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Travelog for: Sienna

Croft, Warrington and Durham City, England - 23rd July 2012

By: Gizalba

Woop YAY! I finally have my very own travelog!!! :D I started my career as a TV host nearly a year ago, but since I stay at home and therefore didn't need to buy a tag, I hadn't been able to get an ID as my mentor had already used up all the free ones :( But today we got a lovely surprise! Mum discovered a free ID that had been sent to her for nominating some GoldenBear pictures! :) We didn't realise we got an ID for nominating, so this was great news. I was delighted that the ID was given to me. Thankyou!

I am now going to start updating lots of old pictures. The ones below are from the end of 2011, featuring:

- The arrival of Pinky Bear
- Boris Tonks and I
- Michel and I
- Mr two-humped camel at a service station
- Senior common room in college
- Durham lumiere lights festival 2011
- Edelweiss and I
- Christmas
- A card from RikeHH
- Percy Pig's visit

Pinky Bear 013.JPG
Pinky Bear 051.JPG
Pinky Bear 062.JPG
First durham pics 026.JPG
Getting ready for lumiere 009.JPG
Getting ready for lumiere 027.JPG
Lumiere 078.JPG
Lumiere 085.JPG
christmas tree 012.JPG
christmas tree 024.JPG
christmas tree 048.JPG
christmas tree 105.JPG
Crackers 009.JPG
Crackers 014.JPG

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Durham Cathedral, England - 4th September 2012

By: Gizalba

Bad news! My owner's laptop went bust :( And we hadn't backed up a lot of my photos, but these are some that we did save elsewhere :)

Here is me visiting Durham Cathedral. This is my first life mission! The cloisters and grass area were used to film some scenes in the first and second Harry Potter movies :) I have posted a picture from a website to compare it to the film. Sadly I didn't meet Hagrid on my visit though  :(

cathedrral 003.JPG
cathedrral 012.JPG
cathedrral 013.JPG
cathedrral 015.JPG

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Leavesden, England - 21st December 2012

By: Gizalba


HP, Cambridge and London 009.JPG

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