.
Hugs, Ezhik

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Dubingiai, Lithuania - 24th June 2010

By: egn

Dear Mummy,

  I saw an oldest pub in Lithuania. Now it is a tourist information center as well.
Hugs, Ezhik

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