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meet real pigs

visit a town or a village named after pigs (e.g. Schweinfurt, Ebersbach or Pigtown)

see the famous Pigs statue of Århus, Denmark

read George Orwell's Animal farm

watch some animated cartoon starring Porky Pig (a.k.a. Schweinchen Dick)

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Travelog for: Ruzovacek

Grafton, VA, USA - 19th December 2008

By: 3tmom

We're all at Tee's school for a holiday activity.  Henry the Adventure Hound came with us; he said he got enough rest on his journey here.
Helen Bear, Bonnie Voyage, Picado, Henry, and I are building a gingerbread house. We each have a job to do.  I'm punching out the windows in the door so we can see what's happening on the other side.  Brrrr, separating the decorative snow drifts is a cold job. I wonder why I'm cold, I'm well insulated.  The house came together beautifully with all of us cooperating.

Dec 175.jpg
Dec 176.jpg
Dec 177.jpg

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