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Visit cemeteries and see famous graves

See if there are any graffiti on your town's walls

Visit gothic monuments (with gargoyles & grotesques would be extra !)

Go to funfairs (especially ghost train !)

Listen, read, see everything about gothic music or Tim Burton

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Travelog for: Barthélémy

Toulouse, France - 4th October 2007

By: Mistigree

I'm Barthélémy... I'm a monkey... a dead monkey indeed, but as it was written on my tag when Mistigree rescued me from being burried :
"Dead animals need love too"

That's why I decided to become a ToyVoyager instead of getting bored in heaven or hell !!

My favourite colour is... BLACK of course... ("NOIR" in French) because I'm a gothic monkey !! I like everything that is gothic (music, clothes, architecture...) and I also like Tim Burton's movies and characters !

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Toulouse, France - 5th October 2007

By: Mistigree

This evening I went to the cinema to see "CONTROL". I'll keep preciously my ticket as I enjoyed the movie very much !!

It was about Ian Curtis, Joy Division's singer's life and death. It was all filmed in black & white.

Once back home, I asked Mistigree to lend me her walkman so that I can listen to Joy Division without disturbing her !! She told me that she heard me singing while I was listening to the music !! I'm singing very well indeed !!

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Toulouse, France - 6th October 2007

By: Mistigree

Did I tell you I like Gargoyles, Grotesques and Gryphons ?

Mistigree has got a Gargoyle at home and I talked a little with her... She told me she was too heavy and too old to become a ToyVoyager...

Then Mistigree showed me some architectural details in Toulouse ! Look at those gryphons ! There were just above a door !

And this grimacing guy is a door knocker !!

There are many gargoyles on Toulouse's churches roofs, but there are so high !!!! So I content myself to pose in front of those characters that we call Grostesques.

This gothic recess would have been perfect for my bedroom but it was in a church and Mistigree told me she didn't want such a recess in her flat !!

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Toulouse, France - 7th October 2007

By: Mistigree

Mistigree showed me her pictures of Highgate cemetery in London... I want to visit it too, and Kensal Green cemetery as well !! Don't think I'm morbid !! It is just that some cemeteries are really beautiful and after all, they are part of human history as well as churches or castles !!

This morning we had a walk in the "Cimetière de Terre-Cabade", a famous cemetery here in Toulouse (it looks like the "Cimetière du Père Lachaise" in Paris). It is so big !! Hopefully there are signs to find one's way !

I met some angels...
http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2181/1517872307_c02535ca68.jpg?v=0 http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2269/1517852455_dbafaaa0cd.jpg?v=0

Look at this grave !! It is the replica of a cathedral but I can't remember which one ?!!

This big one is the grave of Aristide Bergès, a French man who discovered hydroelectric energy !!! It is a Swiss artist that sculpted his grave.

And this one looks like the Acropole in Greece !

I even foumd a Teddy Bear hanging on a grave... He told me he was sad because his mentor has died, and he decided to stay here with him... It made me sad too and I gave him some hugs.

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Toulouse, France - 7th October 2007

By: Mistigree

In the evening, I went to the "fête Saint-Michel". It is a funfair that takes place every year in October in Toulouse.

What I prefer in funfair is ... the ghost train of course !!

As Elle was here too (she comes from Japan) and had never been to a ghost train in her life, we bought 2 tickets !

There were lots of skeletons and monsters inside and we could hear frightening screams too, but it did not scared us at all !! On the contrary, we laughed a lot !

I tried to play this game for all the bears to escape, but I didn't succeed !!

Then I wanted to win the Gargoyle (or is it a bat ?) you can see behind the window, but I had no money left !!

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Toulouse, France - 14th October 2007

By: Mistigree

Are there graffiti where you live ?? I would be curious to see them !
In Toulouse, there are many streets where we can find graffiti on walls... Of course all are not very nice, but some of them are really well drawn. Look at this Bart Simpson behind the trees !!

Just near there was an extraterrestrial !

This cat one was on a van and Mistigree likes it !

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In the plane, On my way to Oregon - 16th October 2007

By: Mistigree

I had to hurry up today !! Mistigree told me I had to leave right now if I wanted to attend the Halloween monkey party of BunTraveler !!!
As I had no costume ready for the party, I tried to make a cape by myself, but the result is not extra ! ... Anyway I think I'm scaring enough without being disguised !!

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München, Germany - 19th December 2007

By: Pandamao

After some days in the dark I crawled out of my envelope.

arrival 002.jpg

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Bayrischzell, Germany - 20th December 2007

By: Pandamao

Tried on our host's new cross-country ski set. As there was no snow in Munich we took the train to Bayrischzell and went skiing there.

llauf 003.jpg

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München, Germany - 23rd December 2007

By: Pandamao

I had a nice, long walk in the English Garden today and had a mulled wine at the Christmas market at the Chinese tower.

arrival 001.jpg

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Nürnberg, Germany - 24th December 2007

By: Pandamao

Visisted the famous Nuremberg Christkindl market.

nuremberg 005.jpg
nuremberg 010.jpg
nuremberg 011.jpg
nuremberg 012.jpg
nuremberg 013.jpg
nuremberg 014.jpg
nuremberg 015.jpg
nuremberg 016.jpg

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München, Germany - 28th December 2007

By: Pandamao

Today my host said that I should have a mulled wine to taste. The usual mulled wine is made with red wine and spices. For this occasion I got a special one - made with elderberry wine! Mmmmh, delicious  :p

gluehwein 008.jpg

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Wilhelmshaven, Germany - 30th December 2007

By: Pandamao

Yesterday we went up all the way from Munich to Wilhelmshaven - a seven hour train ride. Today we all go on a ferry to go onto one of the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea - Wangerooge.

wooge 003.jpg
wooge 008.jpg
wooge 009.jpg
wooge 010.jpg
wooge 011.jpg
wooge 012.jpg
wooge 013.jpg

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Wangerooge, Germany - 1st January 2008

By: Pandamao

We had a nice New Year' party last night. Today we just have an easy day walking around the island.

wooge 016.jpg
wooge 021.jpg
wooge 023.jpg
wooge 028.jpg
wooge 029.jpg
wooge 030.jpg
wooge 031.jpg

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München, Germany - 3rd February 2008

By: Pandamao

Today the weather was really nice so we all went to Munich's city center, Marienplatz and Neuhauser Straße. Lots of people were out to celebrate carneval - it's called "Fasching" here.

fasching 001.jpg
fasching 002.jpg
fasching 004.jpg
fasching 009.jpg

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