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Travelog for: Isambard

Novosibirsk, Russia - 19th January 2008

By: Cosmica

Today we've been to an artist's studio. The first what I saw there was this absolutely fantastic dog. I've never seen such an energetic creature before:  :stare:


The artist's name is Natasha. You can see her paintings on the walls:



I felt myself like an artist too when I saw all this things - brushes, colouring, bottles and many other interesting stuff!


Then we drank tea with Russian traditional round cracknels. They are delicious and crisp!  :)


We painted these fruits. It was a bit difficult for I don't know how to deal with watercolours  :rolleyes:


I've promised to show you Siberian birches all covered with snow. Here you are:


And this is an example of local special transport. This is a car of Special Medical Service. I've asked my host what this means but she doesn't know either  B)


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Novosibirsk, Russia - 26th January 2008

By: Cosmica

Vika had a really tough week so first I was bored for lack of an occupation and was sitting looking out of the window.


We didn't walk much in the daylight. But still I got my portion of sightseeing experience.
Here you can see one of the local subway stations - the station named after marshall Pokryshkin:


And the same but with people


That day we were on a visit. Here you can see a plant that can be seen almost in every apartment in Russia - aloe vera. It's like a traditional plant to have at home for it has many useful properties.


It's strange but if you look at the window it seems like it is September outside...

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 26th January 2008

By: Cosmica

Today we finally managed to go for a walk. It was not very hot outside (-16C) so the walk was quite short but still interesting.
We went to Pervomaysky Park in the center of Novosibirsk. Trees were covered with snow which had a really stange form. Just look at it!


Then we found a sample of local graffity:


And you know what!? There was my host's name written on the back side of this "sculpture". This is how it looks in Russian:


I was impressed with such an amount of snow and this wonderful fur-trees and decided to check if the snow was real and not artificial. Now I know it was real 'cause it was very cold!


On the backgound you can see a Russian traditional horse slay. It is used here to entertain children.


We walked along the park and found this sculprute of a very sad woman. I tried to convince her that everything would be OK but it never listened to me! It's a pity to see such a grief on a wonderful day like this...


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Novosibirsk, Russia - 26th January 2008

By: Cosmica

We also visited festival of snow figures. Such festivals are held every year for people from various cities and even countries. For example, this camel (looks a bit bizarre I should say) was made by masters from Kazakhstan.




And here you can see the House of Lenin (it is a Russian tradition to have streets, theaters, squares etc. named after Lenin and Marks). It belongs to Novosibirsk Philharmonic Hall and we are going there soon to the second Tayga Siberian Ethno Festival. I'm looking forward to it.


To the left you can see geographic center of Novosibirsk marked wich a chapel that stands just in the middle of the main Novosibirsk road - Krasny Prospect. Some say it marks geographic center of Russia but it is not know for sure.


And the last picture for today seems absolutely spring-like, almost no snow. I definitely like this city, you never know for sure what season it is :0)


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Novosibirsk, Russia - 1st February 2008

By: Cosmica

Yesterday we decided that we need some shake-up and went to a concert. We started with bear which is rather usual for any club.


The first band was named Brothers-Pilots in honour of the two popular detective brothers (not pilots actually) from a very funny cartoon. Brothers-Pilots are a punk-rock band, rather fresh sound, ricky-tick beat, full of energy. They were followed with quite a harmonious indie band named Glaza (Eyes). It's strange but the soloist has abolutly vampire-like cuspids!


And the last but not the least band was named Nebo Londona (London Sky) which reminded me of my home. I felt a little nostalgic but it was not the time to feel sad so I relaxed and went dancing!


The concert was over but we felt the need to discuss it and returned to the bar counter.


And we have great plans for tomorrow. I will not tell you anything today so keep tracking!

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 2nd February 2008

By: Cosmica

I've promised you to show something interesting. Here you are. Today we've been to a winter bike-fest! Just imagine riding a bike through the local huge amount of snow - one should be very brave and athletic to do that!

But first of all we needed to get to Lokomotiv Skiing Lodge. There is a Children's Railroad in the Park (it connects Zaeltsovsky Park with the local zoo) but it does not function in winter.


And this is the station:

So we went through a real piny wood.


We arrived just in time to see the start:

Then bikers started. Some of them were riding, the others were just running with the bicycles. It was a real fun to see all this stuff!

Then we went to the finish to see who would come first. Here is the winner!


On the way back I was impressed with this fence-like densityof the wood.

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 7th February 2008

By: Cosmica

Some days ago we came across these two wonderful women. They were sitting in front of a Pancake Cafe (I was promised to be treated with pancakes soon). I think they make everything bright!


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Novosibirsk, Russia - 7th February 2008

By: Cosmica

Today we met another toyvoyager - Twitchy, he's from Miami! His travel to Novosibirsk was as long as my own so we had a theme to discuss :0)


We decided not to waste any time, consulted with Archibald who knows much about Novosibirsk already and made our way to the Birchwood. We knew there are many merry-go-rounds there!




I couldn't help but make a photo with this donkey, he looks so sad! I wish I had some meat for him...


But soon I found a chute and forgot any grief! It was tempting me to have a ride!



I was all covered with snow but it was a fun I should say ;0)


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Novosibirsk, Russia - 7th February 2008

By: Cosmica

After all this fun with merry-go-roungs we went to a monument devoted to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.


It made me feel very sorry for all those people who died defending their motherland.


Than we found an interesting stone. Vika says there was a church here in 1920s that was burnt down when the Soviet Union decided to destroy any symbols of religiosity and this stone was placed at the site where the curch had been located.


I felt as an alpinist!

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 9th February 2008

By: Cosmica

Some days ago I saw Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. It's so huge and impressive! No wonder, it is one of the symbols of Novosibirsk.


There is a statuary in front of the theatre. This group of three men is a common meeting point for young couples.


And this is Vladimir Lenin - the most famous person in the Russian history. It's really difficult to count all the monuments to Lenin in Novosibirsk!


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Novosibirsk, Russia - 13th February 2008

By: Cosmica

Not so long ago a showing of art dolls was open in Novosibirsk. And of course we couldn't help but participate in this great event!




This is my favorite:



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Novosibirsk, Russia - 13th February 2008

By: Cosmica

And this is the Novosibirsk Metro Bridge, the longest in Europe as they say and the river Ob:


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Novosibirsk, Russia - 22nd February 2008

By: Cosmica

Everybody know that not so long ago we celebrated St. Valentine's Day. We all couldn't help but make some Valentine Cards for Vika's friends.
By the way I'm happy to introduce my new friend Gina to you. She is from Austria.
And I shall mention (this is for Steve and Helly) that I have a Valentine Card for them in my travel log  :rolleyes:


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Worthing, UK - 26th April 2008

By: melleni

I have finally arrived at my new home. It took along time to travel here and I'm pleased to be out of my box.

I arrived with 'The Lenihans' today who live in Worthing, West Sussex. There is Mel and Alex (Mum and Dad), Sam (7), Jessica (5) and Ben (4).

Today Jessica brought home her Class Teddy Bear called Rupert. We told each other all about our travels. Rupert travels with all the girls and boys in Jessica class.

This is a picture of me with Rupert the Bear, Jessica and Sam


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Worthing, UK - 1st May 2008

By: melleni

Today Sam, Jessica and Ben were off school, so we went to the allotment so I could see what they are growing.

I climbed the apple tree.....whoops I got a little stuck and Sam had to help me out....

When we got back home I had a quick look in the greenhouse and then a little bounce on the trampoline.

issy tree.jpg
issy bed.jpg

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