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Travelog for: Jefferny

Bremen, Germany - 4th July 2012

By: JeffHenry

I'm now in Germany at my mom's house. We had a really nice fotoshot and we made some great pictures, although I'm a little bit tired. Now we're watching TV -  hehe Comedy Central  ;) There is a TV show which is called "Everybody hates Chris", it's funny because the hole story happened in the 80's.

I like the 80's. If I had a time machine, I would travel in the 80's and would like to dance with Madonna and Whitney Houston - that would be really funny  :rolleyes:


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Bremen, Germany - 7th July 2012

By: JeffHenry

Hey everybody,

it's me, Jefferny  :cyclops: Today everything is so exciting. My mother don't have to go to school today. So we decided to go to IKEA by car. Aaah it was the first time that I'm sitting in a car  :) I was so excited. But the problem is, my mother drives like a crazy person who is running away from somebody. So I sat there and I was screaming all the time, but it makes fun :)

Now we are sitting in the garden and just chill. Today it's a very sunny day and I were the sunglasses of my mother  :cyclops:hihihi

Today as well we are going to a engagement party. Hmm maybe there are cool people who I can talk to. But I'm really excited of the night that will coming. We are going in a club  :cyclops: Dance to good music and everything :) I'll hope it's going to be great.

Well done everybody. Hope you have a nice day.



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Berlin, Germany - 13th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

Dear Mommy,
I arrived safely in Berlin.  I had to wait for some hours in a Pizzeria – such nice guys there and I ate a big Salami Pizza.  :D I will send you a picture from the Pizzeria soon.

Host mommy´s plushies and Cupcakie welcomed me very friendly as you can see at the pictures below. Unfortunately cupcakie´s brother Lucas Spoon wasn´t there because he stay with host daddy always. But I will meet him very soon. Cupcakie promised me.


As you can see cupcakie was overwhelmed by the beer I brought with me. And he was flying on it. ;) Now it is in the fridge so that we can drink it cold. Yeah!!!


Launebaer and Eli were glad about the chocolate candies. Watch – Launebaer wanted to eat all of them alone, but Eli was clever and could steel him one. We really had much fun together.

Cupcakie and I get friends already. He is a cute and lovely butterfly. And believe me I won´t hunt for him.  B)


He even prepared a small welcome party for me and tinkered me some flowers and a welcome card. I was really touched by that.


Can you see Cupcakie? He hides himself in the small bag of the chocolate candies. We laughed so much about  him that our stomach even hurt a bit.


After all that excitements we were really tiered and we went to sleep.
Bye mommy I will keep you updated about me live here in Berlin. Sweet kisses


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Berlin, Germany - 15th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

Dear mommy,

Friday afternoon finally I met Lucas Spoon. He is a good guy and he welcomed me warmly. See our hugs below. And as boy´s do – we a belly bumped. hehe

After that I went with host mommy to work and we did some pictures in the bus. The weather was still nice, but later it started to rain very strong. So we did just a short stop in Europa Center. You can see me in front of the clock of flowing time. The clock was created by Bernard Gitton in 1982 and is 13 meters high. Very impressive.

At the last picture you can see me at the Tauentzienstreet. They are working along the whole street and it is no fun to walk there. It is really crowded. But nevertheless I liked it.

Tomorrow we are going to make a bike trip. I´m quite excited, because the weather forecast isn´t so good. So we will see.

Kisses to you mommy!

01hug lucas.JPG
03hands lucas2.JPG
06fließende Uhr1.JPG
07fließende Uhr2.JPG

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still Berlin on the way to Ebw, Germany - 16th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

Hello mommy,

today we did a bike trip from Berlin to Eberswalde, host mommy´s hometown. It´s round about 60 km by bike. Unfortunately the weather forecast was awful today morning. 100% rain probability. :( But the trip was planned  long time ago and so host mommy and daddy decided to go nevertheless.  I didn´t want to miss it as well. Adventures!!! :)

See the distance below on the pictures. What a long way. The way is a part of the Berlin – Usedom bicycle route with in total 327km. We started in Berlin-Charlottenburg  and tried to find our way out of the city, but it was almost impossible. The signboard for the rout was already missing on the first crossroads. Really stupid!

Because the rain was getting stronger we decided to take the S-Bahn from Berlin-Gesundbrunnen to Berlin Buch. See me on the bike. :)


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Biesenthal, Germany - 16th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

After we were leaving the train the weather was getting a bit better and we even saw some signboard for our way. JUHU!

We did a short stop in Biesenthal. It´s a small town between Bernau and Eberswalde with 5500 inhabitants. You can see me in front of the town hall. It was built between 1762 and 1768. Isn´t beautiful?

The other pictures show me in front of the drug store and in front of a field.


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Eberswalde, Germany - 16th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

After some hours we finally get to host mommy´s mommy. She welcomed us warmly.

First we could dry or clothes. And see what I found – a self made beer holder. Funny!

The garden was pretty – can you see me nearby the flowers with such big raindrops on it? One picture shows me in front of a insect hotel. But I didn´t see any guests. Maybe because of the weather.

7a bierständer.JPG

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still Eberswalde, Germany - 16th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

I could pinch a bit of the berries in the garden. Hehe But we traveled so far because of the delicious fish host grandma cooked. It was green herring. Yummy.

After a good lunch we took the train back home to Berlin. It was still raining and we were very tired but happy.

See you very soon mommy. Miss you.


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Berlin, Germany - 17th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

Hello mommy,

today Cupcakie and me surprised host mommy and daddy with a good breakfast.

See mommy how we made it. I helped Cupcakie to do the coffee and I was responsible for the rolls and the mango. A day before we did a Guacamole as well. Yummy!


Lucas couldn´t help us because he was still dreaming with host mommy and host daddy. What a sheep. B)

Because of the bad weather it is difficult to go out, but I think we will do it today afternoon. :) 

It was Cupcakies last day at home and he will go on his first journey.

You can see me here in front of the post office. I will miss him, but I´m happy that he is going on his first journey to the north of Germany.


See you soon mommy. Bye Jefferny

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Berlin, Germany - 18th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

Finally we had luck with the weather.

Dear mommy see the nice pictures in Berlin. :)

First of all I want to show you me in front of the Television Tower. The Television Tower is 368 meter high and was built between 1965 and 1969 . :) At the beginning the tower was just 365 meter high – one meter for each day in the year. hehe
But after the tower received a new antenna it was 2 meters higher.


The next pictures show me with a buddy bear. You can see them very often in Berlin and they are always colorful. Can you see me, mommy? I´m in Berlin. hehe


Nearby one of the biggest shopping malls in Berlin (Alexa) is an old building to see. It is called “House of the teacher”. From the beginning in 1908 it was a meeting place for teachers all over Germany. Interesting!


Here you can see the shopping mall – Alexa.


Mommy can you see the big World Clock? Isn´t fantastic to know how late it is all over the world? I liked it.

I guess every Berlin tourist know the Neptune Fountain. During the summer a lot of people are sitting there and enjoying the cold water. Yesterday it was cold enough so I didn´t need a refreshment.


Do you know this building? I tried to knock the door, but nobody opened me. :( I hoped to meet the mayor of Berlin, but unfortunately he was away. What a pity.


Small break!


In the back of the pictures you can see the Karl-Marx Allee. Tomorrow we will see the Frankfurt Gate at close range. A very historical building in Berlin. Will write you tomorrow again mommy.

Best wishes yours Jefferny


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Berlin, Germany - 20th July 2012

By: Mareikingowicz

Dear mommy,

sorry for not being online yesterday.
Host mommy´s camera is broken and so we couldn´t take any photos.  :( It is really a pity, becasue the weather is getting better.

As I promised to you I will be back home very soon. And I will start my journey this afternoon.

I really enjoyed my stay in Berlin and I hope to see the city again. It was to short to see all the highlights.

See you next week mommy.

Warm greetings, your Jefferny

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Bremen, Germany - 25th July 2012

By: JeffHenry

Hey everybody, it's me, Jefferny ;)

Well I'm back in Bremen again. Berlin was great. I met new people  and my host mommy was really really nice to me. When she sent me back, she gave me some chocolate to give that my mom.

Well done. Today the weather was really good. First I sad in the living room and watched TV, but I thought 'hmm the weather is good'. So I decided to lay in the sun.
After my mom comes from work, we helped her brother to clean up his car. Hehe, I was allowed to use the water hose :) but after I used it I was a little bit wet. As you can see on one picture I was dried on the clothes line.

Also we decided to drink some beers at the 'Schlachte'. It's a place in Bremen at the Weser. There are many restaurants :)

But now I'm really tired after this exciting day.

Well done. Good night and good fight ;)




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