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Travelog for: Isambard

Cowbray Ruins W. Sussex, UK - 5th May 2008

By: melleni

We had a busy day today.

Sam, Jess and Ben's Grandad has 13 ferrets and he travels around with them to lots of country fayre shows. Today we went to the castle ruins at Cowdray with them.

Cowdray ruins apparently has a cursed on it, the owner and several people who worked there have all drowned........ this was along time ago.

Anyway, the fayre was brillant, I got to ride on a donkey, sit with a duckling, and go into the sheep pin. There were also some pigs there but I was a little worried they might try and eat me so I kept away. We also went to watch a helicopter take off and land again. Jess held onto me as she thought I might blow away in the wind......

Aferwards I had a rest in the big chair..... yawn yawn.....

issy ferret.jpg
issy horse.jpg
issy duck.jpg
issy goat.jpg
issy heli.jpg
issy chair.jpg

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Center Parcs Longleat, UK - 16th May 2008

By: melleni

We are off on holiday today for a few days. We are off to center parcs @ longleat. On they way there we drove past Stonehenge.


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Center Parcs @ Longleat, Uk - 17th May 2008

By: melleni

We were up bright and early today to make the most of our holiday.
Me and Sam had a game of crazy golf at the Jarden Des Sport.
After that we went for a swim at the 'Subtropical Swimming Pardise'. I thought it was best not to go in the water.
We stopped to look at all the lolly's in Treats sweetie shop on the way out. Yummy Yummy..... :p

issy water.jpg
issy sweeties.jpg

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Center Parcs Longleat, Uk - 18th May 2008

By: melleni

We were up early again today..... :o
We all went off for the 'woodland awakening tour' we had to met up outside the Rangers Lodge before the walk. We saw looks of birds, Larch, woodpecker, robins and there was a deer hiding in the bushes too......

In the afternoon Alex went sailing, his boat capsized and he got very wet, lucky I wasn't with him. I stayed on the beach and played with Sam's school teddy Ashley.

After Alex had finished we all went to the 'Outing with Owls' talk. It was very intersting but a little scary, as I was a little afraid that the Owls might try and eat me. Everybody got to hold an owl. The picture is of Sam holding the eagle Owl (i think)

issy rangers.jpg
issy beach.jpg

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