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Travelog for: Lotta

Elbow Valley, Canada - 6th December 2014

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

it' been snowing again this week, but this morning the weather seemed inclined to improve :rolleyes:, so we went for a short hike. The atmosphere was great :).


But by the time we reached the nicest viewpoint the day had turned really dark :stare:, so we decided not to linger, took some photos and headed back.


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Trento, Italy - 14th December 2014

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

guess what? We are back in Italy :D. smaug was so busy and so late in packing up that he even forgot to report our departure from Calgary yesterday :rolleyes:. But today the gang of locals was as always ready to welcome us :).


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Trento, Italy - 20th December 2014

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

after a few days of rest, today we went up to a nice view point on the side of the valley. The sun was warm, the sky was blue and the view was great :D.


There was even a nice bench where we could sit and chat while enjoying the sun :).


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Trento, Italy - 22nd December 2014

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

the weather is quite spectacular, it's almost like summer :D. So today we took advantage of the sun and went for another short hike near town. The view over the valley was great :).


And so was the ridge that we followed...


...and the valley on the other side of the mountain :).


There was even a big metal map showing the direction of all the peaks that you can see from up here :).


* Posted Apr 6, 2015, 12:42 am [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

Trento, Italy - 23rd December 2014

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today some new guests arrived home. Orpheus, Pepita and Sigfrido came home to celebrate Christmas :).


Of, course, with so many TVs in one room, lot of chatting followed ;).

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Trento, Italy - 24th December 2014

By: smaug

Merry Christmas Mum :D!

Tonight, as usual we celebrated Christmas eve :). Of course, as soon as the big people moved away from the table to deal with presents, we took control of proceedings in the dessert area ;).


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Travelling, Germany - 26th December 2014

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today we spent the day travelling around the German motorways :stare:. It's not exactly exciting to just look out of the windshield for over 10 hours, but it was nice to be on home soil for a bit ;).


And tomorrow it sounds like it's going to be the same on the way back :rolleyes:.

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Trento, Italy - 31st December 2014

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

it's time to go back to Canada :), so today, before heading to the airport, we said goodbye to our friends who will stay in Italy a bit longer :).


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Elbow Valley, Canada - 25th January 2015

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today the weather was great :). It was so warm that it felt almost like summer...almost :rolleyes:, so we decided to pay a visit to the mountains. After the usual long bit of walking under trees we started having a nice view :).


Going further up, the view opened on the Prairies in the distance,...


...and became great over the Rockies :D.


At that point the wind was picking up and it didn't really feel like summer anymore :rolleyes:, so we hastily moved back under the protection of the trees.

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Calgary, Canada - 11th February 2015

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today I said goodbye to my friends here in Calgary on got ready to start travelling back home :).


Before I jumped in my travelling quarters sammino gave me a big hug and wished me a safe journey :D.


See you soon :).

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At Home, Germany - 26th May 2015

By: Ravyna

Iím home again after such a long time.  :stare: Thatís a strange feeling.
It was great to see my friends and family again and tell them all about my voyage around the world. I had to show them on a map where Iíve been.

I want say THANK YOU to all my hosts, who showed me so many wonderful places on this earth!!

I hope my voyage will go on some dayÖ  :D


* Posted May 16, 2015, 12:45 pm [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

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