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Travelog for: Hotte Hü

Havana, Cuba - 20th August 2013

By: Phiva

Bienvenido a la Habana!
Finally we are here! I've always wanted to visit this wonderful city and now I'm here! We also visited the Castillo del Morro and I was allowed to sit into a real cannon and on a real cannonball! Then we drank the best Piña Colada I've ever had in a really small but nice café!
It was so great, the city is beautiful!


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Cayo Blanco, Cuba - 22nd August 2013

By: Phiva

Hola Amigos,
today it is beach time! So we took a catamaran and sailed to one of Cuba's nicest islands, the Cayo Blanco! As you can see, this is the true Carribbean :-)!!! White beaches, blue water, palm trees and Mojito :-)!
Check this out!


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Varadero, Cuba - 24th August 2013

By: Phiva

Heyhey from Varadero again!
This is one of our last days here in Cuba! But it is a perfect day for the beach :-)! As you can see it is very similar to Cayo Blanco – it is absolutely wonderful! And we only have to walk a few steps from our hotel room to the beach – I’m thinking about staying here forever :-D! However I miss German food!!! The Cubans don’t know how to use spicery…! At least they know how to make delicious cocktails ;-)…!


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Varadero, Cuba - 25th August 2013

By: Phiva

So this will be my very last update from Cuba! Tomorrow we will fly back home to Germany – what a pity! For saying farewell we had a wonderful glass of wine and enjoyed a last perfect day at the beach! Even our chambermaid bid farewell today and created another towel greeting!
So now our bags are packed and we’re waiting for a safe flight home and another big adventure which is waiting there for me ;-)…!


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Saarbrücken, Germany - 27th August 2013

By: Phiva

Hallo from Saarbrücken!
We finally made it to Frankfurt Airport safe and sound! Getting back to “normal cocktails” I tried our “home-vodka” – I didn’t like it! I will only drink rum in the future!
So as I already said, my next adventure is waiting for me: my aunt Vanessa will take me to Sardinia/Italy! Jihaaaaa another opportunity to enjoy sun, beach and sea!
Of course I'll keep you informed :-)!


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Burladingen, Germany - 28th August 2013

By: Phiva

Arrived at Vanessa’s house – check!
Flying to Sardinia – check!
First Italian update will come very soon!
Yours, Hotte


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Cagliari, Italy - 28th August 2013

By: Vaneu

Today my second journey this summer started. I flew to Cagliari in Sardegna, Italy. At 10 o'clock we drove to Karlsruhe. Our flight was on time and at 2 o'clock we landed in Cagliari. Cagliari is the capitol of Sardegna. We went to our hotel in Assemini and had a relaxed first day at the pool. It is a business hotel so there were no people except of auntie Nessie, her friend Carina and me.


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Poetto, Italy - 29th August 2013

By: Vaneu

Today we went to Poetto Beach near Cagliari. The beach was very crowded but we found a nice spot between numerous italian people. There are almost no international tourists, we only met italian people. It was a very hot day and he water was very warm.


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Costa Rei, Italy - 30th August 2013

By: Vaneu

On our third day in Italy we went on a one day trip to Costa Rei. It is a very nice coast in the south-east of the island. We took the bus in Cagliari and it took us two hours to get there. When we arrived, the weather was very bad and it rained a lot. In one of the pictures you can see that it was very windy. But after an hour we enjoyed the sun and the beautiful beach. It was worth it to visit the coast.


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Cagliari, Italy - 31st August 2013

By: Vaneu

The last day of our holiday we spent in Cagliari. We went shopping, drank coffee and had a delicious italian ice cream.
In the middle of the city is a very old building. It is very high and you have a beautiful view over the city, the harbour and the sea. I really enjoyed it although it was very, very hot. I was happy when we went back to the hotel and relaxed at the pool. In the evening we went back to the city to have our last dinner in Italy.


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Burladingen, Germany - 1st September 2013

By: Vaneu

This morning we left the hotel in the early morning. I'm a bit sad that the five days are already over but I was also ready to go home. After three weeks travelling I was looking forward to my common surrounding.
Back in Germany I watched TV and relaxed with my friend Aris. He wanted to play but I was way tooooooo tired and fell asleep pretty soon.


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Los Angeles, United States of America - 14th September 2013

By: Phiva

Hello my friends,

finally I can tell you something about my last trip. It was something veeeery special: I did the WILD WEST TOUR in the original way – I was riding a Harley Davidson!
It was soooo amazing!

This is in Los Angeles where we got our bikes!







Next Stop: Las Vegas!

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Las Vegas, USA - 15th September 2013

By: Phiva

WOOOOOW!!! We’re finally there! VEGAS! SIN CITY!!! I can’t believe it! It is just the way I thought it to be! So big! So bright! So wonderful!
These are my pictures! Love it!


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Seligman, USA - 18th September 2013

By: Phiva

These pics were taken in Seligman and Laughlin in Arizona. Just short stopovers! But still time to gamble a little bit ;-) – yes! I love these one-armed bandits!


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Hoover Dam, USA - 21st September 2013

By: Phiva

Jihaaaaaa I feel like James Bond – I also think I look as handsome as 007 does – even better! So here I am at the Hoover Dam! Unfortunately there wasn’t any bungee jumping equipment…


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