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Travelog for: Lepe

Aschaffenburg, Germany - 12th July 2012

By: Bokzanic

Hi Dad,

i'm just sittin' in front of my window and i'm sooooooooooooo jealous of all these People out there...i want to explore the world too !

I'm here in Aschaffenburg...i've never been somewhere else...would be nice to see another place :)

The Sun is going down here at home. To be honest i'm really tired and i guess i'll lay down and sleep for a while. Maybe I wake up tomorrow and there are some requests and i'll explore the world very very soon :)


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Aschaffenburg, Germany - 19th July 2012

By: Bokzanic

Hey Dad,

today is my last day at home ! I'm soooo excited WOW ! :)

I'm going to visit Oldenburg in Northern Germany. I've heard that this is a very very nice city..

Here i'm getting in my travelbag it's very comfortable :)


Oh I really hope to see many many things there in Northern Germany..can't wait to get there ! Maybe even some animals! Wow some are reaaaaally huge..i hope they don't hurt me if i see one :O
At least, i hope the weather is better then here at home...it always rain and there is NO Sun...this make's me sad! But I'll see. WOW the trip begins! I'll write you when i'm in Oldenburg

Till there,

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Oldenburg, Germany - 20th July 2012

By: Jerena

I arrived safely in Oldenburg!
After leaving my travelbag I made some new friends right away.  :D
Itīs "Relaxo" and the yellow "Marta". They are very friendly! I will share a comfortable little appartment with them the next month.

So time to go sleeping. Letīs see what we are going to do tomorrow!


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Oldenburg, Germany - 22nd July 2012

By: Jerena

this morning we got a big breakfast! My host and me drank a Cappuccino. Very delicious!

Today we are going to visit Oldenburg city. I hope to see a lot of great things there.

Bye Lepe


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vegetable garden, Oldenburg, Germany - 22nd July 2012

By: Jerena

After breakfast we went in the garden to dig for potatoes. I helped and was payed with mini potatoes  :p
Then we picked peas. Of course I ate some of them! They are green just like me  :D
That was fun!


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Oldenburg, Germany - 22nd July 2012

By: Jerena

In the afternoon my hosts took me to their hives. At first I was a little scared but the bees were friendly. So I took a photo in front of the hives to show you all how brave I was  :p


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Oldenburg city, Germany - 22nd July 2012

By: Jerena

It was very exciting to see Oldenburg city!
At the first photo you see the "Oldenburger Lefferseck", a popular meeting place. I was sitting on a famous horse called "Donnerhall". That was a big one!
The third photo shows me and the "Pulverturm". At the moment you can find there an exhibition about glass and ceramics. We looked into a prism that shows weird pictures  :stare:
To chill down we drank a cold beer (alcohol-free, of course  ;)) at the "Waffenplatz". I got one for myself because I was very thirsty! 

So that was my weekend. I hope you enjoy my pictures!

See you soon, Lepe.


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Oldenburg, Germany - 23rd July 2012

By: Jerena

Hi dad,

today the summer holidays began in Niedersachsen and my host and me chilled in the sun... Yes! The sun! She has been lost for a long long time  :D

For tomorrow there is Dog Sports on our plan. I hope to see many different dogs and I really hope they donīt think Iīm a toy to play with...  :stare:

Bye yours Lepe


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Gristede, Germany - 25th July 2012

By: Jerena

Phew, the weather is so hot! Sun is shining and there arenīt any clouds to find...  B)
For Dog Sports it was definitely too hot! So we just do some "sit" and "lay down". Maybe we get the chance to take photos next week.

We went to my hosts work today and made some pictures there instead.
My host is working as an animal keeper in a dog school.
Hasnīt she got a nice working place?

You can read a "low german" sentence on the third pic. It means something like "Sit down and have a rest." I did it of course  ;)
On the fourth pic you can see maize.... I can tell you... IT IS EVERYWHERE!
Then you can see me sitting on a training dummy for hunting dogs.

And the last photo shows me and "Jesko". He is a German Shorthaired Pointer Mix.  Isnīt he cute? You can see that he wanted to give me a kiss. What a beautiful pic!

I have great days here!  B)
Yours Lepe


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Oldenburg, Germany - 30th July 2012

By: Jerena

...Is there a Weather God? Do you think there is a Weather God?!
If there is one, he doesnīt like North Germany...
After we had 32 °C from Wednesday to Friday the weather changed to continuous rain... and today there is rain, sun, rain, sun, storm, sun, rain... Itīs frustrating!

So at the weekend we couldnīt go out.
But we found an other way not to get bored. Together we played "Kniffel". And guess what: I had so much luck, I won two times!
The day was saved!

Greetings fom the sunny and rainy Oldenburg,


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Hundesportverein Oldenburg, Germany - 31st July 2012

By: Jerena

Today Iīve got some photos for you that shows me at Dog Sports.
"Monty" the dog was very friendly, he didnīt want to bite or kiss me  ;)


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Wehdel, Germany - 5th August 2012

By: Jerena

Hey, we had a party last night in Wehdel! Yeah, it was a lot of fun! My hosts brother is going to marry next weekend and yesterday was the "Polterabend". What a crazy tradition! Everyone who was invited brought plates, cups and other things of ceramics just to smash it! "Shards bring luck!" said the future bride.

I tasted beer... uuugh, I just get a small cup, but it was too much for me. Hopefully I can taste Irish beer one day and I think it would be better than the disgusting beer of last night...

Unfortunately I wonīt take part in the marriage celebrations but I wish the fortune married couple all the best!


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Bad Zwischenahn, Germany - 5th August 2012

By: Jerena

Sailing is the best!  B)

It was sunny and blowy at the "Bad Zwischenahner Meer" so we rented a sailing boat.
My hosts said that we wonīt have enough time to visit the North Sea because next week Iīll continue my journey in Finland. Instead of seeing the North Sea I sailed in Bad Zwischenahn: a fair exchange in my opinion!
Here are the photos:
(the first pic is at the "Haifischbar" where we drunk some tasty "Bionade")


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Oldenburg, Germany - 13th August 2012

By: Jerena

Today I have to say "Good Bye" to my host in Oldenburg. I had a great time here and saw a lot of beautiful things!
On the photos you can see me and my new friends having a little party before I crawled into my travelling envelope.

I will miss Oldenburg but Iīm looking forward to see Finland where my new host lives.

See you soon,
yours Lepe


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Tampere, Finland - 22nd August 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

I'm in Finland!!

My flight went well and I even saved some of the candies that Jerena sent with me to my new host. (She says thanks!) Still, I was very hungry after my long journey so my host took me to a waffle cafe with her.


I also got to see the Särkänniemi amusement park yesterday.


(Love your neighbour)

More updates later!

x Lepe

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