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Travelog for: Jasper

at Home, Switzerland - 31st July 2012

By: Jasper

I am exited and i am waiting .

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at Home, Switzerland - 6th August 2012

By: Jasper

My last Hours at Home
Tomorrow morning i will start my Journey.
Goodbey Home, goodbey Friends. Specially goodbey to my Friend Runa, a norwegian Cat. I will miss her very much, but perhaps i can visit Norway and send Greetings from her Birthplace.                Nürnberg i come.

K800_ToyVoyagers 010.JPG

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at the Postoffice, Switzerland - 7th August 2012

By: Jasper

Jasper is on his Way.

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at the Postoffice, Switzerland - 8th August 2012

By: Jasper

Last Picture at Home.

K800_ToyVoyagers 015.JPG

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in an Envelope, unknown - 13th August 2012

By: Jasper

We never thought, it takes so long,  travell to germany. More than a week for a distance you can drive with a car in four hours. Lousy job from postoffices. But we hope best.


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Guestfamily in Nuremberg, Germany - 14th August 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi dear mommy and friends. Everything is fine. Today i#ve been arrived in Germany. Its so good to see the daylight again. My guestfamily is very nice. I think the littlest daughter is falling in love with me. Also today the TV from my guestmom is leaving germany to UK. He is a cute little guy named Krümelknirps. We said goodbye after we ate the delicious candies i brought with me in the envelope.


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City of Nuremberg, Germany - 16th August 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi mom. Yesterday my guestmom took me with her. First i have to wait a long time in a dark cupboard because she have to work. At the end of her work we go to the city. Fisrt she showed me the "schönen Brunnen" and the golden ring on it. Near this is the "Frauenkirche" where every year the"christkind" opens his Christmasmarket. The christkind is staying under this sculptur on top of the church. The sculpture itself is called the "Männleinlaufen". Every day at twelve o clock is this moving. Two doors near the king on his throne open and then come seven "Kurfürsten" out of it and circle around the king. Its fantastic. Next she showed me the "Stadtbrille". Its funny because the river (Pegnitz) works like a mirror and the tunnel looks like glasses. After that we go to the "Lorenzkirche". Its a very big church. The ornament on it is about 9 metres tall. That was amazing. We have to wait a few minutes for the next train. We go home by underground. I wrote a postcard to you. Hope everything is fine.

Lots of hugs, yours Jasper.


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Silbersee, Germany - 21st August 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi mom. Sorry for my late mail. Today we was on a big lake in Nuremberg. They called it "Silbersee". I dont know why. My guestmom and my new friend Brook was climbing a big tree. That was fun. In a few days there is a fair in Nuremberg. My guestmom told me that we go all together there. Perhaps we can ride a carousel. I want to eat some icecream. When i win something, i will send it to you.

I miss you. Hugs from me and my friends.


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at guestfamilys house, Germany - 29th August 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi Mom. Here i'll show you where we sleep at night. Its very warm. We sit on the terrarium of host moms snakes. They are very cute. The cornsnakes are so small. I think they are about 40 centimetres. After breakfast we made a trip to the mall. Its very hot here in Nuremberg.

Write you back soon.

Lots of love, Jasper


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Bridges of Nuremberg, Germany - 11th September 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi mom. Guestmom told me that i have to leave. She is a little bit sad about to hear that and me to because my new friend Brook the Orang Utan will stay for a while in nuremberg. Today guestmom bought one of these terrible envelopes for me. But he put a postcard from Nuremberg and some sweets in it too. She said that i will arriving in America soon. She means America is a very big country with beautyful places. Is she right? I hope it.

Today we made a sightseeing Tour in the City of Nuremberg. First we walk above the "Henkersteg". Near that is the House from the hangman (just in medievil times). After that she showed us the Maxbrücke and a small waterfall at the River Pegnitz. Then we went to the Fleischbrücke where in middleage was a big slaughterhouse. brook and i chilled in a hole in the wall. then we stopped at a fountain. At the end we met a big rabbit. can you see me?

The next time i write to you from America.

Love and hugs from yours Jasper


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Minnesota, USA - 20th October 2012

By: Jillyfish

Hello! I have arrived safe and sound in Minnesota, USA.

Arizona and I arrived on the same day. Funny! :)
We were warmly welcomed by a group of new Toy Voyager friends. Hello Everybody~!



We took a little walk. Host mom says she has a surprise. Hmm.... but the Autumn leaves are very pretty!


It's the Mississippi River! Wow!




It's quite nice out here, but VERY windy!


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Minnesota, USA - 29th October 2012

By: Jillyfish

Halloween is coming up!
OoooOOOoooOoohhHhh~!  :cyclops:

We are helping Host mom create her Halloween costume: She's going as a postcard! Ha!




It should be a big hit! (I hope there's enough candy for me!)

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Minnesota, USA - 12th December 2012

By: Jillyfish

It's brrrrrr cold here in Minnesota today! But we are an adventurous group-- it doesn't stop us from playing in the snow. :)




We participated in a few Christmas card swaps on Swap-bot . com this year..... and HOLY COW: look at all the beautiful cards we received:



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Christmas, Minnesota, USA - 25th December 2012

By: Jillyfish

Merry Christmas~!

It's a beautifully sunny day outside. We are getting ready to drive to family's house to open presents.



YAY~! Presents!

After the holiday, I will be traveling on to my new host.

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Miami, Florida, United States - 11th January 2013

By: tarepanda

Wow I have arrived!!

After some boring days in the envelop, I can hear a lot of excited noises.  And light finally!!


Wow what a welcome party I have!


I am so glad to find another moose.  Mocha is the resident TV here and he said it's about time he has a moose friend, he is tired of all the rats and mice in his place!  (No he was just joking, he likes his rodent friends.)  Like me, he wishes to meet a real moose some day!  He proudly introduce me to his grandpapa, Cappuccino.  His Grandpapa is too old to travel but he loves having visitors. 


I think I will have a grand time here.

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