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Travelog for: Chalon

home, Germany - 3rd July 2012

By: MA_17

I'm new to this toyvoyager-world and I'm really excited what will happen to me.
My brother Alex told me a lot about the adventures of other tvs. I hope I will have as much fun as all the other ones.
Alex promised to show me a bit of his world before I'm going to travel.



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home, Germany - 4th July 2012

By: MA_17

Happy 4th of July!

We invited Liberty-Buddy-Bear and got some original American sweets.


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in a car, Germany - 7th July 2012

By: MA_17

Alex told me to take a ride by car, 'cause I would see lots of things. Hmmm... I did the ride, but all I saw was the camera. Later on my pictures I also saw everything around the car. I asked Alex what I did wrong. He told me I have to turn my body and look out of the window! :stare: Maybe next time I'll do it correct. But it was really funny when the car turned left and right... :cyclops:



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home, Germany - 8th July 2012

By: MA_17

Today we did a walk around the houses. We didn't like to take pictures so we left the camera at home. When we came back, we were a little bit shocked! The door to the balcony was opened. :o We weaseled onto the balcony and saw someone relaxing in Alex canvas chair! :thinking: Who is this?

It turned out that the one in the canvas chair is a new guest. His name is Fiete and he'll stay for about one month. I think we'll have a lot of fun. He told us that nobody was at home when he arrived so he decided to wait for us while enjoying some sun.


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Berlin, Germany - 9th July 2012

By: MA_17

Today we didn't really have time for sightseeing, but when Mommy went to her work we stopped for one picture. It's the backside of the Zions Church in the district Mitte. It's an evangelic church and it was dedicated in 1873. It was built on a hill of 52 meters (170.60 ft), one of the highest points of the former Berlin. The tower itself got a high of 67 meters (219.82 ft) and serve as a reference point and viewpoint. The specific characteristic of the church is that the nave isn't align to the east, like it is normal. That one is align to the north!



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Zschornewitz, Germany - 12th July 2012

By: MA_17

Today we did a ride by car through one of our hometowns. It was the first car-ride for Fiete, he had some problems when the car started. ;)
This is a small village in Saxony-Anhalt. There's not so much to tell, just that they had the biggest power station of the world about 100 yrs ago.
This time I was sitting correct in the car and as I was told before, it was really funny!

Yours Chalon

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Zschornewitz, Germany - 13th July 2012

By: MA_17

Once again we discovered my hometown!
We started with the town sign. What a difficult name!

It's really green around here.

This is the new control-room for the old power station, but it's closed for years.

There's also a sports ground in this village.

The street where I live...sometimes!

On this street Crawfish learnt driving a car.

Then we walked to the park.

In this park you can see the catholic church. It's really small and... pink! :o

After this walk Alex, Crawfish and I relaxed on a bench while the others walked through the rest of the village.

I think this walk was enough for me! :cyclops:


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Dessau, Germany - 14th July 2012

By: MA_17

We did a road trip again! :D
First we went through villages and forests. It was not the best weather. Have a look to the sky - it's blue and grey and really dark!

After a while we arrived in Dessau. It is situated on a floodplain where the Mulde flows into the Elbe. Maybe you never heard of this city before, but you may have heard of some of its sons, like Hugo Junkers (first airplane totally made from metal, the Junkers J 1 in 1915 - founded the Junkers & Co-airplane-factory which was Europe's biggest airplane factory during World War II), Thomas Kretschmann (Hollywood actor), Dieter Hallervorden (famous comedian and singer, honorary citizen) or Moses Mendelssohn (philosopher, father of Haskalah).

This is the old brewery. It doesn't work anymore, there's such a small adventure park inside.

The building on the left is the biggest shopping mall of the city, called "Rathaus Center".

The tower is part of the City History Museum.

The most famous bridge crosses the river Mulde.

When we arrived at the place we wanted to go we had to wait a while in the car, it was raining cats and dogs. :stare:

I visited the famous Bauhaus, another UNESCO World Heritage! The Staatliches Bauhaus (full name) was a school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts and was founded by Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus style became one of the most influential currents in Modernist architecture and modern design.

We also visited the Masters' Houses which belong to the Bauhaus. Here they built the director's house and 3 semi-detached houses with large ateliers. Their glass fronts are the most noticeable design element of the houses. Alongside the unity of form and function there is a remarkably intensive rendition of colour - Kandinsky and Klee used their rooms for fascinating experiments with the design element of colour.
A new style of living was also to be demonstrated in the Masters' Houses. Gropius' house especially had a number of details worth noting, from the walk-in wardrobe to the hot water pressure spray in the scullery and the double sofa which could be opened out.
This is the house Muche/Schlemmer...
...and this is the house Kandinsky/Klee.

I heard that there are still some UNESCO World Heritages left in this area. Interesting...


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Berlin, Germany - 16th July 2012

By: MA_17

Alex often tells me that I'm too afraid of everything and calls me a silly sometimes. :stare:
In case of this I woke up very early in the morning when all of the others were still sleeping. I wanted to show Alex the reverse! I used the underground to go to the famous Ku'damm (short form of Kurfürstendamm)! It is one of the most famous avenues in Berlin. The street takes its name from the former Kurfürsten (prince-electors) of Brandenburg. This very broad, long boulevard is full of shops, houses, hotels and restaurants. In particular, many fashion designers have their shops there! The avenue with four lines of plane trees runs for 3.5 km (2.2 mi) through the western Berlin. As you can see, everybody was still sleeping!

There I also met these 5 bears. I don't know why they are here, they didn't want to talk to me!

I also went to the famous Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor). The others told me that it is one of the most famous sights! Hmm, I don't know what's so special on this famous sight. :thinking:

I was really proud of myself that I did all this today! So I rewarded myself with a visit to the cinema! :cyclops:

I got lots of popcorn! This is so yummy!!! Why didn't I try this before?!

Then I had to take my 3D-glasses for the movie! It was a movie about ToyVoyagers. Lots of toy-animals travelling from their old home to a new one. And some had really great adventures on the ocean. They played pirates and stuff like this. But the best part were all my family-members! There were so many hamsters in this movie! :cyclops: Sad, I don't remember the name of the movie. :(

I'm sure, Alex never watched a movie with so many kitties before! I'm proud! B)


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Berlin, Germany - 20th July 2012

By: MA_17

Today I went to the famous tv tower "Fernsehturm". It was constructed between 1965 and 1969 and with its height of 368 meters, it is the tallest structure in Germany. There is a visitor platform and a revolving restaurant in the middle of the sphere. The tower is part of the World Federation of Great Towers (WFGT).
Between both photos were only 15 minutes. Check out the clouds!  :o

I also stopped in front of the Red City Hall, the town hall of Berlin. It is located near Alexanderplatz and is the home to the governing mayor and the government (the Senate of Berlin) of the Federal state of Berlin. The name of the landmark building dates from the facade design with red clinker bricks. The City Hall was built between 1861 and 1869 in the style of the north Italian High Renaissance.

I heard I'll go on holidays soon. I'm so excited!


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Berlin, Germany - 21st July 2012

By: MA_17

Today we had a big ToyVoyager meeting!

We were so many and we had so much fun!

Teampicture at the beginning.

I found some bling bling where I can see myself. I love that stuff! :cyclops:

The teeth team: B.o.B., Philly, little bunny, Kuzma and me.

Teampicture at the end of the meeting. :)


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home, Germany - 22nd July 2012

By: MA_17

In the morning after the meeting we got up very late. The whole time we wondered about that familiar voice in our travelbag. When we crawled out we realized that Günther was in our bag, too! Did he jump into the wrong bag after the meeting? I don't know!

In the afternoon Alex showed us a postcard he got from our brother Phog who is in Finland. He told us about the finnisch language on the card: "Kesäterveiset Jyväskylästä!" Alex told us that "kesä" means "summer", "terveiset" means "greetings", Jyväskylä is the city where Phog is and the ending -stä means where it comes from. So the whole sentence (just 2 words!) means "Summergreetings from Jyväskylä". I learnt some Finnish! :cyclops:


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home, Germany - 25th July 2012

By: MA_17

Today I left for my first big journey! I'm traveling to Bruchsal.

First I wrote a card for my new host.

When I packed some chocolate into my bag my brother Alex get angry. He told me to take candies instead of chocolate because of the heat. So I did!

Fiete gave me a little cow as a talisman for my first journey and Günther gave me a book about my basic rights in the EU.

Then I left.

I'm traveling by train. When the first train stopped I threw my bag into the train. But before I could climb in the train left. So I waited for the next one. I hope my luggage will find the right way!

Wish me luck!


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Bruchsal, Germany - 8th August 2012

By: fam-united

Hi Mum,

I'm so sorry, that it took such a long time for my first post, but I arrived safely. Now I'm looking forward to all the things I will see here. And to my surprise my host told me, that we will go on a holiday trip together. It wasn't only to my surprise, though, because my hosts were surprised too by their own decision:)

Talk to you again soon,

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Angelbachtal, Germany - 12th August 2012

By: fam-united

Today we drove to Angelbachtal. Angelbachtal is a municipality in Kraichgau, between Sinsheim and Bruchsal. The name Angelbachtal comes from the valley of the Waldangelbach, which flows through Kraichgau, and from the municipality of the same name. There live about 5000 people.

Today we were here to go to the medieval market and meet Zandy, yosemite and takata there - and of course all the toyvoyagers, that travel with them.

I learnt how to spin wool.




A knight had to wear really heavy clothes. I think, it was a rather difficult time back in the Middle Age.


We had a lot of fun sitting on a bench all together in front of the merry-go-round.



Then we tried some ribbons. Do you think, it fits?


We were really curious to learn more about the way, a monk makes a chain shirt. It takes 200 hours to finish one of them.



At last we watched the knights tournament. I was so excited.









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