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Travelog for: little Sunny

zhanjiang, China - 27th July 2012

By: M_sunny

Hello everyone! my name is little Sunny :)
Maybe u can ask me .Why my name is same with my mom's name?
ummm.... i can answer u that my mom like Sunny day very much.
so that i am litthle Sunny)))

hahaa.... London Olympic Games is begining !!! i want to see!!
and i only have a dream is that i hope to travell the word one day!

can u help me ??

I can't wait run to you!!! 


here is my family member :)


my mom like paly the piano,me to :)


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host's mom's home, Germany - 13th August 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

today I arrived in Germany.
When I crawled out of my box I realized that some other tvs stared at my box. They didn't realize me!

When they saw me they noticed that the box was my traveling box! :cyclops:
They welcomed me warmly and told me about their adventures. I think we'll be good friends!

little Sunny

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host's mom's home, Germany - 15th August 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

time for my first road trip by car!

After traveling a while we noticed something big in front of us...

We stopped the car and started walking.

Wow, it was a big cow! We tried to talk to it, but it didn't notice us.

Hmm, Fiete is a cow, too! So he jumped on the big fat nose of that big cow and talked to it in cow language.

After a while Fiete told us that we are allowed to ride on the big cow. :D

From this height we could see so much more than from the ground! In a short distance we saw another big animal! We wanted to get closer.

We jumped off the cow and walked to the other animal. It was a sheep.

We were allowed to sit on it, too! What a nice sheep!

We talked with both for a while and told them about our adventures.
Then we went back home. What a lovely day.

little Sunny

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Goitzsche, Germany - 17th August 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

it was really sunny today, so we decided to go to the lake. We went to Lake Goitzsche which is created as a result of the redevelopment of the former brown coal strip mine of Goitzsche. In 1998 they started to flood the old coal strip mine with the water of the river Mulde and they planned to finish this in 2006. But in 2002 during the big flood the dike of the river broke and the lake was full within 2 days! This is an area of 13,32 km²! :o

There's also a marina at the lake with so many yachts! We could rent one and sail over the lake and along the coast which is 66km in length! :o

The lake is also called Lake of amber... ;)
But I couldn't find any amber, just these colored houses.

Oh, I forgot the suncream. I think I got a sunburn. B)

little Sunny

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Bitterfeld, Germany - 19th August 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy!

Today we visited Bitterfeld, a small town with about 15.300 inhabitants. During the GDR years, it gained notoriety for its chemical industry complex which caused remarkably severe pollution, even by GDR standards.
Look, there was a movie filmed in this city!

There's not so much to see, esp. on Sunday when everything is closed.
At the market place you can see the protestant church St. Antonius. It was built from 1905–1910.

The city hall is also near the market place. It was built from 1863–1865. This is the back of the house without the trees in the pic. ;)

Love you.
little Sunny

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host's mom's home, Germany - 23rd August 2012

By: MA_17

Hello family,

it was time for Fiete to leave us. We all cuddled him a lot.

Then he crawled into his envelope. His next stop is Switzerland.
Goodbye Fiete.

little Sunny

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Volcanic eruption, Germany - 24th August 2012

By: MA_17

Mommy, Mommy, Moooommy!!!

I saw a volcanic eruption in the middle of Germany!!! :o

This is the volcano "Vesuv" (also called "Stone" ). It is an imitation of the original Vesuv in Italy and the onliest artificial volcano all over the world! This one was built from 1788–94 and it still works the same way like it did in the 18th century!

First there was an explosion. Whaaa it was so loud! You even could't here your own voice!

Ok, these days they have a little bit more pyrotechnics than 200 yrs. ago, but the way the red lava runs down is the same! Can you see it running down from the top along the red lights into the lake?

Your beloved
little Sunny

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Oranienbaum, Germany - 26th August 2012

By: MA_17

Hey Mommy,

today we had some cultures...

First we walked around the castle and the park. The Gardens had its origin in the 17th century, when the marriage of Leopold's great-grandfather Prince John George II of Anhalt-Dessau to the Dutch princess Henriette Catharina, in 1659 brought a team of engineers and architects from the Low Countries to lay out the town, the palace and a Baroque garden in the former settlement of Nischwitz, which was renamed Oranienbaum in 1673. The Dutch influence remained prevalent in the Principality of Anhalt-Dessau for many decades. Oranienbaum Palace was finished in 1683 as the summer residence of Henriette Catharina, where she retired after the death of her husband in 1693. From 1780 on Duke Leopold III had the palace and the park rebuilt in a Chinese style with several arch bridges, a tea house and a pagoda. In 1811, the orangery was built, with 175 m (574 ft) in length one of the largest in Europe, which still serves to protect a wide collection of citrus plants.

The front...

...the back.

The fruits (oranges and lemons) mellow. :rolleyes:

We also went into the castle! We visited the Dutch Design exhibition which takes part for a few months. It was opened by the Queen of the Netherlands. :cyclops:

We bought some tickets where we didn't have to pay the full price and a permission for taking pictures inside! :D

It was really interesting and so much to see on 3 floors! :o
Some vases...

...and a lovely lamp.

It's time for dinner!

They had chicken in the cellar! Ok, no real ones...

I think I could need a new dress...

I really enjoyed the day! :)

little Sunny

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host's mom's home, Germany - 30th August 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

how are you? Here the weather isn't the best: sun - rain - sun - rain - hail...

Today when we came home we found 2 envelopes. Crawfish tried to read the address.

One was from Australia and one from Günther's Mom! When we opened the big foreign envelope Günther tried to crawl into the envelope of his Mom and find out what she sent.

There was somebody crawling out of the big envelope! It's Kevin, a little Kiwi from the other side of the world.

He told us about his journey. Then he went back into his envelope. We all thought he doesn't like us. :thinking:

But he came back with a postcard and a keyring from his home. :D

Then he helped Günther to get out the stuff from the envelope of his Mom.

Günther got his traveltag from his Mom. He was so happy!

Your little Sunny

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host's mom's home, Germany - 31st August 2012

By: MA_17

Just a little walk through the village...


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around the village, Germany - 1st September 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

we jumped into the car and drove around a little bit. We saw lots of different houses and a water tower.
Sorry, at the moment we don't have time for so much more. :(


little Sunny

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freeway <> Berlin, Germany - 5th September 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

another update by car. :rolleyes:

This time we used the freeway.

Hit the gas to get some speed...

...passing a truck...

This bridge isn't for cars or people. It's for animals like deers, foxes or boars to go from side of the freeway to the other side.

...free way, hit the gas, reached 160km/h (about 100mph)...

...passing another freeway (interchange)...

...and another interchange...

...arrived in Berlin, this bridge is for the city train.

...traffic jam... :(

ICC - International Congress Center

...on the city-freeway...

...through the city...

...and back the same way...

This old tribune belongs to an old race course of the GDR called Avus. So we are traveling on a racetrack! :cyclops:

...passing bridges and trucks...

Your little Sunny

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Oranienbaum, Germany - 7th September 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

today we did a short stop-over in Oranienbaum. We visited the Baroque parish church which was built in 1712.

We also stopped in front of the famous orange tree on the historical market square. The tree is the symbol of the city.

little Sunny

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host's mom's home, Germany - 12th September 2012

By: MA_17

Alex told us about a problem he has with a mouse. He decided to built a trap and needed our help.

We put some cheese and sausage in the trap. Mice like that.

Then we hid ourselves behind a tree and waited.

After a while we saw someone in the trap.

We caught it!!!

We let the trap down and oh... it wasn't a mouse. It was Alex' brother Rudy.

We told him about the mouse and the trap and tried it again. We hid ourselves again behind the tree.
After a short time there was somebody else in the trap.

We caught that creature!

When we let the trap down we found just 2 golden coins instead of a mouse or cheese or sausage in the trap.

Rudy told us to use some pumpkin seeds, mice would love them. So we did.

We went behind the tree and after a short time we saw someone in the trap again.

We caught it! Yeah, we could see the feet. We got it!

We let the trap down and...what the...just another golden coin?! How could this be??? Alex is confused now!

little Sunny

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host's mom's home, Germany - 13th September 2012

By: MA_17

Hello Mommy,

today we enjoyed our day at the lake "Gurke" ("cucumber" ). The original name is "Abandoned quarry Golpa II". The lake has a size of 20,94 hectare! It was an opencast for brown coal from 1936 till 1957. Now it is full of groundwater. Lots of people like to swim, do fishing or dive. Some people say that there are old trees under the water, but I don't believe that! At the lake is also a rowing club.

little Sunny

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