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Travelog for: Little John

Post Office, Japan - 7th April 2009

By: JaymeC

I'm a little bear named Little John. Do you know what Disney movie I took my name from? I've been sitting around watching Disney movies with Jayme's sons and would love to learn more about Disney! Maybe one day I could even visit? I especially want to visit Disney World in Florida (since I hear that's the biggest) and Disneyland Paris (since Jayme seems to really want to go there!) I've been looking at all sorts of postcards, it just looks so neat!
I know many people don't go to Disney, but I also want to learn lots about myths and legends in every area. Lots of Disney movies are based on old myths and legends, so maybe I can learn about those and more! My favorite ones are of course about Robin Hood. Maybe one day I can learn about him in England? Oh I'm such a dreamer! Maybe I've been watching too many movies.
My mommy says its time for me to get into my envelope now and go visit my first host. I sure hope its lots of fun. I'm a bit nervous. Oh, but I'll just think about the happy places I may see...
Hope I update soon!
Little John

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Plant City, Florida - 1st July 2009

By: JaymeC

I got to have my very first adventure! I headed off to visit my mommy's friend in Plant City, FL. Here I am at the water tower there!
And I got to go bowling! It was so much fun!
Finally we got to do what I wanted to do most of all and visit Disney World! We stayed at the Pop Century. Here I am at the security gate.
Here's the view from our room
We had lots of fun. I wanted some of this yummy snack, but I didn't get to have any :( Little bears have to eat healthier than that I suppose.
I got to see my very first Mickey hat! Its a Tinkerbell one
I also got to meet lots of people! Well okay, I only saw a photo of Goofy...
But I did get to meet Pluto!
And Minnie!
One day we got to visit Blizzard Beach
We also got to visit Wild Adventures park in Georgia
I had so much fun! And Jayme's friend is so very sweet that she let me pack up LOTS of stuff to bring home to my mommy and the kids. They loved checking our all of it, thank you again!

Wow! What fun I had on my first adventure. My mommy says from here I'm headed off on another great adventure, but its a surprise. hmm. I wonder where I'll go next! I can't wait to see!

Little John

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