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Travelog for: Mocha

Miami, Florida, USA - 30th August 2007

By: tarepanda

Mocha with grandpa Cappucino.

mocha cappu.jpg

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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 8th September 2007

By: marina

This past Friday night SaruMaru, Robito and me went with our Mommies to IHOP. We ate a lot and had some fun there. Later it seems we were close to the sea. We could hear the waves, but because we were stuck inside a bag, we couldn't see anything. Too bad!

When the day was over we went to Robito's place. It sure was nice to sit on the dashboard on the way there! We'll be staying over at his house for a few days. We have a nice big bed to share, but I wish I had my own, because Robito doesn't like it if I stay up reading too late. It seems the light bothers his sensitive rabbit eyes, or so he says. Is it that, really? Maybe he's just a bit of a jerk...  :rolleyes:


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 11th September 2007

By: marina

Today was such an exciting day! There are a couple of new visitors here at Robito's place--Vince and his little son Vinnie. Vinnie is very cute and well behaved. I liked him a lot. Vince is a very nice guy too. We all had a very good time together.

But the best part of the day came later, in the evening. You see, after Saturday's outing, Robito had brought SaruMaru a very nice present. He didn't give me anything, though. I couldn't help feeling a little sad because I thought Robito was angry at me for some reason, and I didn't remember doing anything to upset him.

But today, he called me and said he had a big surprise for me and that he had been secretly working on it for some time. All I could see was something really big covered by a cloth. When he took it off, there was a beautiful hand-painted red sled under it! I was so happy I couldn't speak for a while!

I just can't wait for winter so I can use my new sled. I'm glad Robito is my friend!


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 14th September 2007

By: marina

I drew a lot today. Robito wanted me to draw a portrait of him, and when little Vinnie saw this, he wanted one too. So I drew him and his daddy Vince together. It was fun to draw Vinnie, he was so excited about it.

Later I met the warthog Robito had been complaining about. Frankly, although I like Robito, I know he is quick to get upset over little things. :rolleyes: So I went to meet this guy, Jacovino, by myself. Robito told me that he was living under the bed. I imagined he must be lonely and I was right. He was so happy someone actually went to see him!

I wanted to do something nice for him so I offered to draw him. But while we were doing this, Robito showed up and he seemed offended that I was making friends with Jacovino. He's still going on about that hat of his, too. I wonder if he's just jealous? Maybe he doesn't like that he'll have to share his things with someone from now on...? :thinking:

Who knows, but perhaps me and the others can help them become friends somehow. It won't hurt to try!












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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 15th September 2007

By: marina

SaruMaru and I will be leaving Robito's house tomorrow morning. Our Mommy will be coming to pick us up. So, Robito threw a little farewell party for us today. We had some Japanese apple candy and a few drinks (but not too many!) I asked Robito to please give Jacovino a chance and visit him under the bed sometime. He promised he would try.

I had a great time here, but I must admit I'm happy to be going home at last. I can't wait to see Mommy's face again! :)



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North Miami Beach, Florida, USA - 1st October 2007

By: tarepanda

Today I went with mommy to the Melting Pot.  The girls Helen Bear and Budd made a fuss about it, saying it's Ladies Night and I shouldn't be there.  But hey it's chocolate fondue!! How could I pass!?  It was so yummy I licked the pot clean!!!

Wish Sarumaru was here too but he was grounded because of all the drinking he did at the party at Marina's house.  He may not care about the fondues but he sure would love all those margaritas!!  Anyway, I took a photo just to show him, heh heh.

mocha fondue.jpg
mocha drinks.jpg

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Miami Beach, Florida, USA - 5th October 2007

By: tarepanda

Today I, being the local, showed Helen Bear around the famous South Beach.  I took her on a tour on Deco Drive, where they have all the pretty pastel buildings, and hip people walk around to see and be seen.  I showed her the house where Versace used to live.  She said she can see the blood stains on the doorsteps where he got killed, but I think her eyes are just funny after too much sun.

mocha sobe.jpg
mocha versace.jpg

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Miami, Florida, USA - 8th October 2007

By: tarepanda

Today I went to Panera for the BookCrossing Meeting.  This is the first BC meeting I go to, I also get to visit my second Official BookCrossing Zone!  Together we released some books.

toys bc.jpg
toys obcz.jpg

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Butterfly World, Florida, USA - 18th October 2007

By: tarepanda

Well, Sarumaru and Robito both left to go traveling, so it feels a bit lonely.  But I have gotten to know a lot of new friends and we all went to Butterfly World together!

I saw lots of beautiful butterflies, and one even stayed put on mommy's dress and wouldn't leave.  I also saw a coffee tree and a chocolate tree.  I wonder if I graft them would I get a mocha tree?

bw group.jpg
mocha butterfly.jpg
mocha but.jpg
mocha pond.jpg
mocha choco.jpg
mocha coffee.jpg

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Miami, Florida, USA - 22nd October 2007

By: tarepanda

I am afraid the heat is a bit too much for our Russian friend Snegovik. He is a snowman afterall.  I think he is melting already because he seems to leave a trail of water behind when he walks around. 

I bring him to eat ice cream today.  I hope it helps.  Mommy is worried that she will be sending a bucket of water to the next host...

Coldstone ice cream is my favorite.  First you get to pick the flavor of ice cream you want. Then the mix in other ingredients with two spatulas.  There are lots of mix-ins to choose from: berries and fruits, nuts, candy bars, gummi bears, brownie...  They mix the ingredients together on a very cold stone.  My favorite is the Mud Pie Mojo, with peanut butter, oreo cookies and almond in coffee ice cream, and Snegovik got one of banana ice cream w banana, strawberry and chocolate chips.  Yummy... I am glad Snegovik likes it as much as I do.

snowman 012.jpg

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Miami, Florida, USA - 24th October 2007

By: tarepanda

Today we went to say farewell to Snergovik.  He is my first Russian friend.  Mommet suggested treating him to key lime pie, the Official State Pie of Florida.  I think that's a good idea. 


Key Lime is a specialty of Florida and the Caribbeans and it's smaller than the regular lime.  In the olden days, cans of condensed milk are the only dairy available in those remote places, and some clever housewives founded out that by mixing key lime juice and condensed milk, you get a nice pie without baking!!!  Blond Giraffe has won the Best Key Lime Pie title.


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Miami, Florida, USA - 30th October 2007

By: tarepanda

To celebrate Halloween, we decided to go look for Pumpkin King.


I think this is it!!!


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Miami, Florida, USA - 6th November 2007

By: tarepanda

Things have been kind of quiet, but the last two days we had visitors!  Yay!!

The first to arrive is Hudson, a teeny little bear.  I introduced him to grandpapa Cappucino, and my friend Crayon Shin-chan.  I showed him the beautiful sled Robito made for me (I heard that he is now in Europe, I hope he is having a good time).


Together, we rode the sled to visit the polar bear clan in our village.  They were all very excited to see him.


Then the following day a big box arrived and out came Mara Joy.  She is a fine lady with a British accent.


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Miami, Florida, USA - 8th November 2007

By: tarepanda

Today, we went with mommy to volunteer for the library book sale.  It's an annual four-day event which will be held a few weeks later.  What we did today was to sort the books that people donated.

I am not quite strong enough to lift the books, but Mara Joy, Romeo and I made sure that all the books are put into the correct category (we are working on the biographies in the picture) and that they all stacked neatly with spines up, so people can browse the titles comfortably.  Let me tell you, it's not easy work!!


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Miami, Florida, USA - 11th November 2007

By: tarepanda

Today we went to the Miami International Book Fair.  (Can you tell mommy loves to read?)

We volunteered at a booth for PaperBackSwap.  I was responsible for giving flyers out to visitors.


I got to take a picture with Madeline!! I even said Bonjour to her.  I wish I knew more French. I could also say Bon Appetite and Bon Voyage but that would seem a bit weird and I don't want her to think that I am a stupid moose.


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