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Travelog for: alfie langer

Bad Bentheim, Germany - 12th October 2007

By: The Sparkle


Today Alfie was saying goodbye to his New friends: Knorretje Knor and Seamus.

Seamus is traveling again to his next host in the USA. Knorretje Knor is traveling for the first time. She is going to Moscow.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 20th October 2007

By: The Sparkle

It is a little bite chilly but the sun is shining so Muki, my new ToyVoyager friend, and i like to explore the garden of our host.

Outside enjoying the sun

Oeps, I'm almost falling

Saved by this beautiful colored flower. I love the color of this plant/bush. Its almost te same colour as my soccer outfit ;)

On a big old pink bicycle together with Muki. He is sitting in the basket in front.

I have picked a flower for you Mum. My host made a picture of me with the flower because she tells me that it is not allowed to take flowers with you in the envelope and that it will be dead when i arreive back to you.

I hope you like my picture Mum.

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Enschede, The Netherlands - 30th November 2007

By: The Sparkle


Today i put Alfie Langer in the little box again where he arreived in at my home.
He is going to travel again after a strange stay. (My father in law died some weeks ago.)

I hope he enjoys his next host and that he will visit me agin in better days.

The Sparkle

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Portstewart, Northern Ireland - 25th December 2007

By: crizle

Meg sent my Mum some photo's and a listy of where I have been through December and January so this will be a little out of date sequence, but I did want you to see a couple of photo's of my stay in Ireland.


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Cupar, Fife, Scotland - 2nd February 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

Hi! I arrived in Scotland today, after staying in Ireland...but my Irish host didnt update my travel log, so my mum will just have to wait till my notebook arrives home to see what I got up to over there!


Here's me, having a nice stretch after all that time in a package! Meg, my host in Ireland, sent along a nice envelope of chocolates for us to share, so Theodor and I had a small picnic!


Then the camera ran out, so no more pictures for tonight! The batteries are charging right now though, so maybe tomorrow, if the weather isnt too bad, Theodor and I might get to see a bit of Cupar! He tells me they went on a trip to St Andrews yesterday that I missed...oh well, maybe next time!

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Cupar, Fife, Scotland - 22nd February 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

hi mum! Sorry for not updating sooner, something was always going wrong when it came time to have some adventures! The weather has been awful recently, and the camera batteries were often mysteriously disappearing! Since the weather was bad - we had very strong winds and horrible heavy rain - the three of us decided to take a leaf out of the cat's book and stay snuggled up for most of the days! Out host was very jealous, as she wanted to be able to do that too, but she still had to go through to university in the cold and the rain!


Hopefully the weather will get better soon and we will get a chance to go outside!

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Cupar, Fife, Scotland - 1st March 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

The weather is finally nice again! We woke up this morning to sun streaming through the window and we couldnt wait to go outside and play!


Unfortunately, we had to help with the housework before we could even think about going outside!


We found some pretty stones inside that our host told us came all the way from South Africa!



Finally we got to go outside!


We found some pretty spring crocuses popping through the soil, it must be difficult with all those fallen leaves piled up on top of them!

We decided to climb a tree next, but I got stuck halfway up!


So to redeem myself, I suggested we played some football to show them that I wasnt so clumsy after all!


But we couldn't decide which ball to play with!

After a hard game, we sat and relaxed in the sun with some apple juice.


I hope the weather is nice again tomorrow!

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Porvoo, Finland - 17th March 2008

By: Delenna

Alfie's host here Hi :) Alfie arrived safely and got a tour in our home right away (my girls were excited). After I've recharged my camera bateries we'll go outdoors to see the neighbourhood!

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Porvoo, Finland - 18th March 2008

By: Delenna


Today I got to see the neighbourhood where my current hostfamily lives. They live by the Baltic Sea but it's not an open sea view like in some places where I've been as Finland has so much archipelago. I was told that the creator of Moomin spent her summers in this part of the archipelago. No wonder Moominpappa loves the sea!  :o

This winter has been the warmest ever in Finland. That's why there isn't much snow or ice. People are warned about thin ice every year (on tv and the papers) but this year it's quite obvious... at least here in southern Finland.

We walked thru the forest back home. That sign is interesting because it says "private area" - in the middle of the woods! Even my host thought it was weird  :stare:

001_Alfie 18-3-08 (1).jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08 (2).jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08 (3).jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08.jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08 (4).jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08 (5).jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08 (6).jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08 (7).jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08 (8).jpg
001_Alfie 18-3-08 (9).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 21st March 2008

By: Delenna

This is the sauna! It works so that you throw water on the hot stones and the room gets even more heated (this is an electric sauna so you turn it on to get the basic heat) and humid. The temperature rises usually to 60-80C, less is too little and more starts to get too much to most of the people. Before and after is good to take a shower (or a bath). Sauna is really relaxing, my host said it would do good after a hard football/soccer game - it relaxes your muscles. And head, I'm told.

Finns have even this competition where people go to sauna and it's heated hotter and hotter and the last who comes out is the winner. In the summer Finns like to go to their summer houses (those who have one, or have rented one, or visit reletives who have one) which are mostly situated by a lake - and there they go swimming in the lake after the sauna.

In the winter some people might go play in the snow after sauna (and run back really fast) if the place is suitable for it (you don't do it in the city where anyone can see you). Nowadays there's not enough snow for it, at least not in the southern Finland. My host says she hasn't done it but she has pics of her husband do it with his friends!

In the pics the sauna is cool (normal room temperature) because it you take photos when it's hot the pictures get all foggy due to the heat.

002_sauna_21-3-08 001.jpg
002_sauna_21-3-08 002.jpg
002_sauna_21-3-08 003.jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 21st March 2008

By: Delenna

Easter Part 1:

I helped the girls decorate the willow twigs. They used colorful feathers, shiny paper, plastic eggs... etc. The twigs will be used tomorrow when the girls go to wish happy easter to their grandparents. It's their first time they decorate the twigs, I think they turned out great!

The tradition is that kids dress up as witches and go door-to-door, receiving candy in exchange for the decorated willow twigs (there's also a little riddle the kids say before giving the twigs, it's basically a good wish for Easter). I'm told that this is a result of the mixing of an old Orthodox tradition (blessing houses with willow branches) and the Scandinavian Easter witch tradition.

My  host says her kids are too small to go door-to-door so they go to the grandparents. The grandparents are waiting for them eagerly! My host didn't tell the kids yet as they're coming up with a little cold - that might ruin the plan but as they're not told, they won't be disappointed. We'll see tomorrow...

Their uncle & his wife brought them those "little" packs with goodies already. The kids should go to his place too with the twigs. And the other chocolate egg is bought by my host (there were several too).

003_Easter_21-3-08 001.jpg
003_Easter_21-3-08 004.jpg
003_Easter_21-3-08 005.jpg
003_Easter_21-3-08 006.jpg

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Jakari, Finland - 22nd March 2008

By: Delenna

Easter part 2

Today the eldest girl dressed up as a witch as planned. The other kids stayed at home with daddy (the middle one didn't want to dress up after all) when the eldest, the mom and me drove to the grandparents. These pics are taken in Jakari, a small village about 20km from my host. It's also part of Porvoo municipality so we couldn't get the lat&long...

My host's parents still had snow on the ground as their property is in the shadow most of the day.

Someone had Easter decorations outside their house, on their bush-fence!

004_Jakari (1).jpg
004_Jakari (3).jpg
004_Jakari (4).jpg
004_Jakari (5).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 22nd March 2008

By: Delenna

After the grandparents-tour my host showed me the sights! We climbed on this "view tower" where I could see almost the whole town. There's the river, the downhill skiing center, the red old shore houses... It was literally a basic overview  :)

Porvoo is small(ish) town with about 47 000 inhabitants. It's the second oldest city in this country, it got town rights in 1380! Porvoo is close to the capitol Helsinki - only 50km and about 1 h drive from there.

005_view-tower_22-3-08 (1).jpg
005_view-tower_22-3-08 (2).jpg
005_view-tower_22-3-08 (3).jpg
005_view-tower_22-3-08 (4).jpg
005_view-tower_22-3-08 (5).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 23rd March 2008

By: Delenna

Easter part 3

Today I helped the girls paint eggs. It's another Easter tradition. You can do it the hard way and blow the inside of the egg out via a small opening and paint the shell or you can do it the easy way and boil the eggs first and then paint. There are different ways to paint/color the eggs but these girls used simply watercolors. See, one of them painted my name on the egg!

006_painting_eggs (1).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 26th March 2008

By: Delenna

Today, when everybody woke up, there was a suprise outside: snow! Lots and lots of snow! "Now this is what I call a winter" said my host and continued "It's just like in the good old days when I was youn--- a kid". We all went outdoors to play in the snow, the girls tried skiing for the first time this winter and then we played with the sleigh. That's me with the new girl in the house, Chamki. When the mail came we got yet another tv, Roo! This will be interesting - and fun! Roo came from my home and told me how things were down there.

TV_snow 014.jpg
TV_snow 016.jpg
TV_snow 018.jpg
TV_snow 020.jpg
TV_snow 023.jpg

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